Wednesday, September 11, 2013


What is Zion?

Zionism is coming to the forefront of counterculture media these days, because it seems that many, if not most, of the investment banking families who own (by proxy) the private, money-printing Central Banks and Federal Reserves of the West are Zionists, and no one exactly knows what that means.

mmm.  How awkward.  Bear in mind that usury is forbidden by Papal Bull within Catholic Christendom, the current mentality of 'look-the-other-way' and 'if-you-cant-beat-em-join-em' notwithstanding.  Likewise, usury is forbidden in Islam.  In the context of neo-imperial wars of conquest it is interesting to note that the war of Terror against Islam may be interpreted as a war of Terror against banks (and the governments who protect them) who refuse to adopt the Imperial Ponzi scheme of usury.  Islamic banks refuse to practice usury as a matter of conscience, with Jesus' seal of approval.  This is quite embarrassing.

Zionism at its worst is simply a secular attempt at total domination of global resources through usury, the lending of money at interest. One may note that this is not religious, has nothing to do with religion, and is completely distinct from religion.  Zionism at its best is the manifestation of Zion, an altogether different swarm of bees.

Now for the interesting part:  Ganja was burnt as incense in the Holy of Holies where the Ark of the Covenant was kept, and is reputed to have grown over the grave of Solomon, destined to be the 'healing of all nations.'  And Ras Tafari is Solomon's direct descendant.  Ganja may actually lead to Zion itself.  Imagine that.

The Asylum Project wants to grow ganja legally in the great state of Colorado.  We don't want to sell ganja.  We want to give it away to those in need, as a community service project in the spirit of Jah Rastafari.

Our intention is to grow ganja as a spiritual sacrament freely distributed to those in need.  One of our aims is to build momentum for a ganja union.  We promote the unionization of local growers to keep family farms from being driven out of business through corporate competition, the economies of scale, and neo-liberal capitalism.   The union functions to set prices and maintain consumer loyalty, keeping the market open in the face of global corporate dominance.  The union may or may not corner the market in ganja, but by establishing prices and maintaining a loyal consumer base we keep family growers in business, maintaining a viable way of life for farmers everywhere and protecting the economic well-being of small family business.  We defend ganja's main street from Wall Street.  We promote ganjanomics, a hemp economy, and gardening as the centerpiece of public education.

Give a man a fish feed him for a day.  Teach a man to garden feed him for a lifetime. A hemp union promotes gardening as the centerpiece of public education.

Gardening as the centerpiece of public education leads to kids who are capable of growing their own food, and much more.  These kids will practice rainwater catchment in high school while building greenhouses (and people houses too).  This will naturally lead to a population of young people inclined to plant trees, and fully prepared to grow lots of hemp for food, clothing, shelter, fuel, medicine, and recreation.  This is a career track that leads to a healthy planet and a healthy population.

These are the basic necessities of life:   Food, shelter, community, recreation, water, purpose, etc. Life's basic necessities will consequently be provided for in cost-effective fashion through public education, with gardening as the focus.  By the time students graduate high school they will be professionally trained public servants dedicated to the public good and the preservation of the commons.  All this is highly profitable, by the way.  The market will veer in the direction of support for true sustainability.

Think about our current schools, and our current system.  We have experts capable of creating chemical and biological weapons, but our high school graduates cannot provide food or shelter for themselves.  Why do we presume ourselves to be educated?  A true education must leave a human being more self-sufficient than before - and while this is bad for central authority, its good for our planet and our civilization.  This is not to say that reading, writing, and math are to be abandoned - rather, they must be taught as essential complements to the art and craft of gardening:  Feeding our children for lifetimes.

The American people were once famous for our self-sufficiency and our can-do spirit.  That spirit has been surgically removed by the money-printers in order to keep us dependent on their version of wealth.  But their version of wealth is actually poverty - real wealth comes from God, manifested in Nature.   Its time to give back to Caesar that worthless fiat paper, and build the Kingdom of Heaven as per the instruction manual.

Ultimately, gardening is valuable not merely for its capacity to feed, clothe, shelter, entertain, and educate huge populations of people, but for its capacity to compost and digest environmental wastes and toxins such as radioactivity, garbage, plastic, heavy metals, industrial and human waste through the use of toxin-digesting mushrooms (mycology?) algae, fungi, bacteria, hyphae, and so on.  In a true market economy, the ecological processing of nonbiodegradable and hazardous wastes into raw ecological inputs will be an incredibly lucrative niche market with enormous responsibilities and fierce competition, collectively in pursuit of optimally composting feedback loops.

In the future we may build vast swamps full of toxin-ingesting microbes and fungi into which we dump our garbage.  The garbage would get bio-recycled ecologically, creating a toxic compost that breaks down environmental 'bads' naturally through many generations of recycling.  Encircling the contaminated 'swamps' would be concentric circles of lessening degrees of toxicity, until finally healthy plants and animals would thrive.  This may be our best chance of responsibly breaking down our nuclear waste.  Such topics will be the Ph.D theses of tomorrow, and the lucrative corporate businesses of the future.

Gardening must be the centerpiece of public education.  We must replace scarcity with abundance, and teaching kids to garden is the solution as to how.   As kids learn to garden, even high-school dropouts will know how to feed themselves, have a basic self-sufficiency and contribute to an economy - but as kids learn to garden, high school dropouts will probably drop back in.

An abundance of food, hemp-based clothing, fuel, and shelter material, and know-how leaves us with a world in which there is enough for everyone and a carefully tended spirit of generosity, which is the prerequisite for creating a culture of peace and tolerance.  Industrial hemp answers the challenges of the 21st century in a manner uniquely capable of addressing our most pressing needs, and a union which encourages small-scale growing and diversity will keep a value-centered economy from being overwhelmed by a profit-centered economy.

the Asylum Project is an anarcho-socialist artist's collective dedicated to giving away ganja to those in need  as a community service project in the spirit of Jah Rastafari.  This spiritual service is provided as an example of Free Market Socialnetworkism - privately financed social service competing in the online market for consumer allegiance and winning market share.  This spiritual service is provided as an experiment in observing the rational self-interest inherent within free market investment in the commons.

Giving away ganja brings awareness to a needed spirit of deep generosity capable of earning marketshare and maintaining customer loyalty.  We are at a time wherein the meme of consumerism is being replaced with a meme of sustainable service.  Giving away ganja reorients our focus from 'what's in it for me?' to 'how can I serve?'  while promoting awareness of the culturally rejuvenating properties of industrial hemp.  C'mon, the American Flag was sewn out of hemp and the Declaration of Independence was printed on hemp paper.  The Founding Fathers grew hemp.  At one point people were required to pay taxes in hemp!  Hemp is a food source, a biofuel source (did you know that a socialist named Diesel invented an engine meant to run on veg oil so that the workingman could grow his own fuel and thus avoid subjugation by capitalist elites?), a source of fabric, fiber, and construction material - and giving away ganja raises awareness of our responsibility to teach our children to garden, that they may feed and clothe themselves for generations.

So we give away ganja, as a marketing tool to promote hemp and gardening, which in turn leads to economic prosperity and ecological well-being.  This is a strategy aimed at transferring our dependence away from the money-printing banks and towards wealth-providing nature.   This is the hempification of the global economy, and it begins with an anarchist collective in Colorado giving the herb away for free to those in need.  If you can afford to buy your ganja, then buy it from the growers union - and support cultural evolution.  Invest in Zion, invest in the growers union, and invest in the asylum project.