Saturday, September 26, 2009

Shakti Kings

there is a music festival coming to you, direct from this website. Be patient.

The traveling online music festival is also a soup kitchen, of sorts. The secret teaching of Jesus goes like this: if you feed them, they will come. So we feed the band and generally at least one fan, assuming there is one. If not, we at least offer up a spirit plate for the ancestors and invisible beings. Not a bad start, really.

The soup kitchen is also a traveling permaculture school, learning how to heal the ecology by learning how to learn, which influences how we teach. The school itself is learning how to be a school, and step one is this: recruit the best teachers to be your friends. And the best teachers already burned down Babylon, long long ago. So you won't find them by searching on Google.

We're going on tour. Turns out we've been on tour the whole time, we just didn't know it until now. A Haj, actually. A spiritual pilgrimage to the Holy Land, the sacred spaces of our sacred spherical spaceship. We're playing music along the way, feeding the hungry, getting the bystanders to dance, digging composting toilets, building sacred fires, planting gardens, gleaning harvests, storing rainwater, investing in the local economy (which is a facet of the local ecology) on a shoestring budget with a volunteer army of rainbow warriors... and this online band, this evolutionary leap is endorsed by church, state, and those forces opposed to either and both.
This ourselves investing in the ecological environment known as Christ consciousness, a genuine Kingdom of Heaven wherein love reigns supreme and the Goddess is set free to bear the fruit of the tree of life. Sounds boring, I know. Give us your attention and we'll give you a Jubilee year in 2013, the forgiveness of debts and the chance to begin again.
Jubilee 2013. The fulfillment of the Mayan prophecy of the end times actually just gives us a starting point to work with when we talk about the new beginning. It's the end of disharmony and separation, confusion and disorder, and the beginning of harmony, resonance, consciousness and unity. We are witnessing the birth of transpersonal consciousness, the consciousness of Mitakoye Oyasin, the consciousness of the Divine Mother, as witnessed by the divine Father-witnesser.

At present, we are working on getting the music to the audience. Live recordings with online playback. Audio and video. And we'll show you the return of the Horse Nation, the return of the Buffalo Nation, the return of the Hemp Nation, the return of the Sail nation, the return of the Golden Age, the fulfillment of the Freemasonic prophecy of Kundalini Yoga and the Shakti Kings, and all the indigenous prophecies that call for the changing of the world ages and the ushering in of a harmonious planet dwelling within a harmonious galaxy, nestled gently within a harmonious Goddess, witnessed by a harmonious God.

The green economy is ecological rehabilitation.

Ecological rehabilitation is intelligent design.

Intelligent design is the fulfillment of prophecy.

Welcome to the Novus Ordus Seclorum

Friday, September 25, 2009


Witness our tribe, as we witness the return of the Horse Nation!

Witness our tribe, as we witness the return of the Hemp Nation!

Witness our tribe, as we witness the return of the Sailing Nation!

Witness our tribe, as we witness the return of the Buffalo Nation!

The time of the lone wolf is over - the awakening is begun

slowly, the band gathers, preparing for a global tour of sacred spaces, gathering resources for soup kitchens and permaculture villages, compiling the tools for global ecological rehabilitation-

this is the fulfillment of prophecy

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hare Krishna

look here - the reader is aware of the reader as "I Am".

And the writer is aware of the writer as "I Am".

We are all aware of ourselves as "I Am."

Say this out loud:

"The speaker knows "I Am that I Am,
The listener, dear speaker, is also I Am."

The listener is not the speaker, even within our own bodies! That which writes is not that which reads, that which speaks is not that which listens, that which is aware is not that which is self-aware, that which is you is not that which is me, and yet all of it is "I Am."

We are one, and we are mind, and we are the mind of God. This awareness and its consequences lead us into a universe of our own divinely intelligent design...

Buddhos Logos

There is no single best language. Pali is a derivative of Sanskrit as Spanish is to Latin, and no one can say which is better. Rather, anyone can say which is better, but no one may believe them.

Language is ecological. Pali was the perfect language for a particular place and time, just as Spanish, or Cherokee, or Zulu. The old indigenous cultures will tell you that the place speaks the language, and the people listen, and learn it from the land. The knowledge of these ancient languages, and their revival, is the story of Elves, and Dwarves, and faeries, and dragons, and ancient ones.

One may say, then, that while there is absolute truth, it cannot be expressed in any language, for all language is only relatively true, true for a particular time and place.

Absolute truth can be approximated through language, however, and doing so in a way that is understood is the nature of the Logos. To reach the absolute using a relative language is the task of the Logos, the Way.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

language is history

a soup kitchen, a music festival, a sustainability school, a multimedia entertainment broadcast, a spiritual pilgrimage, a cultural transformation - this is the green economy.

if anyone is reading this, you're in on the campaign strategy of how the indigo children and rainbow warriors bring about the transformation of our reality. The successful theory of everything is really a network of everyone, working together. It's well underway.

History is fundamentally a rationalization of language. History does not tell us how things came to be this way. History actually tells us how things came to be written about this way.

History is the mythologization of language. Literally His story - the story of how things came to be communicated in the language in which the story is being communicated.

in this capacity, history is the endless pursuit of itself - the endless explanation of how things came to be linguistically explainable. The development of language brings with it the explanation of language's origins, trapping us in the cycle of history. This history binds our consciousness within the limits of language - one ring to bind them all. Language is the ring of power, giving us power while ultimately throwing us in prison.

anyway. if you understand this, you're way ahead of me

Saturday, September 5, 2009

irie beets and beats

The Green Economy is ecological rehabilitation.

Ecological rehabilitation is intelligent design.

Intelligent design is the fulfillment of prophecy.


The green economy is the fulfillment of prophecy.

The ice caps are the rain battery - the green economy runs on water, and leaves behind only compost. Growing trees and hemp for sailing, revitalizing the port industry, raising livestock and growing food, utilizing rail and biodiesel and wind and water and bio-energy, the green economy goes on tour as a spiritual pilgrimage, uniting the divided by transcending opposites.

The spiritual pilgrimage is a living breathing green economy, a moving ecology, a moving and morphing intelligent design. It is a traveling music festival, a rainbow soup kitchen, an adaptive school for sustainable living, and a medicine camp. It is, above all else, quality entertainment, broadcast online as a competitive alternative to bad reality TV, bad Youtube, and mainstream media horseshit.

if you feed them, they will come. if you give them great music, they'll dance and feel good. if you teach them how to fish, they will learn to take care of themselves. If you show them love, they will know God. If you broadcast it live, everyone will find out.

And everyone is destined to find out. The theory of everything is a network of everyone. We're coming together as a family. The fulfillment of prophecy is the end of history and the beginning of the golden age, the eternal, rhythmic clock of the long now.

It already started.

roadtrip dialogue

"But wouldn't a debtor's union crash the stock market?" asked the hippie chick.

Bastante shrugged his shoulders. "That's kind of the whole point," he said. "with enough people in on a debtor's strike, the banking systems collapse, the Federal Reserve loses its stranglehold, debts are forgiven, and we usher in the Barter Age, before the world's natural resources are completely destroyed. "

The hippie chick looked suspicious.

"It would ruin the economy," she said, frowning with concentration.

"Not at all," Bastante replied. "an economy is just habitat management, after all. For five generations, maybe, habitat management has consisted of polluting and toxifying habitat, but in ecological terms, this was a very short-term experiment that failed gloriously. The economy changes dramatically by investing in natural resources rather than exhausting them, that's all."

"And there would be no more jobs, and no more work, and nobody would survive!" She glared at him.

"Well, many people will lose their petro-jobs, which in turn would enable them to invest in a different kind of work, for a different kind of benefit. The Green Economy is really just a common-sense investment in ecological rehabilitation, leading to an ecological dividend in the form of food, shelter, and community. It's already taking place, all around us."

"In between your economic collapse and your ecological dividend lies total chaos," she said.

"Tell me about it," laughed Bastante. "We're right in the middle of it, you know."

She let that one sink in.

"Sounds tricky," she said. "How would it work?"

"Think of industrial civilization as an incubator," said Bastante, "the new economy of ecological rehabilitation grows strong and healthy through the investment of a conscious and evolving industrial civilization.  The debtor's union is essentially a meme, and memes can spread virally through cyberspace. What it takes is a social network. That's where we come in."

she looked at him. "what's next for you?"

He sighed. "it's gonna take a miracle, but i need to get to everyone to look in the same direction at once..."