Sunday, August 7, 2011

Islamic Marxism

So. government is the political wing of big business.
We are now watching Karl Marx being proved right. the dispute between labor and management covers the globe. management runs big business, which in turn runs government, which in turn exploits labor.
Who is now taking to the streets in Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, Yemen, Israel, Greece, Spain... nobody guessed that the proletarian revolution would be led by Muslims, right?
Look at the Tea Party, who is rightfully furious and consequently rebelling against management. The great irony is that their ignorance has been carefully cultivated by upper management so that the Tea Party places all blame on middle management. See? the Tea Party is a labor movement rebelling agaist management, without comprehending that government is simply middle management, taking orders from upper management, who is big business. So the Tea party revolts against middle management, which gets thrown out or replaced, and the Tea party celebrates, even as upper management, which is big business, continues to dictate policies dedicated to the accumulation of capital at the expense of labor. But as long as middle management takes the rap, upper management stays invisible and finances the Tea Party.
Its a good trick. The Muslims are actually way ahead of the Christians on this one. they see clearly that organized religion is a tool used by government, which in turn is a tool used by big business.
There's a word in the Bible for big business: Mammon. Don't be surpised how this one turns out...