Sunday, August 31, 2014

quantum physics is yoga

According to quantum physicist Greg Kuhn quantum physics has conclusively established that consciousness itself creates reality.   Reality exists in an unmanifest 'potential' state until it is 'actualized' through observation.

This means that material reality is created out of 'nonmaterial' reality - our thoughts, beliefs, and expectations.

Out of mind evolves matter.

Out of emptiness evolves form.

Out of Siva evolves Shakti.

Out of unity evolves diversity.

What quantum physics has conclusively proved is that by mastering our minds we create the realities of our choosing.

2800 years ago the Buddha taught the world the technique for mastering the mind.

2000 years before that vedic yogis did the same thing.

We are entering an age of meditation, which is inexorably leading us into an era of peace, prosperity, and harmony.  Because this is the reality we want, and nothing less is acceptable.

Capitalism tells us that he who dies with the most toys, wins.  This is materialistic, presuming that material life is all there is.  yet quantum physics has conclusively proven that material reality is simply a creation of nonmaterial reality, which means that he who dies with the most toys merely exits material reality and re-enters nonmaterial reality.

Without their toys.

So.  Capitalism, and communism for that matter, both being materialistic, fail to provide us with any real foundation for an existence of value.  nonmaterial beings indoctrinated with materialistic values are going to be a mess.

We are nonmaterial beings having materialistic experiences.  Don't get fooled.

materialistic capitalism is antithetical to nonmaterialistic meditation.

a realized monk in Burma told me:
"people think that if they have armored cars and armed security guards and huge bank accounts they have true protection.  But they don't - they still die, returning to particular spiritual realms determined by their karma - their thoughts, speech, and actions."  (Notice that thought, speech, and action is all nonmaterial.)

"Real protection is right thought, right speech, and right action.  This is the teaching of the Noble Ones."

We are entering a golden age of spirituality.  He who dies with the most toys just dies - he who dies with positive thoughts, positive speech, and positive actions wins.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Proletarians of the World: Vini, Vidi, Vici

Argentina just defaulted on IMF debt, did anyone notice?  They will abandon payments to the privately owned Federal Reserve and just take out a loan from the BRICS bank, you read it here first.

After all, the privately owned Federal Reserve is irredeemably in debt to China - the C in BRICS.

Russia is in alignment with BRICS.  Russia is the R in BRICS.  BRICS are a cooperative.  The BRICS bank will be an electronic currency printing cooperative, using a basket of currency ratios to determine mutually prosperous and equitable rates of exchange.  This basket of currency ratios is already in use by the IMF - they are called SDRs, or special drawing rights.

These publicly established currency exchange rates will be balanced against the free market's private exchange rates for commodities such as gold, silver, bitcoin, and ganja, for example.  This combination of public and private exchange rates work together to maintain pricing accuracy, by establishing SDR rates for commodities:  how many SDRs would buy an ounce of gold?  a pound of weed?  a bitcoin?

The proletarian revolution has already taken place, and the bourgeois can't even get their armies (staffed by proletarians) to launch any nukes.   BRICS are winning, and the BRICS are led by none other than Karl Marx.

Russia.  Communist revolution.  Overthrow of the ruling elites by the unwashed masses.

China.  Communist revolution.  Overthrow of the ruling elites by the unwashed masses.

South Africa.  Home of Nelson Mandela, who did 20+ years of hard time in prison for being a communist endorsing the overthrow of the ruling elites by the unwashed masses.

That leaves India, and Brazil, who both may have some familiarity with class struggle, social unrest, political inequality, and a corrupt ruling class...

Remember:  Marx was a scientist who predicted that capitalism would lead to a small number of ruthlessly fascist states consuming one another and all life for profit.  Marx predicted that capitalism would lead not only to anti-competitive monopolies (like in banking, or in mainstream media, or energy, or healthcare) but actually to the Leviathan, the deep state, the usurius fascist empire of materialistic greed which would be overthrown by mankind's inexorable drive for freedom.

Human memetic evolution, then, is driven by the revolutionary labor of the proletariat.  Who in this case is 20 something or younger, and has no interest in working for the military industrial complex, or subsidizing it by paying taxes.

According to a recent poll, 74% of millenials want government to provide food and shelter for everyone.

74%.  Millenials are friggin socialists, 74% of them anyway.  Let's make sure they end up republicans who support democracy.

Meanwhile, capitalism is revealing itself to be irrationally ruthless and unhealthily destructive.  And unexpectedly anti-competitive and monopolistic.

Capitalism = winner take all.  Losers have nothing, forced to rebel.
Communism = winner take same as loser.  Winners punished for winning, losers rewarded for losing. Winners forced to rebel.
Socialism = winner take most.  Losers have some - in fact, if the winners have any competence whatsoever, losers have plenty! - but winners have more.  Remember, if losers aren't treated like winners by the winners, the winners will end up losing to the losers down the road.  Healthy competition is combined with healthy cooperation.

So.  Jesus was a republican socialist, and the Buddha was a republican socialist, and Einstein was a republican socialist, so maybe the dawning of a spiritual age, an Age of Enlightenment, is the dawning of a an age of republican socialism.

The BRICS bank will probably give Argentina their loan in bitcoin, too.  Maybe not all bitcoin, maybe mostly SDRs, but SDRs are presently issued by the IMF and consequently issuing SDRs may be a political act requiring political favors from the very capitalists our BRICS comrades are peacefully circumventing.  The pricing of SDRs could potentially be corrupted by the privately owned usurious central banks who have infiltrated the Republics of the West and staged hostile takeovers of the USA, the EU, the UN and the IMF.  Even now, the Federal Reserve dollar is being propped up at the point of a gun, by dropping bombs, invading countries, and subjugating populations.  By tying regional government currencies to bitcoin the free market could correct any politically manufactured currency exchange manipulations, making currency wars obsolete.  Bitcoin is apolitical and free-market driven, which speaks to the postmodern postmillenial anarchist and aquarian age.

The pro-communist former colonies are nonviolently and through political means circumventing the privately owned Federal Reserve central banking cartel which has been infiltrating and overthrowing republics since Babylonian times, even Annunakian times. These oligarchical ruling families are desperate to create war as a means of maintaining their control over civilization, while the former colonies know full well that in war, it is always the poor who suffer most.  So the 99.99% are maintaining peace while taking over the political vehicles of the planet, even as the .01% tries and fails to create war and destruction.

This is what we need to do.

We need to crowdfund a bitcoin mine, in order to create a revenue stream which can be converted into an online open source social network platform.

This social network must be committed to privacy, peace, prosperity, and the public good.

This social network will then crowdsource the revenue required to disseminate a political platform advocating gardening as the centerpiece of public education.

Through gardening, society will cultivate self-reliance, creating our own food and raw materials for clothing, building, fuel, and trade.  This will lead to prosperity and peace, which will enable us to beat our swords into plowshares.  The military industrial complex will be replaced by an ecological stewardship complex.

Things will get really good.  It will be the dawning of a new golden age, the Sat yuga actually.

The Sat Yuga - believe it or not, the Sat Yuga has already begun.   You're just finding out about it.

Welcome to the Asylum Project.  We've got a lot to accomplish...