Monday, August 28, 2017

The Deep Ego

 Relatives, our social networks seem to be getting distracted by problems, rather than propagating solutions.  Let's remedy the situation.

Political unrest, economic upheaval, environmental crises, religious fundamentalism... everything is upside down and scary, at least if you buy into the problem.  So don't.  These are problems only in the context of the old paradigm. From the perspective of a working new paradigm, this is a monumental opportunity - an untapped market bursting with unmet demand.  We as a culture have a market demand for political, economic, ecological, and spiritual integrity - a holistic model that treats all life as worthy of respect and dignity.  And only the Deep State stands in our way.

The market itself, then, is moving inexorably towards a nonviolent overthrow of the Deep State.  We live in interesting times, indeed.

As President, Dwight Eisenhower once famously said, "I think the people of the world want peace so bad, one of these days government is gonna have to get out of the way and let them have it."

We are now entering an awkward time when government is doing everything it can to prevent peace from breaking out, and failing.  We are on the cusp of a burgeoning global peace.  It's liberating if we can allow it, but it's also quite scary, as change tends to be.

Have you ever seen those pictures of our neural synapses compared to the arrangements of galaxies?  Our neural synapses are arranged in an identical geometrical pattern as the galaxies.  This is known as the doctrine of signatures - as above, so below, as within, so without... the fractal-pattern nature of reality means that the patterns we encounter within a system are systemic patterns, found throughout the system.   What this means is that we can encounter and overcome the Deep State by encountering it within our own system, as the Deep Ego, and moving our awareness out of ego into embodiment, the body, through the breath.

The practice of moving our awareness out of our "thinking" monkey-mind into an embodied presence through focus on breath and alignment moves us as individuals out of our own habitual deep ego into a somatic, intuitive, intelligent and empty awareness.  This trains us as individuals, and since consciousness is the ground of all being, training our individual consciousness is precisely how we influence the collective - via the doctrine of signatures, we evolve beyond the Deep State by evolving beyond the deep ego.

Learning to listen to our bodies is analogous to learning to listen to the feminine.  The ego is conscious,  linear, uses the language of logic, and insists on operating rationally in an irrational world.  The body is subconscious, nonlinear, communicating through the inarticulate language of feeling and sensation, insisting on the truth, even as the ego insists on believing in lies (i.e. the primordial lie, the lie that it exists.)  The ego is the conscious sense of self, while the body is the unconscious embodiment of self, and just as we learn to listen to the body to hear its truth over the din of the ego, so to do we learn collectively to listen to the feminine, the unconscious embodiment of the divine as Mother Earth and her denizens over the din of the Deep State.  The Deep State wants our attention, because it wants us to focus on problems.  The deep ego operates in precisely the same way!  The Deep State is the problem, just as the deep ego is the problem, and the solution lies in moving out of ego into the body, just as the solution lies in moving out of the unelected Deep State into the body of the world, the body of Mother Nature and her abundant diversity of life.  Due to the fractal nature of reality, doing our yoga practice (which gives us the opportunity to follow the breath beyond ego into the body) disempowers the Deep State that dwells within each and every one of us.

Nature is the healer. Ecological investment reaps economic dividends, right?  Think of the goose that laid the golden egg.  The farmer killed the goose to get the gold, but no goose means no gold, dummy.  We want the gold we gotta nurture the goose.

  Mother Earth is the goose who keeps giving us an infinite amount of golden eggs.  I'm not making this up.  Modern Capitalism - the Deep State, the uninitiated masculine, the male ego wants to kill Mother Earth in order to get the gold.  How immature!  Lucky for us, meditation is becoming the new normal (have you sat today?), so this all-consuming excessive yang energy is learning to gaze inward for happiness rather than searching endlessly for happiness out in the world.  This spells the death-knell for capitalism, which, by the way, Albert Einstein called "the predatory stage of human evolution."   Capitalism, and its colonial roots, can be thought of as excessive yang, an uninitiated masculine consciousness that has not yet looked within itself and seen its own opposite, its deep interrelationship with its own shadow, the fertile and nurturing yin.  What will our economy look like when the health of the global ecology is considered a capital investment?

When consciousness is not instructed on how to find happiness within, it then turns to the external world for happiness, which is suffering.  Consciousness then becomes desperate for happiness, searching here and there, pursuing this and that, consuming everything in its path.  The Buddha didn't preach the Fire Sermon for nothing - "Everything is burning, burning with desire..."

The mind cannot find peace.  Peace returns to letting go mind.  The deep ego's desire to consume happiness and thus be complete has despoiled the world, and the dawning knowledge of this desire's futility - represented by meditation's arrival on the world stage - also represents the swinging of the pendulum away from patriarchal, excessive-yang hierarchies towards the reawakening of the divine feminine.  For a thousand years yang has plucked the flower of yin in order to consume it, endlessly and exhaustively, leading to a world without love.  What does it look like for yang to nurture the flower of yin by watering it?  We may be balancing yin and yang energies, both within us and around us.  Imagine what that world will look like, because we are creating it.

What would a public policy of nurturing the golden goose to reap the golden eggs look like?  It would look like a policy of reaping economic dividends from ecological investments:

1.  Make gardening the centerpiece of public education.
2.  Make industrial hemp the centerpiece of ecological and economic rehabilitation.
3.  Audit and end the privately-owned Fed, and have the U.S. Treasury issue currency.
4.  Focus scientific research and development on the science of meditation.
5.  Make all publicly elected representatives spend at least 20% of their time in office managing soup  
     kitchens in their respective districts.

It's a new paradigm, relatives.  Welcome home!  Now let's get to work - we've got a lot to accomplish.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

The involution of man

Revolution itself is evolving.  Evolution is evolving, even.  We are now at the point of the involution of man - man's turning inward.

Yang consumes, Yin provides.  Yang takes, Yin yields.  The immature masculine wishes to merge with the other, and the only way he knows how to do that is to consume her.  And so he consumes her and he consumes her and he consumes her and she is utterly consumed and he remains unsatisfied and desires more, and that is how the story ends

all out of balance

until he finally realizes

that in order to escape this hell of isolation, in order to escape this hell of duality, he must abandon his attempts at consuming her and instead prioritize consuming himself.  In learning to consume himself the immature masculine is initiated into divine manhood.  This technique enables him to leave her alone, to yield, to maintain balance by honoring limits and boundaries.  This balance is the Tao, found only when Yang turns on itself and allows Yin her space.

The technique by which he redirects his energies from consuming her to consuming himself is the technique of meditation.  He turns his grasping, consuming awareness towards himself.  He turns his awareness away from all other sense perceptions and focuses only on his own physical sensations.  This is the technique of vipassana.  This is yoga asana.  This is how yang balances with yin, this is how peace is forged out of the war between the sexes.  By turning his attention inward, he takes his attention away from ravaging her.  Yang gives space to Yin.  This is the initiation of the immature masculine into divine masculinity.  The desire to pluck the flower is replaced with the desire to water the flower.  The desire to consume the feminine is replaced with the desire to nurture the feminine.  The technique of meditation - the technique of observing the self in the present moment - is the tool by which the uninitiated man becomes initiated.  It gives the all consuming yang something to be endlessly consumed - the self.  Self-inquiry, or meditation, is an endless feedback loop that gives consciousness  itself a good first-hand look at consciousness itself.  This is quite a remarkable phenomenon, to say the least.

Culturally, we have evolved to the point where meditation is becoming the new normal.  It is the paradigm shift we've all been waiting for.  This means that the adolescent patriarchy which has been running the planet for the past few thousand years is growing up, and studying itself without shame, and learning a great deal, and allowing space for the reawakening of the divine feminine.

Meditation is the revolution.  Meditation is the evolution of evolution.  Meditation is the involution of mankind.  Allow these words to melt away, observe your own embodied sensations, and allow every exhalation to be the emptying of the vessel that is your mind...

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Buddha Dharma

I must first share with you the Dharma, the Sacred Law.  This exact Law was taught by the Buddha over 2500 years ago.

This Law is the Law of Impermanence.

Nothing endures forever. Change is the essential nature of reality.  Change is the only constant.  Stars come and go.  Galaxies arise and pass away.  Planets exist for a brief moment of infinity, and fade back into nothingness. Subatomic particles arise and pass away trillions of times a second.  Empires rise and fall.  Truth itself is not a fixed constant, but an evolving process.  And we are all going to die.

Materialism, then, does not and cannot lead to spiritual fulfillment, for the material world is left behind when we die.

The Lords of Materialism want you to believe otherwise.  America’s popular business mantra is, 'He who dies with the most toys, wins."  The unstated, unconscious goal of materialistic life is to acquire more and more possessions, and to devote all of our resources to taking 'ownership' of more and more of our physical reality, which we then leave behind when we die.  If it sounds like an absurd strategy for happiness, it is.  Its like trying to sunbathe on a submarine.

We loathe impermanence.  We want to keep our youth, we want to keep our lovers, we want to keep our wealth, we want to keep the good things and hang on to the good times in life, but we can’t, because change is inherent in all phenomena.  Ownership is just a way of pretending like we get to keep the things we want.  Possession is a neurotic control trip, which always ends badly.

This leads to the first corollary of the Law of Impermanence - the Law of Imperfection.  Existence isn't perfect.  A moment of it may be, or an evening of it, or possibly even years of it may be perfect, but nothing lasts forever.  And when the good times end, it hurts.  This pain is unavoidable.  We cannot exist in a perfect reality that always changes, for change inevitably leads to loss.  This is not a flaw in existence - it is merely a characteristic of existence which the Dark Lords would keep a secret from you, so they can sell you a pill to make suffering disappear.  Relatives, no such pill will ever be invented.  We cannot avoid the pain of existence - we must learn to embrace it.  Suffering is inevitable, but struggling is totally unnecessary.

The Dark Lords of Materialism, then, attempt to poison our mindstream with the delusion that life is meant to be perfect, and any imperfection is a flaw they can fix - for a fee.  They also choose to poison our mindstream with the delusion that if we can't own it, then it doesn't have value.  And so, the world of nature and living beings is enslaved to the greatest possible extent, and servants of mammon attempt to own all they can, whether it be ancient redwood groves or children or the ancestral land of indigenous people or the genetic makeup of our food, or the money printing process, or sovereign nations...  And what cannot be owned is destroyed, be they whales, or forests, or indigenous culture, or differing opinions, or the ocean, or women's bodies... the Lords of Materialism desire nothing less than complete ownership of life itself, to be hoarded, stored in a vault, controlled, and enslaved forever.

Needless to say, this is not the will of God.  This is in violation of Creator's Sacred Law.  Jesus said, “Do not store for yourselves treasure upon Earth, where moths and rust corrupt and thieves break in and steal.  But store up for yourselves treasure in Heaven, where moths and rust do not corrupt and thieves do not break in and steal.  For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”

The Law of Impermanence tells us that our body is constantly changing, and our thoughts are constantly changing, and that ultimately we will leave our bodies behind, and all our wealth, and all our possessions, and everything we ever thought we 'owned' and even everything we ever thought we ‘were’.  This means that a fulfilling life must have different priorities than those which the Dark Lords would instill in us - he who dies with the most toys didn't spend their time wisely.  The Dark Lords desire to dominate life, while the Dharma guides us to celebrate and serve life. We are not the masters here - we are the servants.

And here we find the second corollary of the Law of Impermanence - the Law of Selflessness.

From a spiritual perspective, the aforementioned military industrial complex manufacturing global war represents our own ego.  The ego desires to control and dominate, as compensation for its inherent inferiority - for the ego is a fictional character.  Conflict is thus a requisite for the survival of the personality, as it were.  As personalities, then, we are choosing familiar, dead-end, ego-reinforcing behavior patterns that deny our deep need to connect, relate, and merge.  Our ego is manufacturing enemies for us to fear, in order for it to survive unscathed.

Relatives, nothing survives unscathed.  Merging with what lies beyond ego demands a personality fluid enough to disintegrate and be reborn.  A personality which cannot let go of its own existence in order to merge and be reborn is trapped in a prison of its own making.  The ego must learn the art of composting itself in the field of itself.  The personality must learn to see the rigid, inner voice of the ego as a prison, and escape it by denying its power and moving out of the head and into the body.  We escape the prison of the inherently selfish ego with egoless, and thus selfless, service.

  Service is the path of transcending the selfish ego.  In order to escape the prison of the mind, we must learn to serve, especially when the ego sees no benefit.  Rational self-interest may make good capitalists, but capitalism makes a world enslaved by mammon.  The Law of Selfless Service requires us to transcend the rational ego by paying homage to the irrational wisdom of the heart.

 According to the Dharma, then, the most fulfilling life is the life spent in service - a life spent in love.  Not attachment, for attachment is the desire for ownership, the desire for permanence.  Love is not attachment - love is letting go.  When we are able to let go of our desire for ownership and control, and let go of our desire for permanence, then we are able to love.  This love manifests as action - a life of love is a life of service.  According to the Dharma, then, he who dies with the most service wins.

We don't take our possessions with us when we die:  The Lords of Materialism desperately need us to ignore this obvious fact.  What we take with us is our karma - our thoughts, our speech, and our actions.  Love manifests in these three realms, as does fear and greed.  A life spent acquiring possessions gives us the heavy karma of fear and greed, which feeds the Dark Lords and gives them tremendous power in this world.   A life spent in service gives us the liberating karma of love and forgiveness, which aligns us with the Dharma and the will of God.  Karma, too, is in the Bible:  “As ye sew, so shall ye reap.”

The reign of the Dark Lords of Materialism is thus fueled by the fear of death.  Servants of mammon fear death, for they are heavily invested in, and thus trapped by, materialism, and are poorly prepared for what lies beyond the material world.

The reign of the Creator and the Sacred Law is fueled by love, and the fearless embrace of change, even the transformation that takes place at death, for the Dharma teaches us that we are ultimately nonphysical beings having a brief physical experience - an experience worth celebrating, but not an experience worth getting attached to.

This, relatives, is the Dharma.  In Pali, the language of the Buddha, "anicca" means impermanence, "dukkha" means imperfection, or suffering, and "anatta" means selflessness, or no-self.  These terms are the bedrock of the Buddha's teaching - the Buddha Dharma.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Aquarian Economics

Welcome to the Asylum Project.

We are an anarchist nonprofit selling precious metals at a premium over spot price.  While our premium is higher than the premium charged by other online precious metals dealers, we are a nonprofit and your premium goes to a charitable cause.  In this case, the charitable cause is the cause of the commons - our common cause.  We are committed to cost-effective commons enhancement.

The spot price for silver these days is usually somewhere between $15 and $20 an ounce, which is ridiculous and has been provably manipulated.  The real value of an ounce of silver might be $300, or maybe $3000.  Not $15.    The price of silver is being pushed downed by the pricing cartel in order to create the illusion that Federal Reserve Notes are far more valuable than they really are.  This makes buying silver with Federal Reserve Notes an incredible opportunity, and even with the premium it is still an incredible value.

The main challenge with socialism, and capitalism actually, is the problem of central planning.  In socialist systems the government is responsible for all investments in commons enhancement, and they are expected to do their job in a manner so superior to any would-be competition, that such competition is presumed unnecessary.  However, because competition is not allowed to exist, a bottleneck in creativity is created, and this bottleneck leads to stagnation and putrifaction.  Parasites exist where creativity is blocked.

In a capitalist system private enterprise is expected to provide commons enhancement, and the market is expected to price it accurately.  In other words, in a capitalist system if you want the commons enhanced then enhance it yourself, and if you do it well enough you'll rally investors.

However what actually happens in capitalism is that private industry exploits the commons for its own enhancement.  By enhancing private industry at the expense of the commons, private industry gets stronger, the commons get weaker, and genuine commons enhancement gets prohibited.  A healthy commons is bad for capitalism, which requires privatization.  The more we can depend on our public space the less we rely on our private possessions, which is the bedrock of capitalism.

Capitalism eventually becomes centrally planned anyway.  Private industry exploits the commons to enrich itself, and eventually monopolizes the commons for its own benefit.  These monopolies plan the economy rather than letting the markets do it, and the monopolies exploit both the commons and the commoners for their own maximum advantage.

Socialism starts off as a monopoly, which is a bottleneck in creative experimentation.  Capitalism starts off as an explosion of creative experimentation which leads to competitive advantage, which leads to economies of scale, which leads to market domination, which leads to monopoly.

The key to the socialism/capitalism debate is neither.  The question is not ideological but technical.  How do we subvert the tendency to drift towards central planning?  Both in the microcosm, when we identify with the ego, and in the macrocosm, when we identify with the corporate state, central planning always exploits the decentralized inarticulate commons for its own short-term parasitical benefit.

How do we decentralize our planning?

With the internet, of course.  The social network is a global, localized planning network - decentralized central planning.  Hive mind.  Swarm consciousness doing its charitable work online leads to cost-effective nonprofit initiatives working together through interconnected hubs, all of which is financed by private donations in a capitalist economy, which itself is regulated by a government that can't hope to compete with such cutting-edge innovation and just sits back and takes care of the absolute Republican basics.  And this government is constantly having its incompetencies outsourced to the private market, via the crowdfunding viral social network, which resolves the issue in far more cost-effective manner than monopoly ever could.

Its not a new world order, but a new Aeon, a new Yuga.  The Aquarian Age, the Age of Information.

We can't really sell you precious metals.  What we can do is give you precious metals for free, as a thank you for your valued membership.  Membership fees are tied to the spot price, coincidentally.

By joining the Asylum Project as a donating member you'll receive a free ounce of silver in the mail. Your membership cost covers the price of the silver, plus shipping, plus a premium.  1% of that premium goes to the administration costs of the Asylum Project.  The rest of the premium gets outsourced towards the best hubs for commons enhancement.

The best hub:  Teaching children to garden.

Nonprofits:  we're hunting...

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Sacred Landscaping












And Language.

How would a theory of everything weave all this together?

How can a nonprofit talk about a truly holistic approach to solving global challenges on a shoestring, crowdfunded budget without addressing all of these issues collectively?

If such a nonprofit were to do address all these issues holistically, and not have 501(3)c status as a result of being uncategorizable, would you recognize it as revolutionary and maybe even prophetic, or would you disregard it as unprofessional?

Would you recognize that such a nonprofit or network of nonprofits is destined to compete with, and outperform, government itself - at least in the field of public service?

Reader, do you see that sustainability is holistic, involving the maximum livability for the maximum diversity, meaning that world peace requires a holistic, permaculture approach, wherein we address the requisites for peace across the spectrum of cultural behavior, even if it requires enduring systemic, evolutionary transformation in all the aforementioned categories?

Enlightened society produces enlightened behavior, which would make an impact across all genres of the public sphere.  A truly holistic theory of everything isn't a theory of anything at all, but a strategy of everyone, and a practice of unifying behind common cause -  the cause of the commons.

A nonprofit committed to enhancing the commons.

A nonprofit committed to enhancing the public space, physically and metaphysically speaking.

Could a nonprofit committed to enhancing the public space hijack the attention of the feedback loop social network long enough to get everyone to look in the same direction at once, for the purposes of significantly enhancing the commons?

Listen:  If this nonprofit is truly holistic then its marketing campaign deliberately involves hijacking the attention of the Viral Social Network long enough for everyone to look in the same direction at once, in order to harness the momentum required to improve the commons.  It's a marketing technique, designed to crowdfund commons enhancement and in so doing, put the government almost but not quite out of business.

The viral social network is the swarm consciousness.  We come up with the best solutions when we put our minds together.  Which we are now able to do, cybernetically.


  Let private enterprise look after the public good, by crowdfunding a nonprofit which efficiently propagates a viral, swarm-tested strategy of commons enhancement.

And the strategy itself must be so easy to sell, it reads like a blockbuster novel.  The theory of everything is a practice of everyone, and it propagates virally through the internet infecting swarm consciousness, intelligently and persuasively modifying cultural behavior patterns so as to usher in an era of sustainability, which by its very nature will last theoretically forever.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Crowdfunding Rebellion

This is how it works.

We crowdfund the rebellion.  We promote a business strategy on the open market and go looking for investors.

What's the strategy?

The lever and the fulcrum:

1 Gardening must be the centerpiece of education.

 2 Hemp must be the cornerstone of economic and ecological rehabilitation.

3 Money must be printed by sovereign nation-states.

4 Scientific research and development must focus on the science of meditation.

5 All publicly elected representatives must spend the first third of their term managing a soup kitchen in their own district.

Ok that's the strategy.  How do we viralize the strategy?  How do we sell it to everyone?  What are our tactics?


There's an old business adage:  It's not what you're selling, but who's buying that matters.

In this case, the buyer is an online reader (yes you) potentially interested in investing in an anarchist nonprofit endeavor, if said endeavor could feasibly, profitably, and nonviolently overthrow the servants of mammon by overseeing the controlled demolition of mammon's currency in cost effective fashion and with tremendous style.

Would you invest your temporarily valuable fiat paper money into an anarchist nonprofit which could demonstrate the need for the controlled demolition of the privately-printed, fiat, global reserve currency, the precise technique by which said controlled demolition could nonviolently and prosperously take place, and a mutually prosperous way to invest in the very organization pulling it off for a hefty profit?

Remember - there are lots and lots of ways for fiat currency to become worthless, and they are all very bad.  Investing in a nonviolent, cost-effective, mutually prosperous way for this particular fiat currency to become worthless without creating catastrophe is a very good idea.

The global economy currently runs on worthless privately printed fiat, about to be declared insolvent, Federal Reserve Notes.  These Notes do tremendous damage to the ecology and the economy of both our country and the entire planet at large.

The violent reign of these Notes must end.  The Federal Reserve must be stopped.

And everyone knows this, but the Federal Reserve is Too Big To Fail.  What this means is that it is so big it will take everyone down with it.  If we sink the Fed we sink ourselves, because our entire society is built out of the commodities we have purchased with the money the Templars printed for us.  We can't jail them, they own the jails.  We can't nuke them, they own the nukes.  We can't shame them, they own the news.  We can't even blame them, because they feed on negativity.

But we can walk away.

We can't sink the Fed.  The Fed is Too Big To Fail.  We have to set the dollar down gently.  Nonviolently and peacefully we have to excuse the Fed out of the room.  It's a bad idea to pick a fight with a dragon.  Much better to leave it alone, allow it to exist, and build an impervious army.  Allow the light to create a little shadow somewhere, where the dragon is allowed to exist.  Trust that the Light caused the Shadow that allows the dragon to be.  When the time comes, ask the Light to remove the Shadow.

The Reptilian Bloodlines are not meant to be wiped out, or exposed.  They have failed in their attempt to enslave the world, not merely for generations but for eons.  If they had succeeded here, the entire galaxy would be enslaved, but because they could not succeed here they cannot succeed anywhere.

They have failed.  Their Federal Reserve Note has been exposed as privately printed fiat paper, backed by nothing but a ponzi scheme put in place by dirty criminals.  These criminals have secretly taken over the governments of the western world.

This truth is so dangerous it will instantly be labelled "Fake News."

Let it be so.  The Reptilian Bloodlines have failed to enslave the world through the debt of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.  Let this victory be enough.  Rather than pursue the dragon to its den, where it could indeed destroy us all, allow the dragon to exist, not a master but a singular and anomalous devotee of the Mystery, and remain ever vigilant to destroy it should it reveal itself.

Much of our DNA is parasitic.  It is along for the ride, just something else's DNA attached to ours.  Cells respond in very nonviolent, cost effective, and profitable ways - they just shove the DNA aside, and build stuff out of it.  For example, the lens of the eye, which allows light through - we have somehow figured out how to push junk DNA into a corner and pile it on top of each other and voila!  The junk DNA is somehow transparent.  It makes a pretty good eyeball lens.

We do not need to take on the Federal Reserve.  Taking it head on is foolish - they own the courts, they own the military industrial complex, they own the politicians and the bureaucrats, they own the police, they own media, they own the State, and they own the free market, because they print the money that buys everything.  We simply evolve.  Just as the human fetus first grows gills which it then reabsorbs and grows lungs,  so too do we overcome the duality of revolution with its winners and losers by evolving and transcending the either/or us/them mindset.

We don't need to take on the Federal Reserve, we merely go around them and leave them behind.  We do so merely by moving our wealth out of the central banking cartel's hands, and by doing so, we stop investing in the cartel.  The less we invest in it, the less we believe in it.  The less we believe in it, the less it exists.

How do we move our money out of the hands of the Federal Reserve?
We buy precious metals with it.  For starters.

Welcome to the Asylum Project.  Buy Silver and Gold from us at a premium, which pays for the Rebellion of the Rainbow Warriors and the Dawning of the Sat Yuga.  We'll ship it to your door. The more fiat currency you convert into silver, the more you invest in the Rebellion against the Illuminati and the birth of the new Golden Age, long prophesied.

This rebellion -
is it fiction?  Is it prophecy?

Is the rebellion a reality?  Does the story of the Rebellion create reality?

This story-
is it a clever nonprofit marketing campaign?

-is it yoga?

-is it art?

Thursday, December 29, 2016

The Eternal Culture

To be clear, Dharma is not affiliated with any organized religion.  Dharma is scientific, and would be labelled as what science refers to as the Laws of Nature.  The Buddha himself was not affiliated with any organized religion, much to their chagrin, and would, by western scientists, be considered an agnostic scientist par excellence.  For that matter, Jesus the Nazarite, while affiliated with a particular organized religion, deliberately blasphemed it, to their chagrin, and taught the esoteric tantric path which needed no organized religion whatsoever - for which he was crucified.

The Dharma is the Law of Nature.  Nature, of course, being predominantly nonphysical, Dharma also is the Law of the Nonphysical, or Spiritual Law.  Just as there is neither Christian anger nor Muslim anger, but rather a universal anger, so may we also discern that there is neither Hindu suffering nor Buddhist suffering, but rather there is universal suffering.  And the Law of Nature says:

"As ye sew, so shall ye reap."

This is the Law of Karma.  Out there is a reflection of our thoughts, so we are creating "out there" in here.  We receive what we believe.

And as we perceive anger as merely a facet of universal suffering, we perceive that our suffering is a consequence of our beliefs.

We believe we are required to suffer.  Because we believe we must suffer, we put up with suffering willingly, instead of fixing the situation, and getting happier.  We are programmed to believe we must suffer, and the obvious possibility of improving situations is removed from public discourse.  Problem solving is being purged from our minds, and we are succumbing to mental slavery.

Because we have been programmed to believe that we must suffer for our karma, we we believe we must suffer, and so we live in a world full of suffering.

The truth is we are free.  We are free to feel good.  This is our only freedom.  If we believe we must suffer then we will, for our beliefs are the only thing capable of hemming in our freedom to choose good feelings.

If we believe in feeling good - if we believe that feeling good is a choice, not a circumstance - then as a warrior we choose to feel good, and in making that choice we create a better-feeling reality, which improves our circumstances, which gives us a circumstance to feel good about, which leads to a self-fulfilling prophecy of feeling-good-makes-us-feel-better.

And so forth.  The better we feel, the better our creation feels to be inside of.  We are living inside the creation of our minds, relatives, so let's start thinking happier thoughts and believing happier stories.  The higher our level of optimism, and our level of enthusiasm (in Theos - with God), the more inspired our manifestations become.

Only one possible future lies ahead of us - a sustainable future.  The long-term survival rate for all other futures fades to zero.  And so we find ourselves spiraling faster towards the cultural bottleneck which weeds out all unsustainable thinking, otherwise known as negativity.  This cultural bottleneck which requires paring out all unsustainable culture practices in order to survive in perpetuity provides space only for sustainable culture, which will necessarily be aligned with Laws of Nature, the Laws of the Dharma.  The task of Dharma Warriors is to believe in a culture harmoniously and perpetually aligned with imperishable truth-
 the immortal culture, the eternal culture, the culture of the Dharma.