Friday, January 30, 2015

East and West, Yin and Yang

the Euro and the Dollar are collapsing.  This is good news for the planet.  Both Euro and dollars are printed by a privately owned intercontinental 'Central Bank' - the same bank that happened to finance BOTH sides of WWI, WWII, the Napoleonic wars...

This privately owned intercontinental 'Central Bank'  has been working hard to actualize a hostile takeover of the sovereign money-printing processes of our planet's sovereign states, and has actually been successful to a mind-blowing degree.  Thankfully, the pinnacle has been reached and while this usurious lending cartel has actually taken over most of the governing functions of the Western Hemisphere,  it has not succeeded in taking over Asia.  And as it turns out, the hostile takeover of the West has necessitated a police state to prevent rebellion, which is so expensive to maintain that the privately owned banking cartel is collapsing under its own weight.

Meanwhile, the spirit of the American Revolution lives on, internationally.  Russia, China, Iran, Africa, South America... these regions have all been victims of the colonizing mercantilism of Western Europe and are committed to true freedom from dominance and exploitation.  Likewise, they are not so full of hubris as to believe that they have monopoly on the truth.

American empire is collapsing, but this empire was never American to begin with.  America was a Republic, taken over by insidious imperial forces through the passage of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913 and the institutionalization of an unconstitutional, privately owned, money printing 'Central Bank'.
This 'central bank' has perverted and manipulated the American public into perpetual debt slavery, yet is has not succeeded in taking over the world.  We are living in the era of its collapse; the death of the materialism of the West and the birth of the spirituality of the East.  Its no coincidence that the science of yoga and meditation is blowing up globally at the same time that materialism is revealed as lacking any real meaning or value.

And I haven't even mentioned hemp yet, which is destined to change the economy, the ecology, and the spirituality of planet earth...

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Meditation, not eugenics

People sure seem to enjoy breeding a lot.  It may actually be causing some problems, like resource consumption and stuff.  The oligarchs seem to be intent on 'culling the herd', if you catch my drift.

This smells of elitism - who is qualified to do the culling?  And anyway, it doesn't resolve the fundamental problem of infinite human desire in a world of finite resources.  Controlling desire is actually the prerequisite to controlling population.

Imagine enlightened society.  Hmmm.  This is a brainstorming experiment, so forgive me if I come up with some radical ideas.

In an enlightened society, would there still be prisons?  At least to begin with, I think they won't just disappear overnight.  Some of the people there are dangerous, and kept away from society for our protection.  

What if we sent all our prisoners to monasteries built in deserts?  Meditation retreats are hard, not easy.  In fact, they are hell at first, until one gets used to gazing and listening within.  Prisoners would learn to control desire, at least.  

the dangerous prisoners... well, the monks in charge would just have to be really well-trained martial artists, I guess.  These would have to be shaolin monasteries.  Imagine huge monasteries, 50,000 celibates, training in martial arts, meditating, and building compost in the desert out of their own shit.  After a 20 year sentence the prisoners will probably be rehabilitated, you know?  We know for a fact that even a 10 day sentence brings benefit...  

In indigenous culture war and violence was always seen as an aspect of nature, an aspect of life, and part of culture.  War and violence were means by which populations maintained appropriate resource bases.  In places where there was lots of room and/or resource, peaceful and nonviolent cultures managed to evolve, whereas in tight quarters (such as islands) very warlike cultures evolved in order to capably defend scarce resources from competitors.

War and violence have long been used to acquire and maintain resource bases for populations.  This has also, historically, 'thinned the herd'.  Lethal competition for scarce resources is a form of population control.

Curiously, an economy which perpetuates scarcity is an economy which perpetuates population control.  This is the true purpose of vulture capitalism.

Rather than these crude and barbaric methods of controlling population growth by controlling resources, why not offer the alternative of controlling population growth by teaching people to control their desire?  Traditionally, armies were the place where all the horny guys got distracted from married life by killing for a decade or two.  If we are to enter an age of peace, and the armies get smaller, how do we avoid a population explosion?  Why not have peaceful, nonviolent standing armies of celibate meditators, dedicated to 'being still and knowing that IAM GOD', monastics who are training in martial arts and permaculture?  Isn't this a far more socially responsible method of both resource conservation and  cultural rehabilitation?  I mean, how long before this 'prison' has a waiting line of aspiring warriors?  And how long before the desert isn't even a desert anymore?

An old Tibetan monk was once interviewed, and he stated unequivocally that his job for 40 years was to keep the fields from getting hailed on.  When asked how could we know if meditation actually kept hail from falling on the fields, he responded, 'in forty years it never hailed!'

He was then asked if he ever made it rain, whereupon he laughed and said, 'thats above my pay grade!  Better meditators than me did that.  I just kept it from hailing.'

We are leaving behind us the age of self, and entering the age of service.  Printing money is fast becoming once again the domain of the republican commons, and the chasing after desire is again being seen as an ineffective path to happiness.  We are made happy by being useful, and we are made useful through serving others.  And our quest for meaningful happiness is interminably resolute.

And that monastery in the desert?  Thats where the Jedi will end up coming from...

WWIII is a propaganda war, and its raging

Voters in four states and D.C. have demonstrated that ganja is a winning election issue for the pro legalization movement.

How long before the successful pro-legalization movement joins up with the pro-legalization party?

The Green Party.  Green is the color, now is the time.

World War III is well under way.  It is propaganda war, first and foremost, although there is a lot of killing taking place.

Beneath the propaganda war is a war for survival of the Western central banking elites.  They are broke.  Conquest and domination is expensive, and they have been spending lots of money.  The western banking cartels got rich on a ponzi scheme, loaning out unbacked paper and pretending it had value.

The privately owned central banks of the west have been unethical, and their karma is coming home to roost.  The premise of government is to protect the common welfare against the greed of the powerful, and privately owned central banks are antithetical to this premise.  These central banks have violated the protection of the commons for the enrichment of their exclusive owners.  This is antithetical to both democracy and a republic, leading to an oligarchical fascist state.

The U.S. govt is in debt - insolvent.  The U.S. owes China, and can't pay it back, which leads to the the big question:  How can China unload all its U.S. dollars ( 4 trillion!) without having the dollar lose all is value?

It seems clear that the U.S. will have to elect a third party candidate who is not sponsored by the oligarchs if we are to defend our republic against fascism.  This third party, if it were pro-hemp, would have a solution to the  intractable problems of the fiat central bank currency:  voiding the unConstitutional Fed altogether and having the U.S. Treasury legally print non-interest bearing hemp dollars, backed by hemp products produced domestically from an American economy revitalized through hemp manufacturing.  The Treasury printed hemp currency would be backed by hemp products and not oil, or gold, even.

The TBTF banks will be broken up, its already between the lines in the news.  Banking will move to the public sector, and public banking such as north dakota will be the norm.  Through public banking the states will earn revenue that will then finance public infrastructure development, i.e. the commons.  Instead of paying income tax (which is unconstitutional)  people will simply pay off interest bearing loans from public banks, and the interest from these loans will fund public works, rather than lining the pockets of the .01%.    This is how we defend the commons from the predations of the vulture capitalists.

It won't be a corporate party that passes this legislation.  The pro-hemp voting bloc will eventually get behind the pro-hemp Green Party and this will facilitate the paradigm shift away from reptilian petrodollars, and the reptilian banking cartels.  The energy of kundalini shakti is evolving, moving up our collective sushumna nadi from the reptilian survival chakra to our green, loving, heart chakra, and with this paradigm shift we are leaving behind our survival based dominance patterns as we learn to cooperate, coordinate, and love.  The aquarian age is an age of service - we are leaving behind us the agony of serving the self in order to find the true happiness of serving others.  Rational self-interest is rational, and consequently destined to wreak havoc in a paradoxical and irrational world.  Jesus Christ did not speak too highly of rational self interest, by the way.

Vote in the Green Party, vote out the Fed, vote out the fascism.  Vote out the scarcity and the predatory economics, vote in abundance and cooperation.  Its cost effective and sustainable and its really the only way.