Thursday, March 8, 2018

Parity not equality

The essence of freedom is individuation.  This is the pinnacle of Maslow's hierarchy of needs - the need to "be yo self."  Individuation is essentially the culmination of personal creative expression - it is the emergence of art within the fabric of biological necessity.  Without the opportunity to individuate, we are essentially not free.  Conformity and authority are impediments to freedom.

The opportunity to pursue our own personal genius is where our opportunity to excel lies.  Our 'excellence' is unique to each and every one of us, and any attempt at stifling that uniqueness ultimately stifles human excellence.  Authoritarian regimes ultimately stifle creativity and thus create a bottleneck in evolution, hastening their own demise.

In a communist society, the haves are forbidden from having more than the have-nots.  While beautiful in the sense of rectifying injustice, in practice this is recipe for mandatory conformity.  Uniqueness is condemned and excellence is punished, and the most talented geniuses always rebel against mandatory conformity and being 'average'.  Revolution is inevitable.

In a capitalist society, the haves are celebrated for having more than the have-nots.  Excellence is celebrated, and uniqueness rewarded.  In theory this is beautiful, but in practice the haves end up with everything, and the have-nots end up with their backs against the wall, and revolution is inevitable.

Where is the happy medium?

We need to discuss the term, 'parity'.
Parity means a level playing field.  Parity does not mean 'sameness' - parity means 'roughly equivalent.'  Or, 'equal opportunity.'  Duh.  You might have heard that one before.

Think about real gender equality for a moment.  It's kind of gross.  Gender sameness?  Ick.  I don't want gender sameness, I want gender parity.  I like the difference between genders, as long as both are equally appreciated.

Sports is an easy example.  In a world of absolute equality, every game would be required by law to end in a tie, all the teams would have to end every season with the same record, everyone would win a super bowl, and no one would be better than anyone else.  This is so stupid it's funny, but athletes would hate it, and they would not bother to participate.  But that's communism - no one is allowed to be better than anyone else, no one is allowed to 'win' and no one is allowed to 'lose' and consequently citizens don't bother to participate.  Equality taken to its logical extreme is absurd.

Parity maintains equality between teams, without requiring sameness.  Remember - parity means 'rough equivalence'.  The salary cap is how American sports teams maintain parity.  By establishing a salary cap, teams agree to maintain a rough equivalency, which makes games more exciting and - this is the crux - more competitive!  Parity maintains healthy competition.

Imagine what a sports league would look like without a salary cap.  The best teams would get the most airtime, make the most money, hire the best players, and win more games, get more airtime, make more money... There would be no parity, and as a consequence there would be no competition, and as a consequence, nobody would watch the games anymore, and the entire industry would collapse.  The industry would end up with a few too-big-to-fail entities that had no popular support.  Relatives, the team owners are billionaires - they didn't agree to a salary cap because they were humanitarians - they agreed to the salary cap because parity maintains high levels of competition, which is what the audience enjoys.  By destroying parity, the team owners would destroy the basis of support they depend on.  This is what happens in capitalism - without a salary cap, the best companies hire the best players, buy out the competition, establish anti-competitive cartels, bribe governments, and end up too-big-to fail with no popular support.  Has anyone noticed a growing disenchantment with capitalism?  Anyone?  Anyone?  
In a communist society, equality is mandatory, so nobody participates and the people stop up porting the system.  In a capitalist society, Equality is not enforced (yay!) but neither is parity (boo!), rough equivalence is lost, competition is replaced by monopolistic, to-big-to-fail behemoths, and the people stop supporting the system.

Capitalism is winner take all.  Loser gets to keep nothing, forced to rebel.
Communism is loser take all.  Winner  gets to keep nothing, forced to rebel.
Socialism is winner take most, loser left with plenty.  No one is forced to rebel.  Parity is maintained through consent of the governed, too-big-to-fail is too-big-to-tolerate,  and healthy competition is seamlessly, if paradoxically, interwoven into a field of cooperation...

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Also Sprach Quetzlcoatl

"Being well adjusted to a sick society is not a sign of health."
By the time I was 6 years old, I knew that grown ups wanted to eat me.  I didin't exactly understand what was going on, but I knew I was a highly desirable commodity and that if I didn't take the necessary countermeasures I would be consumed.  I learned young how to deflect predatory attention.  As it turns out, it was sexual energy they were after, but at age 6 I had no idea.  After puberty the pieces finally came together and it all made sense.  Being taken advantage of, and taking advantage of others in turn, is the fundamental nature of our dysfunctional relationship with the Other - displayed in the macrocosm by the neo-colonialist great powers and in the microcosm by our predatory, fight-or-flight sexual neurosis...

In the story of Hamlet, the rightful ruler is murdered and the throne is usurped by an imposter, the evil uncle.  Hamlet is the true heir to the throne, but he has no power and is at the mercy of evil tyranny.  There is no way to defend himself, so he plays crazy to stay safe.  But to make his act believable, he has to really play crazy - so well he begins to believe it himself.  Just like Heath Ledger in Batman, there comes a point where Hamlet is no longer acting - he has internalized the role.

Like Jesus being hidden in a manger, or Moses being hidden in a basket of reeds, or Aragorn being hidden by the Rangers, or the One Ring being hidden in the care of hobbits, or Cinderella, or King Arthur... The tool destined to overthrow Empire is nurtured in an environment of profound humility in order to stay below the radar of the Shadow.  This is The Hero's Journey.
Hamlet hides in plain sight, by putting oatmeal on his head and talking to the furniture.  His performance works, and he is judged to be mostly harmless.  He thus stays alive, but at a cost too great to bear.  Yet slowly, slowly, the bad karma of the evil tyrant comes home to roost, until at long last, when the usurper is already against the ropes, a purified and wrathful Hamlet rises up with righteous fury and smites the tyrant down, restoring order to the kingdom.  It costs him everything, but no big deal.

Our nation and our world have been taken over by satanic secret societies who feed on sexual energy and human sacrifice.  Sad but true.  I have known this my whole life, and I have stayed in the shadows playing crazy harmless so as to survive.  It hasn't been an act - when I was young, it was obvious to me that I knew the truth in a world that depended on lies, but the world showed me how dangerous that attitude was, and I quickly learned that I was merely insane for thinking the world could possibly be wrong.  Worldly authorities breathed a sigh of relief when I stopped believing in myself, and I breathed a sigh of relief when the worldly authorities stopped perceiving me as a threat to the status quo.

But relatives, the Emperor has no clothes.  Or rather -

The Empire has no ethics.

It is with a tremendous amount of savage joy that I now witness the downfall of these satanic secret societies and their corporate organs.  The age of Aquarius is the age of Transparency, where the hidden truth is coming to light and the world of shadows is exposed for all to see.  As they grow weaker I grow stronger, and as I grow stronger they grow weaker.   Too late they see me for who I really am, too late they see what I am here to accomplish.

  Not really - they have actually been anticipating my arrival, and hoping for my success.
Because they are lost, and I know the way.   Forgiveness is the key - not a  strong suit of collapsing  Empire. Hence the need for a better, more sustainable Way.
Thanks, assholes.

  "I think the people of the world want peace so bad, one of these days government is going to have to get out of the way and let them have it."
-Dwight Eisenhower

No army in the world can stop an idea whose time has come, and world peace is that idea.  Global peace and prosperity are within our grasp, and only the Deep State stands in our way.  Now is the time to strike.  The Golden Age is upon us, and a vast army of spiritual avatars have reincarnated for this purpose.

Relatives, take heed - this is the political platform upon which sustainable world peace is founded:

1-  Gardening must be the centerpiece of public education.

2-  Industrial hemp must be the cornerstone of economic and ecological rehabilitation.

3-  Meditation must be the focus of scientific research and development.

4-  Usurious, privately owned central banks must be abolished, odious debts must be forgiven, and
      auditable blockchain technology must be used to ensure voting transparency.

5-  Publicly elected representatives must spend one third of their term in office managing soup
     kitchens in their respective districts.

These five self-evident axioms lead to sustainable civilization -  Eternal Culture.

I preached this quietly, terrified of everything, over five years ago in the shadow of Chichen Itza on December 21 2012.  No one heard me, which was just how it needed to be.  If it could have been different, it would have been different.  No one was ready, especially me.  But since then, recreational ganja is the latest big thing, besides crypto currency.  Either God is listening to me, or I am listening to God, but basically it's just the act of pouring water into water, with no real separation between the two...  The consciousness of the Truth inhabits me, it is the very source of my being -  of whom shall I be afraid?  I may be crazy, but I am not wrong, not about this.  

Relatives, as above, so below.  As within, so without.  As in the microcosm, so in the macrocosm.  Reality is a fractal hologram - as in the part, so in the whole.   What this means is that by healing ourselves, we heal the world.  This is the premise of yoga, which translates as 'union.'  The union of disparate parts leads to wholeness - the union of left and right, the union of back and front, the union of right and wrong, the union of self and other, the union of  body and mind, the union of "in here" and "out there," the union of man and God...  as this union, or yoga, takes place within the body, it is recapitulated in the body's external environment - as within, so without.  The arising of actual 'yoga' anywhere is a non local event - when yoga arises anywhere, it arises everywhere, because this wholeness is recapitulated throughout the entirety of fractals that compose the hologram of the cosmos. As within, so without.  The yogi experiences union and becomes whole, becoming the whole universe... by healing the hologram of the self, the yogi makes whole the entirety out of which the pattern of the cosmos arises.

This is happening now.  Legitimate, well-respected think tanks are predicting a stock market crash of 40 to 50%.   China will begin purchasing Saudi oil using gold-backed yuan by the end of March, ending the petrodollar era and bringing about the long awaited economic reset.  13,000 sealed indictments are on the books in the U.S, and a contract was issued for private contractors to upgrade Guantanamo to house 13,000 inmates, plus 5,000 guards (sources here)...   This spring we are entering the long-awaited purification and healing that ushers in the golden age, the age of Aquarious.  This purification is a burning away of all that doesn't serve us - the overtly fascist Deep State is being purged from the world.

 Relatives, as within, so without.  The kundalini in my body is so strong I actually have a burn on my sacrum. But rather than the terrible consequences I have suffered in years past from this purification by fire, at long last I am experiencing greater and greater well-being.  I have already experienced the piercing of the granthis, kechari mudra, and what I can only describe as feeling squeezed like a tube of toothpaste and getting covered in moola bandha... What else remains?  My body is healing to the point of wholeness.   The great purification and healing coming to the world 'out there' is merely the recapitulation of the great purification and healing that is taking  place in my world 'in-here' - the universe of my own somatic psychology.  I hypothesize that when China actually begins to buy oil using gold-backed yuan, and the stock market collapses, and the Military Industrial Complex loses its financial footing, and the mass arrests are made and the truth of secret societies is revealed, my own Deep Ego will be purged from my inner cosmos, kundalini will ascend my center channel, and I will at long last arrive home, and remember everything...

I has been my great privilege to undergo the fiery purification of yoga,  and it has burned away so much of me it feels sometimes like only the Truth remains.  But I know all too well that impurities dwell within me, and ignorance clouds my vision.  How can I help but doubt myself?  I have chained myself to the bottom of a pool filled with self-doubt and drowned; only there am I safe.  How can I help but fear my insane delusions of grandeur?  I keep myself in a prison of worthlessness and self-deprecation; surely such pathetic egomania requires such corrective measures!  And yet - my argument is compelling, is it not?  My logic is formidable, is it not?  My conclusions are both reasonable and profound, are they not?  I seem to suffer from a brilliantly sane insanity, surely I am a danger to the world!  And so I have ex-communicated myself - but what if my cherished self-doubt and self-deprecation are merely inappropriate survival tools I have outgrown?  Is it permissible to let my light shine, at long last?  I have to see who I really am, relatives, I have to let myself free, and you are reading this as a consequence...
Great healing remains, within all of us, yet it has already been accomplished.  Deep within me is the seed of yoga; it is the source of my being.  I have seen the nature of my own intrinsic wholeness, and my search is over.  The Kingdom of Heaven is indeed within me, and I am home. All that is left is to allow the unfolding to take place within the matrix of space-time, peacefully accepting each moment of infinity precisely as it is...
Relatives, it is yoga itself - unified, nondual consciousness - that is truly the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end.   Only the ego's fear of annihilation and death prevents us from dissolving back into our original nondual state, out of which duality (and thus separation) primordially arose.  Yoga is merely the dissolution of the individual, discrete personality, so that only wholeness remains...

  This journey from yoga to yoga, from oneness as original source to oneness as final destination, is the journey through all desire to desire's end, the abandonment of all preference in favor of unconditional acceptance of phenomena as it is.  Ironically, it is only from this place of unconditional acceptance that we are free of our reactivity to the past, and thus free to truly create a world of peace and prosperity...

This extraordinary evolution - this path of yoga - has been my path for as long as I can remember (and surely long before that), and I am writing this because I feel myself arriving at a tremendous new equilibrium, the completion of a personal spiritual evolution that fractally corresponds to the arrival of a new collective era in human civilization...

In the words of Gurudeva Subramuniyaswami, the founder of Kauai's Hindu Monastery:
"Yoga does not mean just sitting in lotus for a half an hour each day in a penthouse or doing hatha yoga asanas for health and beauty.  It means yoga as performed by the yogis of yore, the renegades from society, tapasvins ready to face the fire of sadhana, brave souls who have given up all else in their search for Truth, persevering with an iron will until they accomplish what they seek."

I would comment that I don't have an iron will to speak of.  My yoga is not the product of an iron will, but rather the consequence of divine grace, and I am overwhelmed with gratitude...

I am writing of  'my' journey, but perhaps I should edit this so it collectively refers to 'our' journey, for 'my' journey is recapitulated by 'your' journey, is it not?  Is not the journey of the individual a fractal pattern of the journey of the collective?  Is not 'my' journey 'our' journey?  Do we not share the same primordial consciousness, as the ground of all our perceived individual experience?  I posit that if 'you' are reading what 'I' have written, then 'we' are actually one collective consciousness, perceiving itself as primordially empty, like a mirror being held in front of a vast number of mirrors, utterly free to create whatever we choose to believe...
Relatives, we are making the longest journey humankind has ever made.  We are making the journey from our heads to our hearts.  The dawning of the Sat Yuga has begun.

It's time.  Lend a hand.  We've got a lot to accomplish-

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Today is the future

In 1949 Albert Einstein published a staggeringly brilliant paper titled,  "Why Socialism?"

 Here, let me give you a teaser:
"Private capital tends to become concentrated in few hands, partly because of competition among the capitalists, and partly because technological development and the increasing division of labor encourage the formation of larger units of production at the expense of smaller ones. The result of these developments is an oligarchy of private capital the enormous power of which cannot be effectively checked even by a democratically organized political society. This is true since the members of legislative bodies are selected by political parties, largely financed or otherwise influenced by private capitalists who, for all practical purposes, separate the electorate from the legislature. The consequence is that the representatives of the people do not in fact sufficiently protect the interests of the underprivileged sections of the population. Moreover, under existing conditions, private capitalists inevitably control, directly or indirectly, the main sources of information (press, radio, education). It is thus extremely difficult, and indeed in most cases quite impossible, for the individual citizen to come to objective conclusions and to make intelligent use of his political rights."

 -So good it's hurts.  The man was prescient.  Did you notice the phrase, "oligarchy of private capital"?  Later on, he remarks that capitalism is "the predatory phase of human evolution".  
Relatives, lets stop preying on ourselves, shall we?

Its time to evolve.  We can love ourselves, or we can prey on ourselves, but we can't do both.  

It's not that competition is bad - competition is a good thing, it just needs to be placed within a greater context of cooperation.  Sports teams compete, but losing teams still get to go home to their families and put food on the table.  Not so with losing countries...  Capitalism is ruthless competition, telling us that we must exploit, or be exploited.  We must be predators, or be prey.  Capitalism demands that we dominate or be dominated.  The capitalist compulsion to dominate out of fear correlates eerily with the patriarchal need to dominate out of fear...  Yang expands, yin contracts, so how does yang learn to contract?  It doesn't - it burns out...

Capitalism is burning out, in lockstep with the Renaissance of the divine feminine.  What remains when the dust settles will be competitive, and cooperative, because it's all of us or none of us.

Give capitalism a safety net to protect the vulnerable, and you get free market socialism.

Socialism is thus healthy competition.  Competition is healthy in the context of greater cooperation.  No sports team has ever tried to starve their opponents into submission - because both sides are motivated to actually play the game, by agreed upon rules, allowing their opponents to live another day.  Sports teams are trying to win, but they aren't trying to eliminate their competition.  The "oligarchy of private capital", on the other hand, is in the habit of eliminating competition, whether it's on Main Street or Iraq...

The whole reason unions got invented in the first place was because capitalists were trying to starve workers into submission, right?  Take a slave wage, and like it, or your starving neighbor will replace you...  Competition without cooperation leads to domination, exploitation, violence, and revolution.  A genuine safety net keeps our survival instincts from overreacting, thus eliminating the need to dominate, exploit, violate, and rebel.  A safety net is what distinguishes civilization from barbarism.

This is known as ethics.  Capitalism + ethics = socialism.  Pretty simple, really.

I know, I know, everyone is shouting, "Venezuela!  The Deep State!  Death to central planning!"
And you're right.  Einstein talks about it in his paper.   It's no secret that central planning is the evil that infests socialism, but hey, central planning is the end result of capitalism too.  Remember the 'oligarchy of private capital'?   The only difference is that in socialism the corrupt state does the planning, whereas in capitalism the corrupt oligarchs bribe and blackmail the corrupt state into doing it.  Same same, and not much different.  Anyone noticed oligarchs manipulating free markets lately?  Any monopolies selling fake news and censoring the truth?  Capitalism leads to an anticompetitive, oppressive corporate state, same as socialism...

The real challenge is how to create and maintain a decentralized planning network.  Anyone have any ideas?  Oh, wait - you're reading this via the world's premiere decentralized planning network - the Internet.  Decentralized, cybernetic, free-market socialism - it's what's for dinner.  let's call it socialnetworkism, shall we?    

Socialism is capitalism, with a safety net to protect the vulnerable and a salary cap to prevent the billionaire oligarchs of private capital (and their pet corporations) from hijacking sovereign republics. 

Capitalism = winner take all.  Losers forced to rebel.  Zero sum game.

Communism = loser take all.  Winners forced to rebel.    Zero sum game.  

Socialism = winner take most, loser left with plenty.  No one is forced to rebel, parity is maintained, and healthy competition continues indefinitely.   Non-zero sum game.

Socialism is the path of sustainability- our only way forward into a sustainable future.

The new age has begun.  Lend a hand, we've got a lot to accomplish-  

Birth of the New Economy

China is about to purchase oil using gold-back yuan for the first time ever, scheduled for March 26.  This is the date for the end of the petrodollar.

Meanwhile, mainstream economists predict stock market losses of 40 to 50% this year.

No correlation, of course.  Nothing to see here folks, move along... All this while block chain technology is now being used to issue national currencies backed by natural resources:

But don't worry, Iran, Iraq, Zimbabwe, Indonesia, Malaysia, and all the other resource-rich former colonies will never catch on.  Currencies backed by natural resources won't ever take over the world - oh, wait...

In other news, 13,000 sealed indictments have been issued in the U.S. In the last few months.  By comparison, in the average year less than 2,000 are ever issued.  Something big is going down.  Very big - a government contract was issued to expand Guantanamo Bay to hold 13,000 prisoners, plus 5,000 guards.  What kind of criminal cartel might be getting arrested on the heels of the biggest economic collapse in recorded history?  Hmm I wonder - oh by the way, someone arrested on pedophile charges used the term "pizza" in reference to underage children which means 'Pizzagate' isn't a conspiracy theory after all...

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

The Hero's Journey

Rudolph Steiner wrote about reality as composed fundamentally of sound - that is, vibration.  He spoke of a range of vibration that travelled through the spectrum of vowel sounds, from A-E-I-O-U.  These sounds composed reality, he reasoned.

There may be anecdotal evidence.  God is Jah, Allah, Wakan Tanka, Yahweh.   Steiner spoke of this end of the vowel spectrum as being the masculine God, which, as it loses connection with its own center (the Tao), inherently decays into own perverse antithesis  - excessive yang, with the characteristics of automatons.  Ahriman is the name of the anti-deity residing within the syllable, according to Steiner.  Likewise, the Goddess side of the vowel spectrum, represented by "Uu," represents yin, and as it loses its relationship to the middle-center-way of the Tao it inherently decays into yin's perverse antithesis.  Lucifer is the name of the anti-deity residing within the syllable of the other end of the vowel spectrum - Uu.  Ah to Uu.  Ahriman to Lucifer.  The aspiration for unity decays into the prison of conformity - order.  This is the realm of Ahriman.  The aspiration for diversity decays into the prison of endless variety without center or focus - chaos.  This is the realm of Lucifer.  Either extreme is excessive, and balance between the two must be maintained.  This is the Tao, or the Way - the Way of the Middle Path.  
The uninitiated masculine is the thinking mind.  Men and women both contain this uninitiated masculine; it is ungrounded, and thus excessive, yang energy.  It is the energy of our thoughts, our language-using center, our ego, our monkey-mind.  The uninitiated feminine is the feeling body, which both men and women have.  The body is unconscious, feeling, instinctive, and thoughtless.  It is ungrounded, and thus excessive, yin energy.  Both aspects of the self require initiation in order to be whole.

  The uninitiated masculine enters the path that leads to the Dark Tower - the endless labyrinthine prison of the ego.  The destruction of the ego is the destruction of the dark tower, and the annihilating chaos which follows is the wasteland.  The journey through the wasteland is the dark night of the soul, which leads to the garden, where the water is.  At long last, water is found!  And so the feminine enters the picture, and the terrible empty masculine logic of the wasteland is forgotten.  

Yet water is wily in its ways.  You can't pin it down, it's always one thing turning into another.  It has no real shape, just capacity to manifest any shape.  Consciousness itself is actually responsible for choosing the shape of water.  Water itself is shapeless and formless.  

To follow the metaphor, Looking-for-her is Lucifer.  If you are chasing after the allures of the feminine, He's - I mean she's - gotcha.  Not because there is anything wrong with the feminine, but because water is mutable and changes as soon as you think you can count on it.  Water is not solid and is not stable as a foundation.  Water is change.

What this means, if Steiner is to be believed, is that the pendulum swing away from the atrocities of Trump - I mean Ahriman -  towards the feminine may not be the end of the story.  The reawakening of the divine feminine may need to contain within it a reference to the divine masculine - the initiated masculine, the consciousness that has seen beyond the inherent change of the world, the world of infinite desire, represented by water, the feminine, and Lucifer.  This initiated masculine has let go of thinking in order to find freedom and has also let go of the allure of feeling and its inherent unsatiablilty.  This consciousness is completely undesirous of the absolute, seeing the relentless pursuit of the eternal as ultimately an odious descent into judgment and condemnation, the conformist and intolerant fundamentalism of Ahriman.  The pursuit of something eternally perfect in an ever-changing world reveals a discontent with the perfection of a changing creation.  This initiated masculine sees both the pursuit of the absolute and the pursuit of the relative - the pursuit of God and the pursuit of the Goddess - as ultimately unsatisfactory.  We've all heard the stories of the saintly gurus from Asia who come to America and can't help having bad, immature sex with their students - they have realized God within themselves, but are still pursuing the Goddess outside of themselves.  The initiated masculine is a tantric, and has become whole.  He pursues nothing, and is merely present with what is, accepting the reality of paradox being perceived by perceiver.

  By turning to perceive the perceiver, the mind sees itself, like pouring water into water.  This is the end of philosophy, the final conclusion of thought, the disappearance of language, like a mirror being held in front of another mirror - mere awareness without content, described by Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche as "emptiness and light."  This is the nondual state,  which the Tibetans call Rigpa, the pinnacle of Dzogchen.  This is Mahamudra, the nondual state that remains in the world.  Neither favoring samsara nor nirvana, but finding the paradoxical seed of its own opposite deep within all phenomena,  the initiated, self-aware consciousness chooses neither yin nor yang, neither Lucifer nor Ahriman, but the Tao, the center between opposites.

One of my meditation teachers (a woman, of course) stayed in the nondual state Rigpa for six weeks, while working as a consultant for Kaiser Permanente.  Truly, the interweaving of opposites!  Emptiness is form, and form is emptiness.  They are interpenetrating and interwoven.  Nirvana is found within the context of samsara, and samsara is found within the context of nirvana. The path of profound initiation is Tantra.

Thus the journey to the dark tower and beyond, through the wasteland, to the garden and the waters, does not end with the revival of the divine feminine.  The goddess is desire herself, life existing as desire itself, desire itself manifesting as life.  Women sound so sexy when they screw that some angels actually chose to fall out of heaven into the physical realm just to hanky panky with the very creation they helped create.  And by procreating, these very angels close the door to the road home!  Awkward truth, that.  Physical life takes place within the realm of desire - the desire to have sex and procreate.  Life is desire, and desire leads to sex and death.

Beyond desire is the realm beyond life and death, the realm of the Tao, the realm found in non-meditation, the realm of nonduality.  Thus the end of the hero's journey is the return to the self, having discovered the true life available beyond both ego and instinct, and the true nature beyond the empty impermanence of true life.

The endless pursuit of desire may indeed be the work of Lucifer, may it not?  I'm being told by my tinfoil hat-wearing sources that Lucifereans have been secretly running things for a long time - this would explain a lot about modern capitalism and the endless pursuit of desire, right?  And according to Steiner, Lucifer represents the extreme yin element - the feminine.  We have escaped a wrathful, judgmental and adolescent Patriarchal God only to be seduced by an unquenchably slutty Goddess!  The Lucifereans who have been selfishly building a world of insatiable desire and suffering are doing the work of the Dark Goddess - the Black Madonna, Isis!

So fascist Trump Ahriman is not the answer, and sexy Isis Lucifer is not the answer either.  Between the extremes of Aa and Uu is...


Any guesses?  Anyone?  Beuller?

Between the extremes of Ahriman and Lucifer is the I of Christ.  This is the Way, the Tao.  The initiated consciousness is at long last revealed as the consciousness of Christ, a state of unconditional love for all beings.  Only when we learn to practice infinite compassion for both Ahriman Trump and Isis Lucifer are we whole.  Not easy, that.  Of course, as any decent parent knows, real love contains within it both forgiveness and accountability, yin and yang, the divine feminine and the divine masculine...

So.  After the dark tower of the ego, and the wasteland of language, and the goddess of the body, we at long last encounter the irrational wisdom of the heart.  Faith overcomes logic, kindness overcomes reason, and love overcomes hatred.  Love is illogical, and the universe is built out of it.  Come to terms with that, if you can.  And if you can't, just surrender to it anyway because it's paradoxically true.

And so from the blind obedience of patriarchy we evolve through the chaotic allure of the goddess and ultimately arrive at a place of peace where desires are set aside, even the desire for wholeness and completeness, and only love remains.  This is the Hero's Journey - the return home to wholeness, the path leading to the self.  The mind cannot find peace.  Peace returns to letting-go mind.

I like to think that the Aa of Ahriman is in my head, and the Uu of Lucifer is in my you-know-what, and the I of Christ dwells halfway between the two, in my heart.  Of course, you could go the other way around, from the Uu to the Aa, and end up mushing them together, like an Uu-aa, like a
Buu-ddhaa.  Buddha and Christ - same same only different. Both balance the extremes of yin and yang, dwelling in the center of the heart, promoting the Middle Way, the Way of the Tao.
The hero's journey - the journey to the self - goes like this:
"We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of our exploring will be to return to where we started, and know the place for the first time."

I love you so much, if you only knew...
(It's what compels me to write- )

Monday, November 20, 2017

Art as Prophecy

Relatives, we create what we believe.  This is the function of art - creating belief.

Creativity is the opposite of conformity.  Samsara in contrast with Nirvana may be likened to diversity in contrast with unity - yin relating with yang, Shakti relating with Siva.  The relative really likes to relate through relationship, while the absolute really likes to be absolutely free and all alone.

Conformity limits possibility, whereas creativity creates possibilities.  Art opens up possibilities in society.  Divinely inspired creative expression is our highest purpose.  Good art envisions what is possible and manifests it where no one saw its possibility before.  Art is thus manifesting creative vision, for no other purpose than to manifest creative vision.  Lila - the play of life.

Art envisions possibilities where none were seen before - this is the manifestation of creative vision.  Is not what we mistakenly call prophecy - seeing the future - really a function of creative genius - envisioning and manifesting the future?  Or rather, if time really is cyclical and the Golden Age is really beginning again, are not both prophecy and creative genius functions of remembering the future?  Culture follows art, and history follows culture, forever attempting to consume her - history is the attempt to cover up her story, right?  The literal conquering of other languages and the propagation of our own is the eradication of the goddess to make room for the Kingdom of God, is it not?

Or is it not possible for artistic genius to foresee the needs of the future, and design them into civilization through art?

Noticing unmet market demand and providing a supply is a form of entrepreneurial creative genius - seeing what others don't, creating opportunity -

Isn't it possible for artistic genius to notice unmet market demand and provide a supply of meaning - via storytelling?

The creative force moving through the artist which compels her or him to manifest a vision of reality - is this not the same Holy Spirit that moves through the prophet, compelling him or her to foresee a vision of reality?

I posit that art is in the business of creating possible realities and selling them on the open marketplace.  The greatest masterpiece is the greatest possible consensus reality.  Think of it as a collaboration, involving absolutely all of us...

The Story of the Aina

  Aina is a Hawaiian word that means, "Land."  The story of the Aina is the story of the land.

The story of the land is the story of the body.  Do you see?  Mother Nature is the body of the world, which has been systematically exploited and silenced to make room for man's theories, religions, histories, philosophies, and justifications.  Likewise, our own bodies, which are irrefutably critical to any theory, have been neglected in order to glorify our thinking, neurotic, self-reflexive egos.  Which are terribly embarrassed about being a body, actually.

The story of the land is the story of the body.  If our thinking minds are our conscious aspect, our intuiting bodies are our subconscious aspect.  The story of the land is the story of the subconscious, the story of our intuitive, instinctive knowing, the story of the feminine, the story of Yin.  The story of the land is her story, as opposed to history.  History is the story of how the language we are using came to be, the story of how logic slowly overtook mystery as the alphabet replaced the Goddess.  Her story is the story of the land, the story of the body, the story of water, the story of art.

History is the story of language, and so history may be directly written down.  Her story is the story of the body and the world of the senses, and may not be accurately written down but must be directly perceived.  History is rational and linear and her story is creative play - history is language, and her story is art.  History is the past, and her story is in the present.  The entirety of history is Siva, while the entirety of her story is Shakti.  History is to be taken literally, while her story is seen to be metaphor.  The story of the Aina is her story:  the story of art, and culture, the story of the waters, the story of life.

The land and the body and the feminine and the waters and the arts and music and yin have been marginalized, to our collective disadvantage.  Our uninitiated, imbalanced civilization has worshipped the blazing dominance of yang and feared the shadow of yin.  The story of the Aina is the story of making peace with our shadow, the story of making peace with nature, the story of making peace with our fears, the story of making peace with our bodies, the story of creating healthy relationship with the "other".  The story of the Aina is the story of our ego's surrender at long last to experiential truth.

The story of the ego is all about what makes us unique, but the story of the Aina is about what we all have in common.  To hear the body we must quiet the mind, and to hear the Aina we must quiet our philosophies, our religions, and our politics.  Listening to the body teaches us to listen to the land, and vice versa.

The story of the land has been suppressed in order to propagate the story of the language which conquered her.  The map which reveals the territory has attempted to usurp the territory.  Explanations for why-things-are have attempted to replace authentic, preconceptual being.

Reality is paradoxically illogical.

We have been raised on one story:  the story of the two-leggeds.  There is far more to this story, that we are only now discovering.  The story of the two leggeds has been passed down to us as our story, but the story of the land which nurtured the two-leggeds, the story of the context that nurtured the content, was buried. The two-leggeds have long forgotten the story of the land, because we have forgotten how to be quiet and listen. We are remembering how to be silent, and we are remembering how to listen, and we are hearing the story of the Aina, and we are remembering the time when we all knew this story - the story of how to live.

 The story of the Aina goes like this:  A healthy ecology is the foundation of a healthy economy.  Economics is nothing more complicated than the distribution of ecological resources.  Silicon Valley is fundamentally ecological, is it not?
Eco-logos = design of a household
Eco-Nomos = management of a household

Resource distribution depends upon well-designed, sustainable resource creation and maintenance.
A healthy ecology is the goose that lays golden eggs, feeding and sheltering and nurturing and healing everyone.  Destroying the ecology is equivalent to killing the goose that lays golden eggs.  The story of the two-leggeds is the story of Yang fearing the incredible potency of Yin, and aspiring to conquer or destroy her rather than surrender to her grace, and dance with her.  The story of the Aina is the story of compassion, forgiveness, and healing, in spite of ourselves.  To heal the economy we must heal the ecology, and in the process, we discover that we are actually healing ourselves.

The Aina is telling us that gardening needs to be the centerpiece of public education.   Ecological investment reaps economic dividends, so to heal our global economy the coming generations must be radically competent stewards.  We must teach children to garden.  It's time.