Saturday, July 14, 2012

Free energy

Capitalism depends upon scarcity. An economic model with infinite supply creates a demand nearing zero. Take away scarcity, take away capitalism. Now we see why the State ruins her legitimacy in order to monopolize oil, and thus energy: as long as energy is finite, there must be a state to provide for its distribution.

     Whether that state is moral or ethical we may pause to contemplate, for any state who exercises restraint in the pursuit of energy dominance may find themselves existentially threatened by a state who doesn't.

Worse yet for the state, technology is developing (or remembering) free energy, and with infinite supply demand nears zero, and the state withers and dies.

To be replaced by on online social network.  Interesting thesis, isn't it?

     Thus, the state needs to perpetuate finite and increasingly scarce energy consumption in order to exist. Infinite energy would lead to a world where private enterprise catered to citizens' every want and need.   Citizens being surprisingly irrational, illogical, and compassionate, as it were.

Because what we all want most of all is to be happy.  And being happy means feeling good, and we feel best by providing valuable service.  So the more we good we do, the more good we feel, and since everybody wants to feel good, there's real market demand for any organization capable of providing effective, cost-efficient public service.

Because that's what we all want to invest in, right?

Welcome to Old Spiderwoman's world wide web.  Here amongst the ether, as it were.

The current paradigm of scarcity propagation is being replaced with a paradigm of abundance distribution, and the nation-state is terminally Ill. Nikolai Tesla was a direct threat to the state. So was Jesus Christ.