Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Vipassana tantra

Uphekkshanam means equanimity.  It was a word used by the Buddha to describe a mental quality perhaps best translated as, 'equanimity'.  A mind full of equanimity has no desire for things to be other than they are - there is no craving, and no aversion.  Pure contentment, pure acceptance.  Mere perception, without judgment.  There is no judgment, no reaction, mere perception, mere compassion.

Uphekkshanam is a state of mind that meditators aspire to, and largely fail to achieve.  Meditators are good at concentrating, but many have not cultivated a nervous system that can handle the true neurological implications of deep physiological equanimity.  Overcoming the desire to move when your back hurts is nothing compared to overcoming the desire to pursue orgasm when your lover wiggles their hips a certain way... in the greatest of ironies, the sexiest, most sensitive people are the ones most easily pulled away from sacred sexuality into conventional orgasmic sex.

You see, real equanimity is a neurological state of physiological relaxation and peace that is cultivated by experiencing physical, somatic pleasure (or pain) without reacting to it with craving, or aversion.  Tattoos and piercing can be said to be both addictive and possibly therapeutic(!) because they also tap into deep states of consciousness and peace by experiencing tremendous pain without reacting to it with aversion.  According to the Buddha, these tantric practices would qualify as equanimity training.

This tantric cultivation of nonreactivity touches us deep in our subconscious, where our sexual and survival urges reside.  Vipassana meditation leads to non reactivity, but non reactivity developed in a meditation hall depends upon a pristine context, or environment, to stay nonreactive.  In other words, equanimity must be practiced in the monastery but it is demanded on the battlefield.

Both pleasure and pain lead us into reactivity, and cultivating a path of nonreactivity that avoids both pleasure and pain can be said to be an aversion to the world of the senses, craving nibbana and rejecting samsara.  In the fractal cosmos, where out-there recapitulates in-here,   we crave the emptying completion of orgasm just as we crave the emptying completion of death and nibbana, and we do everything to avoid the ravenous hunger of unsatiated desire just as we avoid the ravenous hunger of insatiable samsara and the ravenous uncertainty of an unknowable future.  Monastics who hide from sex and pain and life and uncertainty are hiding from samsara, are they not?  Bodhisattvas must be brave, indeed.

Real equanimity requires a balanced attitude towards the world of the senses, adoring it, tolerating it, disdaining it, not attaching to it.   It involves controlling our instinctive reactions during pleasure and pain, and one way to train for it is by making lots of love while mastering the urge to orgasm.  (It can also be trained for by getting lots of tattoos without wincing, which is weird but true.)  In fact, our survival as a finite global ecology requires that we learn about sexuality in this way - the sexual urge overwhelms us on so many different occasions our mastery of it is required for sustainable civilization.  Our collective failure to master the sexual urge has led to an overpopulated planet full of insecurity, violence, and pain.  Cultivating neurological equanimity through sexual mastery is the fast path to enlightenment - far superior to conventional sex, which cannot sustain people or planet.  Of course, the potential exists to fall into the hell of the neurotic and compulsive passions - but hey, we're already there, and we've been there our whole lives, right?  So there's nothing to fear.  Because sexual promiscuity is already the new normal, it makes sense to promote sexual equanimity through tantra as a path to peace and the means to balance the energies of the sexes, the energies of yin and yang.  This is the path of the Way, the Tao.

There are three kinds of sex:

Procreational sex (creation of babies)
recreational sex (creation of pleasure)
transformational sex (creation of power)

My understanding is that forces of black tantra are blanketing the globe with satanic sex rituals in an attempt to cultivate more power.  As this power is fear-based, it really has no strength against love.  When transformational sex is used without compassion, fear runs things.  When transformational sex is practiced with compassion, love runs things.  We have to learn about tantra, and we have to practice proper tantra, because the dark forces are using it as much as possible, taking maximum advantage of our ignorance.  We must overcome the powerful creations of fear with the far more powerful creations of love.

The sex drive is actually an orgasm drive, which can be overridden by bringing the sexual energy into the heart through the will - the practice of compassion.  Think of our chakra system -  moving our energy from our sex organs to our heart requires passing it through our belly manipura chakra, which is the center of willpower.  Moving our sexual energy into our hearts requires an act of will.  If we don't have the willpower, we orgasm, and allow the energy to dissipate.

Thus the sex drive may evolve into a love drive, with training.  The sexual urge is actually an orgasm urge, and yet this urge yearns to climb the nervous system's ladder to higher levels of intelligence, yearning to love and be loved, by bringing the sexual energy into the heart through the practice of compassion.  Practicing compassion is an act of will.

In meditation, we learn to observe somatic sensations without reacting to them - this is equanimity, and it actually rewires our nervous system.  In tantric lovemaking, we learn to observe sensations without reacting to them - this is orgasmic equanimity,  and it totally rewires the human nervous system at its most primitive level.  What does sex look like when the orgasm drive is removed?  It actually looks a bit goalless, like mere relationship for relationship's sake.  This is the healing dance between the primordial opposites of yin and yang, this is the Tao, the Way - the interpenetration of opposites.  Tantra.  Contemporary talking heads call it karezza - tantric sex, sex without desire, sex without animalistic compulsion.  Angel sex, not donkey sex, but never quote me.

Once we recognize that we want out of the 'feed and breed' domesticated slave life of our lower nature, we tend to yearn for spiritual life, and so we attempt to renounce craving and aversion at the somatic level.  But if we choose celibacy, we may actually be cultivating aversion as much as equanimity.  As westerners we still have sex, which feeds the ultimate craving.  We cannot overcome desire without overcoming the desire to orgasm - and so we repress our sexuality.  This is one very common way to begin spiritual life.  At least for men.

Repressing our sexuality is really just a form of aversion.  We are averse to sexuality, because it ruins our equanimity.  But this is the key - sexuality doesn't ruin our equanimity, orgasm does!  Orgasm destroys our equanimity, but sex can actually be good for it, if we pull the energy into our manipura chakra, which harnesses the energy as willpower which gives us the strength to not orgasm and love instead.  We can actually move away from orgasm by moving deeper into sexuality, but this requires real partnership, real willpower, and real compassion.  We don't need less sex, or more sex, we need sexual discipline, to cultivate mastery, by which we usher in a world of harmony between yin and yang.

Sexual discipline?   The key to world peace?  Gimme a break!  Who thinks this shit up, honestly?

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Fascia Tantra

Women's rules different and men's rules are vastly different. Men's rules make religions, governments, and wars. Women's rules make babies, families, and communities. The time has come to play by women's rules - we've spent a few thousand years doing it men's way, and all we have are war, inequality, oppression, religion, and government.  We need more peace and less war, we need more women's rules and less men's rules.

The trouble is women dont mean what they say. Women trust their bodies, their feelings, and their intuition much more than their thoughts, which is where words come from. Men, who are much more stuck in their heads, believe their thoughts, and thus their words, much more than their instincts.

Consequently, men believe what women say, even though what women say is often and regularly not what women mean. For women, the somatic truth changes from moment to moment, so what they said in the past has no relevance to the present. Men are less instinctive and more logical, so the theoretical "truth" is memorized and frozen in memory, long after it stops being true. So men "stick to their word" while a "women's prerogative is to change her mind".
Men need to stop believing what they think and say, and start listening to what they feel. This requires a lot less caffeine! It matters, cause we need to make peace between the sexes if we are to have peace in the world.

In medieval times, when Da Vinci and others were dissecting bodies for the first time in the modern era, they would dissect anatomically following the line of least resistance.   By following the line of least resistance, the anatomists were cutting through fascia - the web of connective tissue, today called the "organ of posture", that holds all that parts together.  The anatomists disregarded fascia, didn't even realize it was there - they just cut through it on their way to the more exciting stuff.  Fascia is the interconnectivity of the body - it is the conduit through which separate parts relate.  Fascia is the perfect metaphor for tantra - tantra is not this or that, but the technique by which this and that relate.  Tantra is the technique by which opposites relate.  Tantra is the healthy relationship between self and other.  

Without it, we end up living in a world of poor, nonexistent, or armored boundaries - we are condemned to fear the other, and/or get exploited by the other.  In the modern West we are required to close our hearts to have safe (invulnerable) sex,  or we are required to close off our sexuality to have safely open hearts.

Relatives, making babies is only worthwhile if we have a sustainable civilization to pass on to them.  We are responsible for healing ourselves and our invisible wounds, that we might heal the world, to make it a safe place for babies to be born into.  We are responsible for healing ourselves sexually and somatically in order to be whole.  We are ready for a new paradigm - the public is clamoring for a viable alternative to our present unsustainable culture.  Relatives, we are ready for a new Way - there is huge market demand for a compelling vision of sustainable civilization.  And it all must be based on our relationship with ourselves, healed through meditation, and our relationship with other, healed through tantra - 

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Of gentiles and genitalia

Hypothesis:  Any culture that subjects its males to genital mutilation will be ruled by sexually neurotic, insecure, dominant, exploitive, repressive, and militaristic men as a means of controlling the "other".

Circumcision is a fear-based control cult, is it not?

Genital mutilation is sexual trauma, and a culture of genital mutilation is a culture of sex trauma, which will manifest in society in clearly obvious ways.  Sex trauma culture will treat women and the earth like slaves, out of fear.  Sex trauma culture will fear sex, and try to make a business out of it, and exploit it as much as possible.  Sex trauma culture will honor the masculine, war, profit, anger, etc.  and despise the feminine - it will be a culture that tolerates violence and loathes tolerance.  It will be a culture that adores war and fears love.  It will be the fourth Reich, determined to keep its boot on the neck of life forever.

I'm talking about circumcision, of course.  The world is being run by genitally mutilated tyrants - is it any wonder that the ruling class is traumatically perverse and violent?  Isn't it obvious that the balance between yin and yang is out of whack?  We must find the balance, by healing the collective trauma of circumcision.

What we don't acknowledge becomes our shadow.  Circumcision is genital trauma, and we live in a world that displays all the characteristics of sexual trauma and happens to be run by a circumcised ruling class.  This is not a coincidence, relatives.  Love and trust between genders has been replaced with hate and fear, as sexuality itself has been somatically associated with violence, and thus fear.

If you really look into the scriptures, we're not even supposed to orgasm.  Sex without orgasm (tantra) is fundamentally sustainable, leading to peace and health, whereas sex with orgasm (conventional sex) is fundamentally unsustainable, leading to passion and death.  That is, conventional sex leads to conventional life and death, whereas tantric sex leads to...

What - peace?  Eternity?  Emptiness?  Is it possible that circumcision was invented by someone as a cruel means of controlling humanity, and preventing us from inheriting our birthright of immortality, or - at the very least - sexual freedom, personal sovereignty, and a healthy world?

The Tao - The Way.  The path between opposites - the way between renunciation and indulgence, the path between the repression of celibacy and the insatiable craving of orgasmic sex - this is the journey whereby the nervous system is rewired, and judgment is abandoned at the cellular level.

How shall we deal with this perverse and wicked ruling class?  How shall we tread between forgiveness and righteous fury?  How do we forgive and hold accountable at the same time?  This is the same journey - the tantric interweaving of opposites.   Rehabilitation makes more sense than retribution.  Compassion tells us to never give up on anyone, or anything...

Thursday, October 12, 2017


 Sustainability is forgiveness.  This is the karma behind Christ's message, and resurrection.  We are told Christ died for our sins, but it might be more accurate to say that Christ died for our karma, and was resurrected to reveal that our karma was utterly consumed.  Because we are forgiven, we are sustained.  Sustainability is forgiveness.  As in the microcosm so in the macrocosm.  If we judge, we condemn, and persecute, and hierarchy arises, and oppression ensues.  Conflict.  

Sustainability is forgiveness.  We transform conflict into loving relationship through forgiveness.  We must not judge.  We must tolerate.  We must tolerate ourselves - our bad knees, our bad backs, our bad faith, our bad attitudes.  And as we learn to tolerate ourselves we learn the art of imperfection - being at peace and content through tolerance.  This leads to a general tolerance, which is self-evidently more sustainable than intolerance.  Intolerance leads to conflict.  Tolerance leads to peace.  

In these final days of degenerate Empire, it is healthy to remember that the Imperial Rebellion has been going on for a long long time.  During the period of the 60's there were communist and socialist revolutions all over the planet, as former colonies threw their efforts into defeating Empire.  These movements were unsuccessful, in large part because they failed in their attempt to create a global Republic.  The socialist revolutions in South America grew in tandem with Liberation Theology, the well-founded claim that Jesus was essentially communist, and his teaching was fundamentally communist in its economic prescription for happiness.  You see, private property always leads to competitive advantage, which leads to natural selection favoring the wealthy.  This may or may not be sustainable, depending upon whether or not the wealthy then hoard their wealth, or spend it on others.  This is the realm of ethics, or spirituality.  Indigenous tribes practiced the tradition of the 'giveaway' wherein the wealthy members of the tribe would regularly give away all their valuables to less affluent members.  Indeed, it still happens on the Lakota reservation - the guy who owned the gas station in Pine Ridge had to sell it, because the culture required him to give away the gas for free... private property without the spiritual ethic of voluntary redistribution (serving others) leads to class segregation, which leads to conflict.  

For which we must be tolerant.  We must have faith in having faith, and be tolerant of the potential for class struggle inherent in private property ownership.  Again - private property is not the problem - an absence of spiritual values, or ethics, is the problem.  We've been taught not to share, and it's making us very unhappy.  By reintroducing ethics, or spiritual values, we remember that we are actually here to help one another out, not compete against one another.  We don't need some radical pogrom, we just need to be gently reminded that trying to be happy while being selfish is like trying to get a suntan on a submarine.  Instead, lets practice sharing what we have, knowing we have enough.  And while keeping the faith, and tolerating ignorance with compassion, we must also overcome the pedagogy of the oppressed, which always exists wherever there is hierarchy, dig?  Like parents bossing their children, or teachers bossing their students, or men exploiting women, or two-legged exploiting nature, the power hierarchy of empowered/disempowered must be composted, and put to rest.  

We compost the power hierarchy by cultivating healthy and loving relationship between opposites.  This is tantra.  Yin and Yang, masculine and feminine, light and dark, left and right, samsara and nirvana, emptiness and form... these dualities may be in oppressive conflict,  which is unsustainable, but they would rather be in love,  allowing the interaction to be one of healing, rather than destructive, relationship.  Tantra is the art of creating healthy and sustainable relationship between diametrically opposed opposites.  How do we create a both/and scenario out of an either/or scenario?  We must abandon the logic of rational judgment and practice the irrational wisdom of the heart, through forgiveness.  

Forgiveness is basically the difference between a zero-sum and a non-zero sum game.  In a zero-sum game, for me to win you must lose.  For every winner there must be a loser, so the sum adds up to zero.  In a non-zero sum game, for me to win you must also win.  If you lose, then I lose too.  This is known as a win-win strategy, something that Asian cultures are beginning to be recognized as having a talent for.  The West has been dominating a zero sum geopolitical arena for a while now, and we are evolving into the collective recognition of a non-zero sum reality.  Buckminster Fuller said it best:  "It's all of us or none of us."  We must love one another, or die.

 How can we create a healthy and safe society without judgment?  We all know that hippies aren't judgmental, but they can't run a meeting either, let alone a business.  We must have some discernment, even if we aren't judgmental about it. We must practice prajna.  

 Prajna is a word that is best translated as 'discriminating awareness'. By practicing discriminating awareness, we are not judging, we are not condemning, we are loving, and tolerant, but we have a razor-sharp sword of discernment which is keenly aware of precisely how our actions and the actions of others affect the harmony and balance of the whole.  We are keenly aware of the dharma, and whether or not our thoughts and actions are in alignment with the dharma, knowing that our karma will be favorable or unfavorable as a consequence.  Prajna - the razor-sharp sword of discriminating awareness that does not judge but rather arises out of compassion and a desire to help others - is the tool by which we create a merciful, nonjudgmental, resilient and tolerant enlightened society.  

You see, masculinity tends to judge.  This is why men have invented religions and governments, and forms of control.  Femininity is less judgmental, more tolerant, which is why women create life.  It's easy to see why the life-creating feminine might be feared by the control-creating masculine - this is tantra too, by the way - but the dance is in loving what we fear, and approaching it fearlessly out of a heartfelt desire to deepen the relationship and ultimately, express love.  Consequently, men's religions and governments are required to teach forgiveness, and practice mercy, if there is to be any balance between opposites and peace in the world.  The two most ancient tantric techniques in the world are the sincere apology and the expression of appreciation...

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Permaculture is yoga

Relatives, we live in a fractal universe.  The Big patterns of the universe - the macrocosm - are recapitulated in the microcosm.  This is the doctrine of signatures - as above, so below, as within, so without, as in the macrocosm, so in the microcosm.

We will have a short visual tour of our cosmos:

Relatives, as above, so below.  As within, so without.  As in the macrocosm, so in the microcosm.  The part is a fractal of the whole, and vice versa.

Relatives - as in the ecology, so in the psychology, and vice versa.  An integrated holism of holons 'out there' is recapitulated by an integrated holism of holons 'in here.'    The subjective experience is a fractal of the objective universe.  Form is a fractal of emptiness, and emptiness is a fractal of form.

Relatives - permaculture is yoga.  Do you see?  

Sustainable civilization is a holistic, integrated ecology of parts working together for optimal sustainability.  Yoga asana may be described precisely the same way.  Physiology is somatic psychology.  The body - the physical universe - is just the unconscious, the universe being mind-made and all.

According to Albert Einstein (and Karl Marx, and just about everyone else) capitalism is the predatory phase of human evolution, destined to be replaced by a global socialism wherein everyone and all life is regarded as sacred and priceless.  Literally unprice-able - that is, cannot be bought or sold, regarded as existing beyond any materialistic, mammon-centered value system.  The trouble, according to Eistein, is that socialism always ends up being centrally planned, which ruins everything.  As we can see here in contemporary America, capitalism ends up being centrally planned as well, which means that the whole communism/capitalism dichotomy is a false one.  The real challenge is creating a sustainably decentralized planning committee.  In his tremendously powerful article Einstein humbly acknowledges that he does not know how to resolve the challenges of central planning, and puts his faith in future generations to figure it out.

And so we have, relatives, and so we have.  You are using the decentralized planning committee to read this article - the internet is our decentralized planning committee.  It is through the internet that we will voluntarily distribute economic resources to where they are needed most.  

Dwight Eisenhower once said, "I think the people of the world want peace so bad, one of these days the government's going to have to get out of the way and let 'em have it."  I love this man, and I love that he said this wonderful sentence, and now we are well into the challenging process of leaving government behind in order to create a world of true peace and prosperity.  We are entering the post-government age, can you smell the fear?  We are doing so with decentralized online planning committees and decentralized cryptocurrencies.  My point, which cannot be overlooked in these powerful, transformative times, is that this process also requires decentralizing our ecologies and decentralizing our psychologies.  

Ecological resource management is the foundation of economics.  America wages total war to steal other nations natural resources - this is America's vaunted and terrible economic strength.  Totally nuts, and totally unsustainable.  If your inputs are other people's resources and your outputs are war, then you run out of everything.  Bombing other countries to steal their resources is not good economic policy - it is a lot like killing the goose who lays golden eggs.  We can do better, and we already are.    We must manage our economies at an ecological scale, investing in ecological sustainability and reaping economic dividends.

And relatives, we must transcend our own egos, the central planner of our holistic-integrated-ecology-of-parts-working-together.  We must decentralize our consciousness by listening more to our gut instincts, feeling our emotions, listening to what our bodies are telling us, slowing down by following the breath into a place of empty listening, and allowing the experience of deeply feeling the body to arise.

Relatives, permaculture is yoga.  A holistic, integrated, near effortless, optimally nourished ecology of parts is permaculture, and this is also yoga.  As within, so without.  Yoga is the personal, subjective return to unity and oneness, whereas permaculture - the Great Remembering of the Eternal Culture - is our collective, objective return to unity and oneness.

We subdue the deep state by subduing the deep ego.  We decentralize our planning even as we decentralize the planner.  the whole cosmos is inside my body, and I am creating a far more improved reality as I learn to dissolve myself into emptiness(shunyata)...

Friday, October 6, 2017

Guns and Gardens

Bill Mollision, who coined the term permaculture, says this:

"We live in a world with a hierarchical power structure.  Growing our own food makes us self-sufficient, which takes us out of the power hierarchy.  Gardening is thus a subversive act.  The reason revolutionaries of the past failed is because they used words and bullets instead of gardens."

Wow.  Relatives, do you see why the Deep State doesn't want us to garden?  They don't want us to be self-sufficient.  Self-sufficiency is bad for central authority.

Give a man a fish, feed him for a day.  Teach a kid to garden, feed her for a lifetime.  But then she won't need a job so badly, and might not be so desperate a wage slave, so the government has conveniently avoided teaching us how to garden.  How malicious.  Abraham Lincoln believed that one out of every seven men needed to farm for America to maintain its national security - relatives, we have been betrayed.

Because gardening is a subversive act, it must be defended.  The nonviolent revolutionaries who are taking down the Deep State by taking on self-sufficiency must be defended.  I propose a strategic alliance between the NRA and the FFA.

Haven't heard of the FFA?  It's the Future Farmers of America, silly.  The gun owners defend the right to grow food and the farmers defend the right to own guns.  You see, the 2nd amendment exists solely to defend against government tyranny - the violation of our rights by an unelected, totalitarian Empire.  Notice any rights being violated lately?  Seems to be everywhere - but the point at which they try to violate the 2nd amendment is the point at which tyranny is attacked, ruthlessly and eternally until it is destroyed.  These mass shootings are tragic, but they will never persuade the Rebellion of the Republic to lay down their arms in the face of overt Imperial aggression.  That's like expected Kim Jong Un to lay down his arms in the face of overt Imperial aggression.  The founders of our government didn't merely encourage us to stay armed and vigilant against government overreach - they demanded it of us. And as the line between our obese military and our violent police gets blurred, and domestic citizens are treated as enemies even as rights go out the window, the Rebellion of the Republic is rightfully required to take careful aim at the Deep State and demand that it give us our rights back.  Or else.

We must defend our unalienable right to overthrow tyranny with arms just as we must defend our unalienable right to prevent tyranny with ecological self-sufficiency.  Can you dig it?  Ecological self-sufficiency is the key to maintaining local economic health and preventing central authority from assuming too much power.  The guns defend our gardens, and the gardens defend our guns..

Yoga Sutras

Forgiveness is required for the Tao to be maintained, because neither yin nor yang is perfect on its own.  This is what is meant when it is said that "Love is the Way."  By love is not meant passionate lust but rather compassionate forgiveness.

Forgiveness is the way forward into sustainable culture, the eternal culture, which has come and gone again a countless eternity of times:  The cycle of yugas.  Forgiveness is the prerequisite for tolerance, which is the prerequisite for sustainability.

In our current economy, "goods" go in and "bads" come out.  That is, natural resources are economic inputs and toxic garbage, contamination, and destruction are economic outputs in our current economic model.  Don't laugh, its true, but don't cry either, because the Way lies before us into sustainable culture, a culture of forgiveness and tolerance.

In sustainable culture "goods" go in and "recycled goods" come out.  In a sustainable system the outputs are resource inputs in the next iteration.

As in the microcosm so in the macrocosm, remember?  The fractal nature of our shared cosmic perspective means that our human bodies are analogous to the body of the planet.  So natural resources go in, and recycled natural resources come out.  See what I mean?  The human body is showing us how to create healthy garbage.

Our garbage must be compostable.  Just as our sewage must be compostable, just as our ego must be compostable.  Remember, the mind cannot find peace - peace returns to letting-go mind.  This letting go mind is mind letting go of the train of thought and returning to the breath.  All trains of thought are egoic inventions, and letting them go to return to the breath is ego death.  It is the composting of the ego into a fresh new ego, which is then composted into fresh new ego, and so on ad infinitum.

Yoga citta vritti nirodhaha.  Now we're here.  Now we've gotten to this point.  We've finally arrived at Yoga citta vritti nirodhaha.  At long last, finally, we've arrived.
Atha yoga-anusasanam.  Now the practice of yoga is being explained.  The practice of yoga goes like this:  Yoga citta vritti nirodhaha.  Yoga is the suspension of mental chatter.

Mental chatter is the ego.  Yoga is the suspension of the ego.   Now the practice of yoga is being explained.

Atha yoga-anusasanam.  Yoga citta vritti nirodhaha.

Now the practice of yoga is being explained.  Yoga is the suspension of mental chatter.

Yoga is the composting of the ego.  The mind cannot find peace - peace returns to letting-go mind.  Peace returns to composted mind.  Yoga is the return to peace.  Yoga is the return to the empty, contentless awareness of breath, posture, sensation and sense phenomena.

Yoga is the return to emptiness.  Yoga is decentralized awareness, perception with no perceiver.

Meditation is the composting of the ego, with every breath, noticing how often we go all the way under and then come right back up again.

And according to the fractal nature of the universe, so in the microcosm so in the macrocosm.  The world out there must be composted if it is to be sustainable.  Oh, its forgiveness that gives us a healthy, humorous, and humble ego, by the way.  First and foremost we forgive ourselves and then we forgive everyone else, on a daily or hourly basis if need be.  But I'm getting confused - am I talking about the microcosm or the macrocosm?

The human body reveals to us how to deal with our minds and our cultures - we deal with them precisely the same way, by making sure that their outputs can sustain their inputs.  We must compost our shits, relatives, we must compost our shits and compost our thoughts.  This is referred to in the tantric world as root yoga - root chakra yoga.

I honestly wonder if anyone else knows this shit besides me