Monday, January 23, 2017

Aquarian Economics

Welcome to the Asylum Project.

We are an anarchist nonprofit selling precious metals at a premium over spot price.  While our premium is higher than the premium charged by other online precious metals dealers, we are a nonprofit and your premium goes to a charitable cause.  In this case, the charitable cause is the cause of the commons - our common cause.  We are committed to cost-effective commons enhancement.

The spot price for silver these days is usually somewhere between $15 and $20 an ounce, which is ridiculous and has been proven to be manipulated.  The real value of an ounce of silver might be $300, or maybe $3000.  Not $15.    The price of silver is being pushed downed by the pricing cartel in order to create the illusion that Federal Reserve Notes are far more valuable than they really are.  This makes buying silver with Federal Reserve Notes an incredible opportunity, and even with the charitable premium it is still an incredible value.

The main challenge with socialism, and capitalism actually, is the problem of central planning.  In socialist systems the government is responsible for all investments in commons enhancement, and they are expected to do their job in a manner so superior to any would-be competition, that such competition is presumed unnecessary.  However, because competition is not allowed to exist, a bottleneck in creativity is created, and this bottleneck leads to stagnation and putrifaction.  Parasites exist where creativity is blocked.

In a capitalist system private enterprise is expected to provide commons enhancement, and the market is expected to price it accurately.  In other words, in a capitalist system if you want the commons enhanced then enhance it yourself, and if you do it well enough you'll rally investors.

However what actually happens in capitalism is that private industry exploits the commons for its own enhancement.  By enhancing private industry at the expense of the commons, private industry gets stronger, the commons get weaker, and genuine commons enhancement gets prohibited.  A healthy commons is bad for capitalism, which demands privatization.  The more we can depend on our public space the less we rely on our private possessions, which is the bedrock of capitalism.

Capitalism eventually becomes centrally planned anyway.  Private industry exploits the commons to enrich itself, and eventually monopolizes the commons for its own benefit.  These monopolies plan the economy rather than letting the markets do it, and the monopolies exploit both the commons and the commoners for their own maximum advantage.

Socialism starts off as a monopoly, which is a bottleneck in creative experimentation.  Capitalism starts off as an explosion of creative experimentation which leads to competitive advantage, which leads to economies of scale, which leads to market domination, which leads to monopoly.

The key to the socialism/capitalism debate is neither.  The question is not ideological but technical.  How do we subvert the tendency to drift towards central planning?  Both in the microcosm, when we identify with the ego, and in the macrocosm, when we identify with the corporate state, central planning always exploits the decentralized, inarticulate commons for its own short-term parasitical benefit.

How do we decentralize our planning?

With the internet, of course.  The social network is a global, localized, planning network - decentralized central planning.  Hive mind.  Swarm consciousness doing its charitable work online leads to cost-effective nonprofit initiatives working together through interconnected hubs, all of which is financed by private donations in a capitalist economy, which itself is regulated by a government that can't hope to compete with such cutting-edge innovation and just sits back and takes care of the absolute Republican basics.  And this government is constantly having its incompetencies outsourced to the private market, via the crowdfunding viral social network, which resolves the issue in far more cost-effective manner than monopoly ever could.

Its not a new world order, but a new Aeon, a new Yuga.  The Aquarian Age, the Age of Information.

We can't really sell you precious metals.  What we can do is give you precious metals for free, as a thank you for your valued membership.  Membership fees are tied to the spot price, coincidentally.

By joining the Asylum Project as a donating member you'll receive a free ounce of silver in the mail. Your membership cost covers the price of the silver, plus shipping, plus a premium.  1% of that premium goes to the administration costs of the Asylum Project.  The rest of the premium gets outsourced towards the best educational hubs for commons enhancement.

The best hub:  Teaching children to garden.

Nonprofits focused on teaching children to garden:  we're hunting...

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Sacred Landscaping












And Language.

How would a theory of everything weave all this together?

How can a nonprofit talk about a truly holistic approach to solving global challenges on a shoestring, crowdfunded budget without addressing all of these issues collectively?

If such a nonprofit were to do address all these issues holistically, and not have 501(3)c status as a result of being uncategorizable, would you recognize it as revolutionary and maybe even prophetic, or would you disregard it as unprofessional?

Would you recognize that such a nonprofit or network of nonprofits is destined to compete with, and outperform, government itself - at least in the field of public service?

Sustainability is holistic - it has to be, because if sustainability wasn't holistic it wouldn't be sustainable.  Sustainable civilization - enlightened society - involves the maximum livability for the maximum diversity.  This means  maximum abundance and maximum resiliency.  World peace requires a holistic, permaculture approach, wherein we address the requisites for peace across the spectrum of cultural behavior, even if it requires enduring systemic, evolutionary transformation in all the aforementioned categories.

Enlightened society produces enlightened behavior, which would make an impact across all genres of the public sphere.  A truly holistic theory of everything isn't a theory of anything at all, but a practice of everyone:  The practice of unifying behind our necessary common cause -  the cause of the commons.

A nonprofit committed to enhancing the commons.

A nonprofit committed to enhancing the public space, physically and metaphysically speaking.

Could a nonprofit committed to enhancing the public space hijack the attention of the feedback loop social network long enough to get everyone to look in the same direction at once, for the purposes of significantly enhancing the commons?

Listen:  If this nonprofit is truly holistic then its marketing campaign deliberately involves hijacking the attention of the Viral Social Network long enough for everyone to look in the same direction at once, in order to harness the momentum required to improve the commons.  It's a marketing technique, designed to crowdfund commons enhancement and in so doing, put the government almost but not quite out of business.

The viral social network is the swarm consciousness.  We come up with the best solutions when we put our minds together.  Which we are now able to do, cybernetically.


  Let private enterprise look after the public good, by crowdfunding a nonprofit which efficiently propagates a viral, swarm-tested strategy of commons enhancement.

And the strategy itself must be so easy to sell, it reads like a blockbuster novel.  The theory of everything is a practice of everyone, and it propagates virally through the internet infecting swarm consciousness, intelligently and persuasively modifying cultural behavior patterns so as to usher in an era of sustainability, which by its very nature will last theoretically forever.

-Make gardening the centerpiece of public education.
-Make industrial hemp the cornerstone of economic and ecological rehabilitation.
-Audit and end the Federal Reserve, and make the U.S. Treasury mint currency.
-Focus scientific research and development on the science of meditation.
-Make all elected government representatives spend at least 1/3 of their time in office managing soup
 kitchens in their districts.

Relatives, the time has come.  Lets get to work - we've got a lot to accomplish...

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Crowdfunding Rebellion

This is how it works.

We crowdfund the rebellion.  We promote a business strategy on the open market and go looking for investors.

What's the strategy?

Give me a lever and a fulcrum, and I will move the world, said Archimedes.  Our fulcrum is the Internet, giving us mechanical advantage.  Our lever is the five axioms of sustainable civilization:

1 Gardening must be the centerpiece of education.

 2 Hemp must be the cornerstone of economic and ecological rehabilitation.

3 Money must be printed by sovereign nation-states - audit and end the Fed.

4 Scientific research and development must focus on the science of meditation.

5 All publicly elected representatives must spend the first third of their term managing a soup kitchen in their own district.

Ok that's the strategy.  How do we viralize the strategy?  How do we sell it to everyone?  What are our tactics?


There's an old business adage:  It's not what you're selling, but who's buying that matters.

In this case, the buyer is an online reader (yes you) potentially interested in investing in an anarchist nonprofit endeavor, if said endeavor could feasibly, profitably, and nonviolently overthrow the servants of mammon by overseeing the controlled demolition of mammon's currency in cost effective fashion and with tremendously good style.

Would you invest your temporarily valuable fiat paper money into an anarchist nonprofit which could demonstrate the need for the controlled demolition of the privately-printed, fiat, global reserve currency, the precise technique by which said controlled demolition could nonviolently and prosperously take place, and a mutually prosperous way to invest in the very organization pulling it off for a hefty profit?

Remember - there are lots and lots of ways for fiat currency to become worthless, and they are all very bad.  Investing in a nonviolent, cost-effective, mutually prosperous way for this particular fiat currency to become worthless while ushering in an age of sustainable ecological (and consequently economic) abundance is a very good idea.

The global economy currently runs on worthless privately printed fiat - about to be declared insolvent - Federal Reserve Notes.  These Notes do tremendous damage to the ecology and the economy of both our country and the entire planet at large.

The violent reign of these Notes must end.  The Federal Reserve must be stopped.

And everyone knows this, but the Federal Reserve is Too Big To Fail.  What this means is that it is so big it will take everyone down with it.  If we sink the Fed we sink ourselves, because our entire society is built out of the commodities we have purchased with the money the Templars printed for us.  We can't jail them, they own the jails.  We can't nuke them, they own the nukes.  We can't shame them, they own the news.  We can't even blame them, because they feed on negativity.

 So what do we do?  We walk away.

We can't sink the Fed.  The Fed is Too Big To Fail.  We have to set the dollar down gently.  Nonviolently and peacefully we have to excuse the Fed out of the room.  It's a bad idea to pick a fight with a dragon.  Much better to leave it alone, wall it off, and cut off its food source.

The ancient Reptilian Bloodlines are not destined to enslave the world for eternity.  They have failed in their attempt to enslave the world, not merely for generations but for eons.  If they had succeeded here, they would have succeeded everywhere, but because they could not succeed here they cannot succeed anywhere.

They have failed.  Their Federal Reserve Note has been exposed as privately printed fiat paper, backed by nothing but a ponzi scheme put in place by dirty criminals.  These criminals have secretly taken over the governments of the western world.

This truth is so dangerous it will instantly be labelled "Fake News."

Let it be so.  The Reptilian Bloodlines have failed to enslave the world through the Satanic, usurious debt of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.  Let this victory be enough.  Rather than pursue the dragon to its den, where it could indeed destroy us all, let us simply walk away, and give it room to consume itself.

We do not need to take on the Federal Reserve.  Taking it head on is foolish - they own the courts, they own the military industrial complex, they own the politicians and the bureaucrats, they own the police, they own media, they own the State, and they own the free market, because they print the money that buys everything.  We simply evolve.  Just as the human fetus first grows gills which it then reabsorbs and grows lungs,  so too do we overcome the duality of revolution with its winners and losers by evolving and transcending the either/or us/them mindset.

We don't need to take on the Federal Reserve, we merely go around them and leave them behind.  We do so merely by moving our wealth out of the central banking cartel's hands, and by doing so, we stop investing in the cartel.  The less we invest in it, the less we believe in it.  The less we believe in it, the less it exists.

How do we move our money out of the hands of the Federal Reserve?
We buy precious metals with it.  And cryptocurrency.

Welcome to the Asylum Project.  Buy Silver and Gold from us at a premium, which pays for the Rebellion of the Rainbow Warriors and the Dawning of the Sat Yuga.  We'll ship it to your door. The more fiat currency you convert into silver, the more you invest in the Rebellion against the Illuminati and the birth of the new Golden Age, long prophesied.

This rebellion -
is it fiction?  Is it prophecy?

Is the rebellion a reality?  Does the story of the Rebellion create reality?

This story-
is it a clever nonprofit marketing campaign?

-is it yoga?

-is it art?