Thursday, December 22, 2011


The asylum project is an anarchist dharma project.  We aspire to lead the world into acceptance of a nonmaterialistic worldview.   Soup kitchens, music festivals, permaculture schools, and interfaith worship caravans are sprouting up in ecologies everywhere, ready to catch people as we fall off the wagon called Rome. 

So let us witness good-humoredly the fall of Babylon.  Materialism got us here and can get us no further.  The time has come to acknowledge that we are fundamentally nonbiological spiritual beings temporarily experiencing physicality.  Somewhat awkward to mention at dinner parties but nonetheless true.  Matter is composed of mind, and thoughts are deeds done privately.  this knowledge is bound to change some behavior, one would think.

Ecological investment leads to economic dividends, and without a corporate state bankrolled by Armageddonists, Zion turns out to be good old Mother Earth.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Islamic Marxism

So. government is the political wing of big business.
We are now watching Karl Marx being proved right. the dispute between labor and management covers the globe. management runs big business, which in turn runs government, which in turn exploits labor.
Who is now taking to the streets in Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, Yemen, Israel, Greece, Spain... nobody guessed that the proletarian revolution would be led by Muslims, right?
Look at the Tea Party, who is rightfully furious and consequently rebelling against management. The great irony is that their ignorance has been carefully cultivated by upper management so that the Tea Party places all blame on middle management. See? the Tea Party is a labor movement rebelling agaist management, without comprehending that government is simply middle management, taking orders from upper management, who is big business. So the Tea party revolts against middle management, which gets thrown out or replaced, and the Tea party celebrates, even as upper management, which is big business, continues to dictate policies dedicated to the accumulation of capital at the expense of labor. But as long as middle management takes the rap, upper management stays invisible and finances the Tea Party.
Its a good trick. The Muslims are actually way ahead of the Christians on this one. they see clearly that organized religion is a tool used by government, which in turn is a tool used by big business.
There's a word in the Bible for big business: Mammon. Don't be surpised how this one turns out...

Monday, July 11, 2011


The Asylum Project is a nonprofit business. We are a traveling soup kitchen, and a permaculture school. And something of a music festival, and even something of an interfaith worship caravan.  We film and broadcast our traveling permaculture adventures online - virtual ecotourism.

What I mean is - we will someday.  Soon as we get some funding, that is. 


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Debtor's Union

The debtor's union is a nonprofit business corporation dedicated to the unconditional forgiveness of debt. This is in accordance with the mandate given us by Jesus Christ in the New Testament, who taught us to pray, "forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors"(Matthew Ch.6 v.12). This occasion is not without precedent, referred to historically as a Jubilee year, a year in which all debts, great and small, are forgiven. The debtor's union sees a Jubilee year on the horizon...

Through the power of collective bargaining, the debtor's union renegotiates debt payments made by debtors to moneylenders and moneylending institutions - in this case, a Biblically mandated cancellation of all debt. This has profound implications.

The forgiveness of debt carries with it far-reaching repercussions for the world. Even without hint of a union strike, the mere prospect of a debtor's union will compel banks to radically tighten credit due to the increased fear of making bad loans. And with virtually all car payments, mortgage payments, credit card payments, and college tuition payments in the hands of debtors organizing, willing to strike, and enthusiastically refusing to take it anymore, practically all loans in America will be recognized for what they are: odious debt. Debt that will never be paid back. Banks will find themselves without a revenue stream, and the only way to dump their debt will be to... join the union. Of course, then they would stop being banks... hyperinflation will annihiliate almost all global currencies, especially fiat currencies such as the U.S. dollar. the global export market will shriek to a halt as freshly moneyless countries deal with the realization that capitalism is ruthless and unloving while human beings are cooperative and loving. Capitalism and poverty go hand in hand, and we cannot get rid of one without getting rid of both. As Buckminster Fuller said, its all of us or none of us. Debt forgiveness is a basic prerequisite for the eradication of poverty, and this spells the end of the era of global competition, guiding us into an era of global cooperation...

The debtor's union feels it necessary to shut down the global economy as we know it, due to one self-evident truth and its two corollaries:

all economic wealth originates from natural resources (ecological wealth)

ecological investment leads to economic dividends

ecological depletion leads to economic collapse

the present corporate global economy runs on ecological depletion, converting ecological wealth into economic wealth which is then hoarded by the ruling class, leading to ecological exhaustion and consequent economic collapse. This is an existential threat to our planet and all life on it, and must be stopped. The debtor's union is uniquely poised to stop this existential threat to the survival of our species (and most others) by pulling the plug on the corporate global economy as we know it. however severe the consequences of shutting down the global economy may be, they are significantly less severe than allowing it to continue operating. The debtor's union represents the kill switch for an ecology-depleting economy, and we must use this kill switch, because if we don't, the global ecology will be destroyed, and human civilization with it.

Of course, if this was all the debtor's union did, it would be sad, because stopping a bad economy falls far short of starting a good economy. To start a healthy economy, we need ecological investment, which reaps economic dividends. Consequently, the Debtor's Union is committed to ecological investment.

a sinking ship may present a very real problem for folks on board, but they are not likely to jump into water unless a seaworthy vessel is nearby, ready to pick people up. Paradigm shift takes place the same way - an old paradigm, or an old economy, may be failing badly, but won't be abandoned until a new paradigm, or a new economy, arrives to fill the void. The debtor's union sinks the unsustainable economy and sails the sustainable economy - the economy of ecological optimization, or intelligent design.

What is ecological investment, and what are the economic dividends that will make the abandonment of our contemporary corporate global economy worthwhile? If we are to reap economic dividends that allow us to abandon the corporate global economy, we will need clean water, food, shelter, safety, a sense of community, a sense of purpose and belonging, opportunities for leisure, creativity, and art directly from our natural environment - and curiously enough, our natural environments were designed to provide all these things for us!  Humans investing in their environments lead to gardens and food, natural materials for shelter, communities for safety, a sense of belonging, purpose, and celebration... everything we need to lead happy and productive lives. Ecological investment can be understood as human investment in the ecological production of material needs for human and nonhuman use.

We have run out of jobs, just as Marx predicted. This is a good thing - jobs are detrimental to our planet and interfere with our work, which consists primarily of creating enough food and shelter for everyone. Jobs pay money, and money is printed by the federal reserve, which is run by a ruling class dependent upon ecological depletion for its survival. In other words, our global dependence on the U.S. fiat currency props up a ruling class dependent on ecological depletion. This is not in anyone's best interest - certainly not the interests of the ruling class, whose children need clean air and water just like the rest of us. And so, through the conscientious annihilation of the U.S. fiat currency, we annihilate the ruling class, ecological depletion, and economic scarcity. This is the function of the Debtor's Union.

At the same time that jobs have gone for good, we find ourselves (at long last) aware of the enormous amount of work we have to do: investing in the health and well-being of our planet, which takes care of us. We won't get paid in fiat money, thank God. We'll get paid in ecological dividends.

there is an old adage:

give a man a fish, feed him for a day. teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime. teach a man to get a job and buy fish, make a slave out of him, and his children, and his children's children...

we have all become employees, buyers of fish who do not know how to fish for ourselves. We have becomes slaves of an economic engine that depletes our planet of the resources our great-great-grandchildren desperately need. We must learn to fish. We must abandon our earth-killing jobs and begin our earth-healing work.

We have not inherited this world from our ancestors - we are borrowing it from our descendants. If we are to live as responsible stewards, we have a lot to accomplish...