Wednesday, June 30, 2010

marketplace government

an anarchist nonprofit organization competes with big government to provide for the basic needs of the world's population - and wins.

Instead of paying mandatory taxes for inadequate services and oppressive regimes, people voluntarily go out of their way to donate a teeny percentage of their earnings to a cause that they believe in, a cause that they have personally experienced to be life-redeeming. In exchange, they get a return on their investment. The new paradigm of government is a determined by the marketplace - people invest their financial and spiritual resources into the social business enterprise with the best track record of meeting the people's needs. Which isn't the state.

Such a social business enterprise is still in the process of being invented, as it were. Government actually wants to prevent its birth, unsurprisingly, although government also wants solutions to the seemingly intractable problems of government, so it finds itself in an awkward place of putting good governance before Big Government, even at the cost of its own existence.

needless to say, this could only happen in America.

So. We will soon see government competing against an NGO for marketshare, and the NGO, due to the nature of the competitive environment, will do a more effective job with fewer resources, relegating government to obsolescence. This has already been anticipated, of course. We just haven't been told-