Thursday, December 22, 2011


The asylum project is an anarchist dharma project.  We aspire to lead the world into acceptance of a nonmaterialistic worldview.   Soup kitchens, music festivals, permaculture schools, and interfaith worship caravans are sprouting up in ecologies everywhere, ready to catch people as we fall off the wagon called Rome. 

So let us witness good-humoredly the fall of Babylon.  Materialism got us here and can get us no further.  The time has come to acknowledge that we are fundamentally nonbiological spiritual beings temporarily experiencing physicality.  Somewhat awkward to mention at dinner parties but nonetheless true.  Matter is composed of mind, and thoughts are deeds done privately.  this knowledge is bound to change some behavior, one would think.

Ecological investment leads to economic dividends, and without a corporate state bankrolled by Armageddonists, Zion turns out to be good old Mother Earth.