Thursday, December 2, 2010

permaculture through ecotourism

The Asylum Project is dedicated to teaching permaculture through ecotourism.

What is permaculture?

Permanent culture. Sustainable culture. Culture without an end date. In these times, it makes good business sense to identify consumer demand in a market without any recognized, reliable supply. Through strategic marketing we present ourselves as a reliable supplier of permaculture education, anticipating huge demand while ushering in a return to a very ancient way of living.

Educating the general public regarding permaculture requires applying permaculture principles to the technique of teaching, creating a new pedagogy that applies market principles to the demand for people's attention. In a world with many demands for people's attention, why learn about permaculture? What is the attraction; where is the incentive to learn? In order to teach permaculture we must reach out to people, sharing with them not merely what they need to know but what they truly want to know, and sharing it with them in a manner they truly enjoy.

A real permaculture education needs to be entertaining if it is to be sustainable.

Identify the attractiveness of it and market its attraction in an attractive way - teaching must be fun in order for learning to take place. Education needs to be entertaining to keep people's attention and stay relevant. A real permaculture education is required to answer the fundamental questions of both what we want to learn and how we want to learn it.

What do we want to learn? There's an old maxim:

give a man a fish, feed him for a day. teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.

teach a man to get a job and buy fish, you've made a slave out of him, and his children, and his children's children.

What we want to learn is how to fish. How to provide food, shelter, safety, a sense of community, a sense of sacred purpose, and a sense of belonging. We can no longer pretend that 'fixing' the economy and creating more 'jobs' is any solution. A society in which a man is compelled to have a job if he wants to survive is a society which fails not only to teach men how to fish but also deprives man of his freedom to learn how to fish on his own. A world in which man cannot afford to learn to fish because he must spend his days working for ecologically destructive purposes in order to buy fish is a world with a termination date. Ecologically destructive jobs - and the very nature of our resource-consuming economy means that jobs perpetuate gratuitous resource consumption - serve an unsustainable paradigm inexorably destroying our planet's life support systems. The great task which lies before us is to put down our jobs and pick up our work.

Our work is ecological work. Learning and teaching how to grow food in all conditions and environments, whether they be urban, suburban, or rural. Learning and teaching how to build shelter out of local materials, whatever these materials may be. Learning and teaching how to collect rainwater, how to compost and fertilize, how to live together and pray together and share with one another. It is a great irony that our jobs and our economy is the single greatest inhibitor of our work. And while no one expects people to leave their jobs in order to pursue their work, the sad fact is that our overconsumption of natural resources has left our economy with nowhere to go but down, taking jobs with it. Raw materials are the fuel that runs the nation's economy, and we have used them up to such a degree, converting them to landfill matter, that our economic engine has nothing left to burn. Investing in ecological health is the only way to reinvigorate our natural resources. We will continue to run out of jobs. The only way to heal the economy is to heal the ecology.

What is ecotourism? Ecological tourism. Visit ecologies; invest your attention in the source of your own survival and the survival of your species and your world. Of course, virtual ecotourism may play a vital role in the propagation of a permaculture worldview. Virtual ecotourism is nothing more than a website that documents ecological tourism for the armchair ecotourist. Virtual ecotourism may actually begin to play a larger and larger role in the greater economy, as it were.

The first step of the ecological tourist - or the virtual ecotourist - is to look around at one's environment, and appreciate it. Look at the self appreciating the environment, and appreciate the self who appreciates. As we learn to appreciate our circumstances and our circumstantial selves, our evolving gratitude towards undifferentiated experience gives us the confidence to believe in a future which holds further circumstances for which to be grateful. We become confident of where we are going, even though we do not know where we are going. We become confident of where we are going because we don't care where we are going; we are simply grateful to be going.

This confidence, this gratefulness, keeps us healthy and humorous and thick skinned. Which is what its going to take to get through the next decade... and that's permaculture.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Private sector public service

the asylum project is a virtual manifesto which aspires to build a strategic alliance among key consumers of internet content and various noncollectives of nonofficial anyones for the purpose of providing a cogent philosophical framework and campaign strategy by which a critical mass successfully embarks on radical, apolitical, nonmaterialistic public service:  providing food, shelter, safety, community, genuine education, meaningful work, a sense of abundance, ecological health, and creative freedom.  The lever with which to move the world is a marketing strategy which promotes gardening as the focus of public education.

The asylum project proudly introduces private sector public service. Organizational entities with no materialistic profit motive compete with government to provide better customer service, ensure more tangible customer loyalty, satisfy public needs, and ensure the preservation of the commons.

Meaning Earth, in this case...

Friday, November 26, 2010

Jah Ministry business

a real church turns out to be a great business - the only business, in the end.
because God's business is the world's business, right? If anyone can run the world's business, its God.

i made a mistake, though. it's not the end, but the beginning.


the Asylum Project promotes permaculture through ecotourism.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

unequivocally reciprocal dividends

the economy is just the management of the ecology.

if we mismanage the ecology, we end up with a damaged ecology and a damaged economy.

heal the ecology, heal the economy - while healing ourselves.

healing requires investment.

an investment in the ecology reaps unequivocally reciprocal dividends, i.e. what you put into your environment is what you get out of your environment.

This is ecological investing - a new paradigm for a new economy. Investing in ecological goods and services reaps ecological dividends which benefit both investors and ecology. This is known as a positive feedback loop.

By weaving together an online web of strategically placed nonprofit businesses with niche expertise, we create a not-for-profit social network dedicated to the alleviation of social ills and the promotion and maintenance of a sustainable culture while maintaining market-driven integrity of purpose and cost-effectiveness that far surpasses government's abysmal record.  Meanwhile, online communities capable of crisis mitigation, crisis prevention, education, and charity evolve and compete with the 'government's version of public service in the open marketplace. Consumers of public service are desperate to find a brand that restores their faith, and by redefining the very notion of customer service, this nonprofit umbrella hub meets public consumer needs (the needs of the global consumers' 'commons') in cost-effective fashion, running entirely on market driven revenues while providing ecological dividends in the form of food, shelter, a sense of community, a sense of purpose, and a sense of the sacred.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

market driven public service

It's not about religion, politics, or business. its about healing the earth. surely we can heal the economy by healing the ecology, and in the process heal ourselves...

a nonprofit dedicated to scientific, educational, charitable, and religious purposes is destined to perform public services better than government, in that it is market driven. Let's promote permaculture through ecotourism and see what happens.  Lets focus online consumer attention on a platform of cost-effective solutions to the problem of the neglected commons.   Lets make gardening the focus of public education!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Christian Buddhist Yoga Scholarship

The Christian Buddhist Yoga Scholarship is dedicated to preaching the gospel of Christ, promoting Buddhism as a science and the progenitor of modern psychology, teaching yoga as both the science of breath and posture and the timeless path of God-realization, and revealing the ultimate resonance and workable consilience of these not-so-disparate world religions.

The key element is the scientific method. We are not presuming anything. We only aim to learn truth in a demonstrable way. If we are able to posit hypotheses, experiment, and observe results, surely this is not blasphemy or heresy but valuable research?

If Buddhism is what it claims to be, it should not interfere with Christian faith in any way but rather support it. If yoga is what it claims to be, it should not interfere with Christian faith in any way but rather support it. Let us discover if Buddhism and yoga are indeed what they claim to be!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

government is just a business with no competition

Henry Ford said, "if I had asked my customers what they wanted, they would have said, "a faster horse" - because they couldn't conceive of cars."

The american public wants more jobs, and less corruption, because they can't conceive of global ecological rehabilitation-

(its going to be crazy)

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

marketplace government

an anarchist nonprofit organization competes with big government to provide for the basic needs of the world's population - and wins.

Instead of paying mandatory taxes for inadequate services and oppressive regimes, people voluntarily go out of their way to donate a teeny percentage of their earnings to a cause that they believe in, a cause that they have personally experienced to be life-redeeming. In exchange, they get a return on their investment. The new paradigm of government is a determined by the marketplace - people invest their financial and spiritual resources into the social business enterprise with the best track record of meeting the people's needs. Which isn't the state.

Such a social business enterprise is still in the process of being invented, as it were. Government actually wants to prevent its birth, unsurprisingly, although government also wants solutions to the seemingly intractable problems of government, so it finds itself in an awkward place of putting good governance before Big Government, even at the cost of its own existence.

needless to say, this could only happen in America.

So. We will soon see government competing against an NGO for marketshare, and the NGO, due to the nature of the competitive environment, will do a more effective job with fewer resources, relegating government to obsolescence. This has already been anticipated, of course. We just haven't been told-

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Christian economics

The Kingdom of Heaven is a Church and a State, and a world.

Talk is cheap, and actions speak louder than words. The gospel cannot be merely preached - the gospel must be embodied if it is to be the true Gospel.

Only after we have fed everyone, so that there is no hunger anywhere-

Only after we have provided shelter, safety, and a sense of belonging to everyone, everywhere-

Only after we have empowered children of all ages to listen to their hearts and sing and dance and laugh and freely love-

Only after we have educated everyone everywhere with the knowledge of how to live in mutually profitable harmony with Mother Nature and one another-

Only after we have actively and successfully reached out to all ethnicities, religions, and peoples, with a dedicated willingness to include them, to honor them, to learn from them, to forgive them and ask forgiveness from them - indeed, to acknowledge them as an integral part of us-

Only after all this has been accomplished may we legitimately concern ourselves with preaching the Gospel. These are the prerequisites for any missionary work - preaching the Gospel to a dying world without committing to its healing is like putting the cart before the horse. If Christianity wants a receptive audience, we need to invest in keeping our audience alive and unresentful, one would think.

Until the vast resources of Christianity are utilized for the benefit of all life on Earth, evangelism is hypocritical. Evangelism without love is not Christian, and any evangelism that does not mandate as a prerequisite the survival and well-being of our planet and all life thereon is not loving, nor even useful.

We must transcend the cheap and easy method of talking the Christian talk and embrace the far more difficult, indeed terrifying and materialist-renouncing path of walking the Christian walk.

Give a man a fish, and feed him for a day. That's no answer.

Teach a man to get a job and buy fish, make a slave of him, and his children, and his children's children. That's no answer either, for now he's too busy, and too destitute, to go out and learn to fish on his own. Not only is he kept from his birthright, the knowledge of how to fish, but now his time, is no longer even his own. He must now work for mammon if he is to be a provider of fish. We must free ourselves from mammon's chains.

Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime. This is our answer. We must learn to fish.  Or garden, in this case.  Gardening must be the focus of public education.  That's our angle - that's how we transform the world.

   We can no longer afford to work merely for money, because working for money keeps us ignorant of how to fish, and keeps us enslaved to mammon. We cannot afford to work for nothing, either: we must labor with the intention of investing our resources in learning how to fish. We are running out of time; we must work hard and diligently for the benefit of all beings if we are to survive. Working solely for money honors materialism without honoring spirit, and the great spiritual war of our age, the defining conflict of this era, is the conflict between the Kingdom of Heaven and mammon's empire. This war is already won, and we have roles to play as limbs of the body of Christ in order to fulfill prophecy and move harmoniously into a new era.

Talk is cheap, and internet blogs are even cheaper-

The most pragmatic and economical way to exit the dire financial, political, strategic, and environmental situation we find ourselves in is to profit from a highly successful marketing strategy that successfully promotes gardening as the focus of public education.  If we can't grow our own food then we're not educated. 

The Asylum Project aims to popularize sustainable living by broadcasting the story of a traveling soup kitchen/music festival/permaculture school/interfaith worship caravan.

If this broadcast, and this traveling soup kitchen, is a legitimate nonprofit entity with 501(c)3 tax-deductible status, it could well become a high-revenue enterprise, earning enough to hire thousands of employees, who get job training skills to go out and promote sustainability.


We've got a few Buddhist monks, some Native American medicine people, yogis, capoeristas, evangelical Christians and Rastafari all working together to run a nonprofit soup kitchen that optimizes local food and shelter resources for the benefit of all.

Then we play music. This is a crew with incredible skill-sets: folks who build forests, folks who make bows and arrows, folks who know what the weather will be like by listening to the conversations of birds... folks who guerilla garden, folks who convert diesel engines to veggie oil, mamas, babies, teachers, and children. Dedicated to establishing the Kingdom of Heaven. Here on Earth.

Honestly, if the music is good, and the characters are colorful, and the material is meaningful, educational, and necessary for our planet's survival, wouldn't you be interested?

This broadcast will compete in the open marketplace for the attention of a jaded and cynical viewing public, a public desperate for meaningful purpose, a sense of optimism, and brand-new skillsets(actually, they're ancient skillsets, and have been only briefly forgotten). This broadcast competes with bad Youtube, bad reality TV, bad mainstream media propaganda and bad internet websites, and it wins the devoted attention of...



Friday, April 16, 2010

American Dream Tour

-the medicine people sent out the runners to tell the warriors of all the nations,
"lay down your weapons, for in the near future a far greater tribe will arise"

A hypothetical documentary - would you watch this program on TV, or the Internet?

A traveling permaculture school, operating out of veggie oil diesel buses, connects with diverse local food resources that fuel a soup kitchen

(if you feed them they will come)

the soup kitchen keeps the musicians alive, who express their gratitude with hard work
and rock n roll

the soup kitchen is run by interfaith volunteers: practicing meditators, yoga teachers, Christian ministers, Native American water pourers and firekeepers, Rastafari, and anyone else who feels the call

The soup kitchen hits the road (without burning fossil fuel), exploring new ecologies, learning new ways of connecting to local food resources, doing it over and over again in new bioregions to spread the message, share the vision, and plant the seeds of a new kind of 'civil'-ization

This is a permaculture school: the only thing left behind when the bus leaves is compost, herb gardens, newly planted trees, and good vibes, along with the profound understanding that all religions can and must work together if we are to survive and thrive on our priceless spaceship planet

The school promotes - as a possibility, an opportunity worthy of consideration-

an easy to memorize, five-point political vision backed by interfaith solidarity:

the return of the Horse Nation

the return of the Buffalo Nation

the return of the Hemp Nation

the return of the Sail Nation

the return of the Rail Nation

This is the American Dream

- Would you watch this program? Would you pay attention? Would you learn?

If - and its a big if, we know - if the music consistently rocked, and the characters were consistently wild characters, and the dancing girls were consistently out of this world - if the program was as entertaining as it was educational, if it was well shot and well edited and well thought out and well organized and generally well done - would you be interested in keeping it well funded? Would you invest in a nonprofit entity dedicated to a global broadcast of this program, as though the future of your children and your children's children depended upon it?

(Because it does)

Monday, March 1, 2010

mammon's empire

Jesus, friends, was not a capitalist.

Jesus was opposed to lending money at interest and raged against the moneylenders in the temple. He  was arrested within 24 hours, if that tells you anything about the influence bankers have on cops.

Jesus preached against capitalism and was killed by those capitalists who foresaw that his success would destroy their elite status at the top of the pyramid.

Point of fact is, Jesus tells us to give up our things. This is not advice that America's consumer society wants to hear, and its certainly not the message that America's Christian hypocrites popularize. Jesus specifically denounced consumer capitalism. In order to work, capitalism requires us to constantly acquire more things. And Jesus told us to stop acquiring more things - Jesus told us to give them up entirely.

When Jesus said that man cannot serve two masters, that man cannot serve both God and mammon, Jesus was pointing out that we cannot serve God which is love while at the same time serving consumer capitalism, which is greed. The two are irreconcilable.

It is the aspect of consumerism that runs in contradiction with the teachings of Jesus - think of the Amish, who don't run around handing out pamphlets on socialism or anything. They make good furniture, and sell it for profit, which sounds like good business to me, and probably Jesus, too. Point is, they're not consumer capitalists. They don't bow down to mammon. We don't have to, either, although if we stop living as consumer capitalists consumer capitalism will fall apart, and the people who own the media and the corporations and the politicians certainly don't want that to happen. So they keep us from learning the truth, even the truth of why Jesus died, and who was responsible.

We can be consumer capitalists, or we can be Christians, but we cannot be both. Jesus condemned consumer capitalism and was consequently murdered by the prominent bankers and politicians who saw that his success would lead to their demise.

Capitalism requires a return on an investment. Love requires nothing in return. If we invest ourselves in order to get something in return, we may be good capitalists but we are not ushering in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Specifically, when asked how to pray, Jesus said, pray like this: Forgive us our debts, as we forgive those who debt against us. That doesn't sound like capitalism to me, does it? In fact, if Christians mean what they say when they pray, we are praying for the demise of Capitalism every time we utter the Lord's prayer. Debt forgiveness cannot coexist with home mortgage foreclosures, people. And guess which side God is on?

Christians have a moral responsibility to forgive all debts, sign on to the debtors union, abandon the capitalist propaganda of consumerism and invest in ecological rehabilitation. Sounds like somebody has a hard sell, doesn't it? The good news is, Christians, being Christians, will eventually align themselves with the truth, and are destined to mean what they say when they pray for debt forgiveness. This is actually prophesied to take place, and Christian ecological investment is the impetus behind the birth of Heaven on Earth.

The Kingdom of Heaven isn't communist, and its not capitalist, either. The Kingdom of Heaven is love, and love expects nothing in return. The Kingdom of Heaven loves the way the sun shines on the earth. Not once has the sun ever said to the earth, 'what have you done for me?' The sun simply shines, as love gives without needing to receive.

We have become a society of intelligent investors, proud of our rational self-interest. which is another way of saying that we have forgotten how to love. In order to love, in order to usher in the Kingdom of Heaven, we must change our ways, and we must begin by changing our minds. We must choose between capitalism and the Kingdom of Heaven. We must choose between God and mammon.

The Kingdom of Heaven requires sacrifice. We cannot get a good return on our investment and still love. We must give up all returns, and we must invest without getting a return, in order to be loving. We must sacrifice our rational self-interest. In our corrupt world, which has placed rational self-interest on an altar and now worships this false god called capitalism, we must face persecution as we denounce the greed and the selfishness and the egotism that are natural consequences of rational self-interest. We must abandon rational self-interest, and must embrace irrational, self-sacrificing love if we are to usher in the Kingdom of Heaven. And if Christians are unified in the praying of the Lord's Prayer as taught to us by Jesus Christ then we must forgive debts, give up entirely the acquisition of things, and learn how to love.

For many of us, indeed for most of us, we must learn how to love for the first time. Native english speaking Americans have been raised on capitalism, which DOES NOT FORGIVE DEBTS. we have been conditioned since birth and before to be unloving. Consequently, we live in a society filled with highly sophisticated investors and broken families and a dying, corrupt and bloated empire. And we do not understand why all of our intelligent investing has left us with unhappiness and a pain in our hearts which we cover up with stimulants, anti-depressants, technology, distractions, business, shallowness, and violence. We, the American investing public, must learn how to love from the very cultures and races that we have violently oppressed, who have never forgotten how to love and thus consequently never been that great at capitalism.

The damage that has been done is so great that there would be no forgiveness available to us if Jesus Christ had not already established the universal precedent of unconditional forgiveness through his willing sacrifice of self on the cross. When the King forgave his people, the Jews, the master race, the chosen people of God, the bankers and the investors who heartlessly enslaved an entire planet to a financial system that refuses to forgive debts, Jesus established a precedent that all citizens of the world are now able follow as we see through the illusion of capitalism to the truth of the Kingdom of Heaven.

The salvation of the world does not lay with capitalism. The salvation of the world lies in the abandonment of capitalism. Jesus Christ preached this 2000 years ago and capitalists murdered him. He knew he was before his time, he knew he would not be understood until now. He was merely establishing a precedent that would, over the next millenia, become globally appreciated and revered. Not merely though ultimate sacrifice but through ultimate unconditional forgiveness and ultimate unconditional love.

Christians cannot be consumer capitalists, and consumer capitalists cannot be Christians. If we are to follow the teachings of Jesus we must forgive all debts, and this leads inevitably to the downfall of capitalism, which opens the way for the abandonment of rational self-interest in favor of unconditional love. As a capitalist society, we have no concept of what it is like to live with open and loving hearts - we have been conditioned to be rationally self-interested. As humans made in God's image, of course we know what it's like to love, and we are sick at heart because we have built a society that thwarts our deepest need. As long as the economic premise of rational self-interest remains unchallenged, we resign ourselves to a life of suffering in mammon's empire.

We must overcome our selfish conditioning, and we must forgive ourselves, and we must allow those cultures and peoples who are not inherently conditioned capitalists to show us how to love. We must empower those we have enslaved to step forward and lead the way. This is merely the beginning of a lifetime of atonement, this renouncing of capitalism. To be fully Christian, we must empower the last to become first and the first to become last...

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

spear in Jesus side

Christianity has become the spear in Jesus' side.

Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.

Teach a man to get a job in order to buy fish, and enslave him, and his children, and his children's children...

the Kingdom of Heaven does not require us to create more jobs. the Kingdom of Heaven requires us to learn how to eat food without buying food

The Kingdom of Heaven is bad for the economy - the capitalist economy. The Kingdom of Heaven is the eco-economy - maybe we can invent the word ecologics. Which sounds stupid, so maybe we can call it ecologistics. Ecologistics is sustainable economics. the intelligent distribution of natural resources intended to maximize both present output and future output. All economics is based on input from nature - natural resources. We must output to nature if we are to be economically sustainable.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Jah Ministries and the Church of Ras Tafari

We begin with the teachings of Jesus and the parable of the Good Samaritan. Christianity is not based on what we say, but what we do. If we talk the talk without walking the walk, we are hypocrites. Jesus pointed that out often. if we walk the walk without talking the talk, we are neighbors, upholding Jesus' teachings.

We must act. We must act. The teachings of Jesus are interreligious, transcending denominations. What do we do?

The secret teaching of Jesus begins like this: if you feed them, they will come. Consequently, we start with a nondenominational soup kitchen that provides shelter, warmth, and a place to belong.

Jesus continues to teach: if you provide them with spiritual music, they will sing and dance and praise God. So our soup kitchen must travel with musicians. Our soup kitchen must be composed of musicians.

Step three: if you teach them how to fish, they will eat for a lifetime. The soup kitchen must teach how to run and maintain soup kitchens, from organic and local food production to sustainable harvesting to delivery and hygienic consumption to redistribution of compost, leaving no trace. This is a basic hands-on permaculture school, with skills that must be learned in order to be taught. And above all, it must be FUN. Hence, the music festival...

step four: we must fulfill the Word of the Lord's Prayer as taught by Jesus when he said, "forgive us our debts, as we also forgive those who debt against us." This is the forgiveness of debt, which will necessarily crash the stock market and reinvent economics as we know it. It is a Christian imperative to forge a debtor's union in order to usher in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Step five: we must create what has been destroyed. In forgiving debt, the petro-economy collapses. This is ecologically imperative, and yet if we are to usher in the Kingdom of Heaven we must actively create an economy that is aligned with the principles of nature and provides for the welfare and happiness of all beings. What we must create and propagate is the Green Economy - an ecologically aligned economy that utilizes natural resources without exploiting them and produces as an end product raw material for the creation of more natural resources - compost, for example, or water.

The green economy is not backed by petroleum. The green economy is backed by hemp. We must fulfill the prohecy of the last known crowned heir of the throne of David, His Imperial Majesty Heile Selassie I. This coincides with the prophecies of the Freemasons, who recognize Ras Tafari as the direct descendent of King Solomon. The debtor's union works hand in hand with the hemp union, destroying the old even while building the new. Hemp provides food, fuel, shelter, clothing, community, peace, a living currency, America's largest cash crop, and was only made illegal at the insistence of Dupont, whose proprietary nylon was in direct competition with hemp products. Momentum for the legalization of industrial hemp takes place right as peak oil reveals the endpoint of nylon and the petroleum industry. the timing is perfect, indeed the timing has been prophecied. Working together with the debtor's union we create the critical tipping point by which the Green economy replaces the petro-economy.

Step six: we promote the return of the horse nation, the return of the buffalo nation, the return of the tree nation, the return of the sail nation, the return of the rail nation, the return of the pioneer nation, the return of the indian nation, as aspects of the return of the Hemp nation. This is the real economic stimulus package. Through investment in ecological rehabilitation we reap ecological dividends, meanwhile propping up the expiring petro-economy with revenues from hemp. This is new world order as foretold by our founding fathers, generations ago. This is the birth of the Kingdom of Heaven. This is American claiming her birthright as a beacon of hope for the world.

Oh, and by the way:  lets make gardening the centerpiece of public education, ok?  That one step alone will do the trick...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

stumbling blocks

find the safe space

get up a kitchen

get up a logistical supply line

get up a working multimedia website

get up audio-video recording capability

gather the musicians, motivate the practice sessions


recruit investment

easy as pie

Monday, February 1, 2010


the elves have returned. the confrontation between worldviews is taking place right beneath our noses. for those who have eyes to see, let them see. the age of man wanes, the age of the machines is over. Mama Gaia is awake. 

This is happening today
in the wild places of the world - the pacific northwest, the
rocky mountains, the desert, the coastline, the islands...

and that's just north america. This is as global as it is intergalactic,
this confrontation of worldviews between humans and star children.

traveling soup kitchen - music festival - permaculture school - medicine caravan

funded by a nonprofit dedicated to interfaith activism

with a documented global outreach tour broadcast online

promoting the return of the Hemp Nation

the return of the Horse nation

the return of the Buffalo nation

the return of the Sail nation

the return of the Rail nation

and its all about the music

Thursday, January 21, 2010

United Methodist Debtor's Union

The United Methodist Debtor's Union makes the claim that Jesus himself in the Sermon on the Mount specifically told us to pray like this: Forgive our debts as we forgive the debts against us.

This means that the United Methodist Debtor's Union simply follows Jesus' orders, forgiving debts wherever they may be incurred.

The Debtor's Union is the Hemp Union. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Ben Franklin all grew hemp, the Declaration of Independence was written on hemp paper, and Betsy Ross sewed the American Flag out of hemp fabric. This is a full-blown American Revolution. Jesus preached that man cannot serve both God and mammon - man cannot have two masters. The United Methodist Debtor's Union stands for God and stands up to mammon. Plain and simple. We are dedicated to healing the economy through healing the ecology, using hemp as our nationally endorsed miracle crop. Growing hemp provides us with food, fuel, clothing, and barterable surpluses.

The Hemp Union supports the Church of Ras Tafari. The Church of Ras Tafari and Jah Ministries stands firm on our Constitutionally guaranteed freedom of religion with regard to the sacred sacrament ganja.

The Green Economy is Ecological Rehabilitation

Ecological Rehabilitation is Intelligent Design

Intelligent Design is Fulfillment of Prophecy

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

open-source administrative duties

The artist gets stuck right at the point where administrative duties rear their ugly heads.

For example:

we need to file for articles of incorporation

we need a tax i.d. #

we need reliable and easy-to-use audio/video recording, playback, editing, and downloading

we need a real website

we need to file for 501(3)c tax-deductible status

we need licenses and insurance

we need to pay the friggin musicians, people. We need to keep them warm and dry in the rain, and we need to keep them well fed and somewhat Irie.

We need gigs.

anyway. it would be easier to just live in the woods and let Babylon burn, but Babylon is choking the whole planet, making it hard for our children to breathe. This requires action. Compassionate and strong action. The survival of our planet, all life forms on it, our species, our nation, our world, requires strong and compassionate action by which we serve our obligation to society by persuading society to STOP. This has always been the tradition role of the prophet - standing on the edge of society, condemning it, pointing out that it is collapsing and that it must because it fails to acknowledge the obvious truths of how nature works. Being ignored, until its too late.

We will never succeed in our efforts to eliminate Islamic terrorism until we cast light upon the Christian hypocrisy of conspicuous consumption in the face of scriptural doctrine that admonishes us to give up our things. We must give up our things. Most of them seem to be made of petroleum products, anyway. Which cause cancer. So by giving up our things, we prevent cancer. Not bad.