Sunday, December 28, 2014

awkward truths

Jesus Christ denounced the lending of money at interest, and was murdered by bankers.  Jesus despised the religious authorities of his day, labelled them hypocrites, and pointed out that they were really following orders from a too-big-to-fail-bank pretending to be a religion.  800 years later Mohammad the Prophet (bless)  chased the bankers out of the Holy Land.  The Crusades were simply an attempt to expand the bankers territory where they could lend money at interest.  In Islam the lending of money at interest is expressly forbidden, as it is in Catholicism.
Libya, Iraq, and Afghanistan did not lend money at interest until U.S. forces waged war on them.

The diesel engine was first demo'd at a world fair running on peanut oil.  Diesel was a radical socialist who advocated the workingman growing his own fuel to get out from under the thumb of capitalist exploitation.  Diesel sailed to Great Britain on a luxury liner and his bed was never slept in and his body was never found.  Now diesel engines are everywhere but they run on petroleum.  Go figure.

We're not meant to run on petroleum.  and we're not meant to lend money at interest.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

quantum physics is yoga

According to quantum physicist Greg Kuhn quantum physics has conclusively established that consciousness itself creates reality.   Reality exists in an unmanifest 'potential' state until it is 'actualized' through observation.

This means that material reality is created out of 'nonmaterial' reality - our thoughts, beliefs, and expectations.

Out of mind evolves matter.

Out of emptiness evolves form.

Out of Siva evolves Shakti.

Out of unity evolves diversity.

What quantum physics has conclusively proved is that by mastering our minds we create the realities of our choosing.

2800 years ago the Buddha taught the world the technique for mastering the mind.

2000 years before that vedic yogis did the same thing.

We are entering an age of meditation, which is inexorably leading us into an era of peace, prosperity, and harmony.  Because this is the reality we want, and nothing less is acceptable.

Capitalism tells us that he who dies with the most toys, wins.  This is materialistic, presuming that material life is all there is.  yet quantum physics has conclusively proven that material reality is simply a creation of nonmaterial reality, which means that he who dies with the most toys merely exits material reality and re-enters nonmaterial reality.

Without their toys.

So.  Capitalism, and communism for that matter, both being materialistic, fail to provide us with any real foundation for an existence of value.  nonmaterial beings indoctrinated with materialistic values are going to be a mess.

We are nonmaterial beings having materialistic experiences.  Don't get fooled.

materialistic capitalism is antithetical to nonmaterialistic meditation.

a realized monk in Burma told me:
"people think that if they have armored cars and armed security guards and huge bank accounts they have true protection.  But they don't - they still die, returning to particular spiritual realms determined by their karma - their thoughts, speech, and actions."  (Notice that thought, speech, and action is all nonmaterial.)

"Real protection is right thought, right speech, and right action.  This is the teaching of the Noble Ones."

We are entering a golden age of spirituality.  He who dies with the most toys just dies - he who dies with positive thoughts, positive speech, and positive actions wins.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Proletarians of the World: Vini, Vidi, Vici

BRICS:  Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa.

The proletarian revolution has already taken place, and the bourgeois can't even get their armies (staffed by proletarians) to launch any nukes.   BRICS are winning, and the BRICS are led by none other than Karl Marx.

Russia.  Communist revolution.  Overthrow of the ruling elites by the unwashed masses.

China.  Communist revolution.  Overthrow of the ruling elites by the unwashed masses.

South Africa.  Home of Nelson Mandela, who did 20+ years of hard time in prison for being a communist endorsing the overthrow of the ruling elites by the unwashed masses.

That leaves India, and Brazil, who both may have some familiarity with class struggle, social unrest, political inequality, and a corrupt ruling class...

Remember:  Marx was a scientist who predicted that capitalism would lead to a small number of ruthlessly fascist states consuming one another and all life for profit.  Marx predicted that capitalism would lead not only to anti-competitive monopolies (like in banking, or in mainstream media, or energy, or healthcare) but actually to the Leviathan, the deep state, the usurius fascist empire of materialistic greed which would ultimately be overthrown by mankind's inexorable drive for freedom.

Human memetic evolution, then, is driven by the revolutionary labor of the proletariat.  Who in this case has no interest in working for the military industrial complex, or subsidizing it by paying taxes.

According to a recent poll, 74% of millenials want government to provide food and shelter for everyone.

74%.  Millenials are friggin socialists, 74% of them anyway.  Let's make sure they end up republicans who support democracy.

Meanwhile, capitalism is revealing itself to be irrationally ruthless and unhealthily destructive.  And unexpectedly anti-competitive and monopolistic.

Capitalism = winner take all.  Losers have nothing, forced to rebel.
Communism = winner take same as loser.  Winners punished for winning, losers rewarded for losing. Winners forced to rebel.
Socialism = winner take most.  Losers have some - in fact, if the winners have any competence whatsoever, losers have plenty! - but winners have more.  Remember, if losers aren't treated like winners by the winners, the winners will end up losing to the losers down the road.  Healthy competition is defined as "competition embedded within a matrix of cooperation".

So.  Jesus was a socialist, and the Buddha was a republican socialist, and Einstein was a republican socialist, so maybe the dawning of a spiritual age, an Age of Enlightenment, is the dawning of a an age of republican socialism.

 Even now, the Federal Reserve dollar is being propped up at the point of a gun, by dropping bombs, invading countries, and subjugating populations.  By tying regional government currencies to bitcoin the free market could correct any politically manufactured currency exchange manipulations, making currency wars obsolete.  Bitcoin is apolitical and free-market driven, which speaks to the postmodern postmillenial anarchist and aquarian age.

The pro-communist former colonies are nonviolently and through political means circumventing the privately owned Federal Reserve central banking cartel which has been infiltrating and overthrowing republics since Babylonian times, even Annunakian times. These oligarchical ruling families are desperate to create war as a means of maintaining their control over civilization, while the former colonies know full well that in war, it is always the poor who suffer most.  So the 99.99% are maintaining peace while taking over the political vehicles of the planet, even as the .01% tries and fails to create war and destruction.

This is what we need to do.

We need to disseminate a political platform advocating gardening as the centerpiece of public education.

Through gardening, society will cultivate self-reliance, creating our own food and raw materials for clothing, building, fuel, and trade.  This will lead to prosperity and peace, which will enable us to beat our swords into plowshares.  The military industrial complex will be replaced by an ecological stewardship complex.

Things will get really good.  It will be the dawning of a new golden age, the Sat yuga actually.

The Sat Yuga - believe it or not, the Sat Yuga has already begun.   You're just finding out about it.

Welcome to the Asylum Project.  We've got a lot to accomplish...

Saturday, May 31, 2014

karma and the divine feminine

We who have come of age in the West grew up in a world without knowledge of karma.  We have not been educated to overstand that our speech, our actions, and our thoughts are the creators of our reality. 

Consequently, we have failed to create realities of our choosing and instead have created realities out of our unmastered minds dwelling on unmastered thoughts. 

This miseducation has been deliberate.

Unmastered minds are easily mastered by those who have cultivated great focus and concentration.  Through concentration practice one masters one's mind, and in so doing one may master situations of mind which exist throughout time and space, and indeed have caused time and space to be.

In educating a populace of intelligent beings without training in karma - or the law of attraction - the masters of education have deliberately created a race of beings who are easily mastered, enslaved, and yoked to the mill of materialism, time, and death, feeding the insatiable bloodlust of Kali.

These masters of education are priests who make sacrifice to appease the bloodlust of Kali.  The sacrifices are made amidst great manipulation, confusion, and deceit, so that the population does not even know whence this confused sacrifice came to be or why.

The masters of education sacrifice to Kali knowing they sacrifice without the consent of the sacrificed.

The sacrificed consent to be martyrs of God.

God consents to let the age of Kali come and go, arising and passing away like the movement of the breath.

The masters of education are egotistical - they exist and they desire the continuance of their existence.  They are the Lords of Materialism.  They are the asuras; the demons.  They are afraid of death, they name themselves, "I AM" and see not that "I AM CHANGE".  They teach the world to fall on their faces before "I AM" and to trample on the face of "I AM CHANGE".

"I AM" must continue its existence.  "I AM" must exist in perpetuity.  Any threat to "I AM"'s perpetuity is an existential threat that must be terminated.  This is the futile selfishness of the ego - the root cause of suffering.

  "I AM" cannot exist merely in the present moment - "I AM" must peer into the future and see itself.  This is self-reflexive hell, the prison of self-awareness.  Duality.

"I AM CHANGE" exists here and now.  Thoughtless, wakeful breath and posture.  The mind moves and breathes without landing anywhere, like a wave crashing on a beach before another wave crashing on a beach... endless and timeless undefinable movement and motion, empty of form.  No observer, no observed, mere awareness and movement of awareness like water poured into water.  Unity.

"I AM" is a form of attachment.  "I AM CHANGE" is letting go.

America, and the Western ego, is attached.  Time to change.

Babylon falls!

the IMF has started using SDRs instead of dollars.
In their own words:

The Federal Reserve has been expunged from IMF international lending.  US(corporation) privately printed "Dollars" are no longer desired on the international marketplace, and this has been manifested in such a way as to manufacture a somewhat seamless transition into a brave new international, cosmopolitan, republican age:  An age of awakening, and Age of Enlightenment.

SDRs (special drawing rights) are in effect currency ratio baskets - the respective currencies are balanced against each other to establish a ratio that both countries' representatives agree is in their collective best interests.  This takes place between all currencies globally to establish currency ratios that benefit sovereign nations rather than privately owned central banks.

SDRs are issued by the IMF, which was once a front for the Euro-Western usurious banking cartel but  is no longer.  The Euro-western usurious banking cartel - the owners of the Federal Reserve, the privately owned 'central banks'  of the US and Europe - have consolidated all their 'central banks' under the BIS, the Bank of International Settlements.  The privately owned BIS (In Switzerland!) is the lender of last resort for the Federal Reserve and the privately owned central banks of Europe and the US.

The BIS has been printing fiat currency, and that fiat currency has collapsed.  As they do.  The BIS is thus irreparably in debt to China, who owns the largest number of Federal Reserve-printed US Treasuries outside of the Federal Reserve itself.

Thus, the BIS has recently been foreclosed on by China.  One of the face-saving outcomes (so necessary in Chinese negotiations) of this awkward truth is that the IMF is no longer the front for the BIS but revamped to actually do its job and end poverty.  This has taken place through the democratic mechanism of voting in and legalizing a new board of directors that represents the developing world and their interests.  Consequently,  IMF debtors were able to renegotiate their debt at a currency exchange rate far more equitable than the presently rigged market.  Most of the debt is being written off through currency reset, which is taking place by issuing loans in SDRs.

The SDRs can be thought of as a republican currency reset.  Sovereign money-printers (as opposed to private for-profit ones) are collectively and cooperatively establishing rates of international currency exchange that equitably distribute economic resources for the benefit of their respective populations, rather than rigging markets to exploit arbitrage opportunities.  The establishment of these currency exchange rates is taking place within the democratic framework of the IMF, which underwent a surprisingly non eventful coup and now represents the broad spectrum of interests of the developing world.

The Federal Reserve had once cornered the market in printing and lending money, which meant that the Federal Reserve had cornered the market in everything money could buy.  This was essentially why 5% of the world's population could consume 25% of the world's resources.

As the link above reveals, the Federal Reserve is no longer lending money to sovereign nations.  The use of SDRs means that 5% of the population no longer receives 25% of the world's resources.  The era of conspicuous consumption and American gluttony is over.

Of course, domestically we are still stuck with this worthless fiat paper indebting us to a heartless ruling class that isn't even American.  But hey we can always ask the Treasury to print its own currency on hemp paper backed by hemp products.  That would help the job market I bet, and hey it might even give us some exports with which to back our currency.

The use of SDRs rather than US dollars thus rings the bell of defeat for capitalism.  Capitalism - or 'winner-take-all economics' - inevitably leads to an elite circle of winners hiding in a fortress while gouging a desperate world.  The abandonment by the international lending community of the private, usurious  fiat dollar sounds the fall of babylon.

Remember BRICS - Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa?  Russia and China both had Communist revolutions overthrowing the ruling class, India and Brazil are both former colonies seething with class struggle, and Nelson Mandela of South Africa spent a lifetime in jail for his anti-capitalist, pro communist ideological stand.

Communism and socialism are at best social nets that treat the most vulnerable members of society with the greatest resources of compassion.  We have not yet seen either manifest in this world, although attempts which ended in fascism abound.

But now the privately owned, usurious, fiat currency has been overthrown, and a 'winner-take-all' capitalism has now been replaced with a 'winner-take-most' socially-oriented perspective.  It is worth noting that if all the mainstream media reported on this event, there would be an  investment rush away from the dollar, and its value would drop.  Bread prices would skyrocket, etc.  But economic crisis is certainly not in the best interest of BRICS, or the IMF's newly democratic assembly.  Consequently, the BIS is able to save face, the Pope is given the chance to bring peace to the Middle East, the Bushes are granted opportunities of truth and reconciliation, and the dollar will not collapse.  It will continue to devalue gradually, until popular mandate replaces it with a Constitutionally required, US Treasury printed replacement.  Made out of hemp, backed by hemp.

Which will not bear interest, and will hold a prominent position in the SDR currency ratio basket.

Capitalism is winner take all.  Ick.
Socialism is winner take most.  hmm.
Communism is winner take same as loser.  :/
Spirituality is winning by giving.  What a concept.

Live to give, and give to live.  Welcome to the new age.

 The spiritual workers of the world have united, the dollar has died, and babylon is fallen.  Marx is proud of us, and so is Peter Tosh.

And so is Jesus Christ.  Thank you, Jesus.

Friday, March 7, 2014

the Dharma Rasta Project

Short Summary

  My dharma name is Chokyi Senge, which is Tibetan and translates as 'Dharma Lion'.  I promote hemp.  Listen:
     The Declaration of Independence is written on hemp paper.
     The first American flag sewn by Betsy Ross is made out of hemp fabric.
     It was once mandatory for farmers to pay their taxes in hemp.
     The legalization of ganja is now underway. In the state of Colorado, ganja is generating lots of tax revenues, creating jobs, and drawing tourists from across the globe.  But legally smoking ganja isn't the real story.  The real story is about legally farming industrial hemp, and legalizing ganja is just the technique to get it accomplished.  
Hemp is on the cusp of replacing petroleum as the economic engine of the 21st century, providing modern society with food, clothing, building material, fuel,  jobs, and even currency itself.  All this while healing the environment.  Humanity's basic survival needs will be met through the industrial cultivation of this plant, ushering in a world of abundance.  And hemp is actually good for the planet, sequestering the carbon which contributes to global warming while at the same time digging its roots deeper into soils that other plants can't grow in.  Hemp needs no pesticides or herbicides, unlike cotton, corn, or soybeans.  And building the required infrastructure to manufacture textiles and composites out of raw hemp is the industry of the future.
The resurgence of hemp corresponds to the reawakening of the divine feminine.  We have been living in an excessively masculine culture which fears and represses the feminine; this culture is changing and ganja legalization bears witness to the therapeutic and balancing yin-like nature of this change. With the advent of ganja culture we can expect to witness a decrease in violence, aggression, militaristic tendencies, a reluctance to feel or intuit, etc.... and  excessive force, long the hallmark of 'civilization', may no longer serve as the solution to all our problems.  Sacred plant medicine is a healing from mother Earth, and facilitates the balancing of our culture's excessively yang tendencies.  The female hemp plant - 'ganja' - alters our consciousness, facilitating our journey from our heads to our hearts, while the male hemp plant provides us with all the basic necessities of life.  Prophets have for thousands of years prophecied hemp as a plant destined to be the healing of all nations.  It is said to have grown over the grave of King Solomon, and burned as incense in the Holy of Holies when the high priest would approach the Ark of the Covenant.  Now it is on the cusp of revitalizing the planet's economy while healing our global ecology.  Expect hemp to transform our politics and our religion as well.  
The Dharma Rasta Project is committed to producing top-end, cutting edge, visionary promotional material by which we as a culture peacefully and cooperatively transition away from fossil fuels and fossilized political discourse into a new dawn of renewable energy, renewed community, and a renewed sense of purpose.  By donating to this campaign you can expect to facilitate optimal transition from a planet-destroying petroleum/petrodollar economy to a planet-healing hemp/hempdollar economy.  The magnitude of this transformation cannot be understated.  The Dharma Rasta Project is committed to providing extraordinary investment value.

What We Need & What You Get

Archimedes once said, "Give me a lever and a fulcrum and I will move the world."  
Ganja is the fulcrum, and the internet is the lever.  These two tools are all we need to transform society and our place in the cosmos.  At present the Dharma Rasta Project cannot even claim to own a working computer - we need to raise funds to create and maintain an online presence.  We need a good computer, a website, some manner of portable content creation (think tablet or smartphone) and some technical expertise.  $6,000 won't cover all that, but it will help us start creating the content we need to inspire our audience and build our social network.  The sky is the limit, and an online presence is the place to begin. 
By way of incentive, you'll receive weekly updates regarding our progress.  This will start off as emails, and it will be a great day when it actually evolves into an online video broadcast.  Music, photos, art, and creative writing will all be used to leverage our message and create an audience willing to facilitate change from the comfort of their laptop.  All funds received will be openly accounted for.

The Impact

The Dharma Rasta Project is not interested in convincing anyone to smoke ganja.  The Dharma Rasta Project is passionate about convincing everyone to actively encourage hemp legalization, hemp industry promotion, and hemp farmer unionization - for the sake of our economy, our society, and our planet. This is not a fringe issue - massive investment in hemp infrastructure is a critical component of human sustainability on planet earth, and industrial hemp cultivation leads to a world of abundance where poverty is eradicated and with it, wars of scarcity.  Surely an investment worth your time and energy.  If it sounds too good to be true, maybe you will begin to understand why people have been using this plant as a spiritual healer for thousands of years.  Or why the petroleum barons outlawed it...

Other Ways You Can Help

We at the Dharma Rasta Project are committed to the vision, but it will take your social networking savvy to ensure our success.  Promote us online and together lets build the world we've been waiting for.  We've got a lot to accomplish...

Thursday, March 6, 2014

hempification is right livelyhood

Earning petrodollars isn't right livelyhood.  Doesn't matter what we do; petrodollars create poverty, debt slavery, environmental devastation, inequality, economic scarcity, the destruction of the commons, and a ruling class of political elites dangerously dissassociated from human feeling and the dharma of compassion.

Right livelyhood means earning a currency printed by the Treasury of a Constitutional, democratically elected Republic.  Earning Federal Reserve notes printed by a for-profit, privately owned Federal Reserve goes against our own best karmic interests.

We don't want to earn petrodollars to stay afloat, but we don't want to be starving martyrs either.  Nor do we want to protest and oppose a deep state.  We want to work for a living promoting hemp as the healer of all nations, and we want to get paid in a hemp paper currency printed by a Constitutional Republic.  This is right livelyhood.

The legalization of industrial hemp is ushering in an era of economic growth and ecological healing.  Industrial hemp provides us with lots of jobs, food, clothing, fuel, building material, and a government-issued currency backed by hemp products.  Hemp is replacing petroleum as the economic engine of the 21st century.  This coincides with the resurgence of the divine feminine.

As hemp creates food, clothing, shelter, fuel, and a wide array of building materials, providing the world with a wide variety of jobs and a valid, commodities-backed paper currency, the hempification of the global economy will usher in an era of abundance where everyone's basic needs are met.  Poverty will be abandoned, and with it, war and all state sponsored violence.  In such a society we will no longer be driven by the economics of the rat race and will find ourselves inheriting the opportunity to be curious, building lives and lifestyles out of creative service.

The hemp plant absorbs CO2 gasses which contribute to global warming, and the hemp plant sinks its roots deeper into soil than other cash crops making it ideal for depleted landscapes.  Hemp needs no herbicides or pesticides, and actually provides needed nutrients to soil.  The legalization of industrial hemp revitalizes the global economy while also healing the global ecology.  Imagine that.

At present the infrastructure does not exist in the western hemisphere to create textiles and manufacturing products out of hemp raw materials.  With hemp legalization now underway in the U.S., the first States to take advantage of this market opportunity by developing manufacturing infrastructure will profit enormously from hemp production.  There is a vested interest in being first on the bandwagon.

Compromise requires forgiveness, tolerance, and letting go of expectations.  Lets gratefully utilize Federal Reserve notes for the purposes of promoting ganjafication. Donate to the cause of creatively and artistically promoting ganjanomics  - the hempification of the global economy.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

modest proposal

business proposal:

Premise:  Consumers indicate they are dissatisfied with online social networks and hardware sytems having been infiltrated by oppressive government regimes.  

Hypothesis:  Free market economic theory suggests that a privately owned, preferably nonprofit, online social network which markets itself as the leader in 'compassionate consumer' privacy protection, particularly from oppressive government regimes, will gain market share, dominate the market, and indeed reign in the oppressive government regime itself.

Method:  This business will be lucrative and will, through ecological reinvestment of economic resources, reap environmental health, global peace, and collective harmony.  The ecological reinvestment of economic resources will take place via the mechanism of legalizing ganja.  Through ganja legalization via social network marketing/activism, this business will recruit members to such as degree as to create a political vehicle capable of influencing elections.  This political influence will reshape public policy so as to make America, and thus the world, a safe place to produce and use hemp, or ganja.  The aim of this social network is to return to our Constitutional and elected government the exclusive privilege of printing paper money, and to insist that it be printed on hemp paper, backed by hemp products, and invested in sustainable, hemp-driven economy.  

Philosophy:  The petroleum-driven economy reveals itself to be stuck in short-term survival mode, caring only about its own survival and caring nothing for the survival of the world it lives on.  Like a reptile, the petroleum-driven economy is somewhat cold, calculating, and lacking in compassion.  Perhaps the color red, or maybe black.  In comparison, a hemp-driven economy is the real Green Evolution, green being the color of the heart, hemp being the miracle plant with 50,000 uses, and ganja being a facilitator of egoless compassion.

Investment:  Build a website.  Create content.  Market effectively and attract an audience.  Develop a social network.  Grow infrastructure.  Organize, adapt, and create.  

$10,000 administrative costs
$10,000 in public relations costs
$10,000 in website/database costs
$10,000 in promotional costs
$10,000 in consulting costs


Overcoming the deep state is inextricably linked to overcoming the so-called "reptilian energy" of the petroleum industry (petroleum is, after all, decayed dinosaurs) and the privately owned, for-profit Federal Reserve.  The owners of the FED are the owners of the petroleum industry - they are the owners of the deep state.

The deep state is run by secret societies.  All of our presidents since 1988 have come from Harvard or Yale, and most if not all come from the secret societies within them.  Since 2000 every losing presidential candidate has also come from Harvard or Yale, mostly from the fraternity system within them.  These secret societies dominate the ranks of America's political and business elite.

Yet the unelected deep state requires the facade of representative government in order to avoid revolution.  And because the facade of representative government is so believable, it has power.  Representative government believes itself to be in charge, and is furious to discover otherwise.  Representative government has the power to overthrow the deep state.

We live in a hyper-masculine and egotistical culture - America is the world's bully, using violence, domination, and abusive force to push others around and intimidate. The deep state is not interested in acknowledging culpability, apologizing, letting go of control, or changing its behavior.   Murder, violence, and sexual objectification are passe, while any portrayals of loving sexuality, tolerance, and unselfish kindness are viewed as threatening.  The deep state which commands our government is arrogant and selfish with no thought for anything but itself. It rapes the planet and destroys millions of lives, for profit, power, and to ensure its own survival. The deep state is hyper-rational and dedicated to rational self-interest - more accurately defined as rational selfish interest.  The deep state does not have feelings.  The deep state has developed brilliant, egotistical schemes, but the deep state has no soul.

The movement to overthrow the deep state is inextricably linked with the resurgence of the divine feminine and the healing of mother nature.  This is most potently and tangibly manifesting as the international movement to legalize ganja, and ultimately many other sacred medicinal plants. The legalization movement breaks no laws, violates no ordinances, creates no massive protests, and creates enormous tax revenues which representative government can then use to do its job.  All this, and the deep state has no one to incarcerate or punish.  The legalization movement beats the deep state at its own game - free market enterprise.  Ganja is a gateway to industrial hemp, and a gateway to spiritual (rather than materialistic) culture.

 Hemp is destined to replace petroleum, and the reptilian energy currently powering our planet is destined to go the way of the dinosaur.  These sacred plants are, by their very nature, mother earth-centered, sacred, feminine, heart opening, and spiritual rather than materialistic.  Ganja is spiritual medicine, and as the free market orients itself to unstoppable demand we are witnessing a market-oriented movement away from the egotistical forces of rational materialism towards a more sensitive and heart-centered, spiritual way of living.  As a species we are redefining our collective social organization.  We insist upon free markets, and we are dissatisfied with a heartless and materialistic capitalism.

Capitalism as a form of materialism has failed us, even as the free market thrives and flourishes.  It is the free market which is allowing us to choose spiritual life over materialistic life - the free market is revealing capitalism, communism and socialism to all be materialistic, and thus unspiritual, unsacred, and unsatisfying.  We demand more, and the free market is allowing us to get more, through the legal and tax revenue-creating purchases of sacramental and spiritual medicine.  This free market reorientation away from materialistic ideologies towards a more holistic and balanced way of living is far more devastating to the deep state than any protest or revolution ever could be - the deep state is a deep materialism, and we are evolving into a global spiritual culture.  We are relentlessly building a civilization in harmony with mother nature, a civilization with balanced masculine and feminine energies.

The legalization of Ganja does not mean that spiritual culture has arrived - this is just the first step.  Ganja alone won't do the job; it is merely a starting point that bridges the gap between spirituality and materialism.  The only difference between a medicine and a poison is the dosage, and a culture that overdoses on ganja will cure one disease only to cause another.  Already in the West there are those who need less ganja in their lives, but on the whole our society at large needs this medicine as a healing dose of the sacred feminine to counteract our hyper-masculine, aggressive and controlling tendencies.  

Because of the tax revenues, and because of market demand, representative government has everything to gain from legalization and nothing to lose.  The deep state has everything to lose, but legalization actually pits the deep state against representative, constitutional government!  And remember, the government doesn't need the deep state, but the deep state needs government to survive.  So the legalization movement is THE effective surgical strike against the deep state.  Soon markets will demand that the government's Treasury issue hemp paper currency, and that the privately owned Federal Reserve be thrown into the ocean. 

The legalization of ganja, and consequently industrial hemp, makes lots and lots of money and creates lots and lots of jobs, food, clothing, fuel, etc, which satisfies our materialistic needs, while opening the door to satisfying our spiritual needs as well.  But ultimately, ganja is a gateway to the real spiritual science - yoga, and meditation.  We are on the path of dharma.

Quantum physics is revealing that thoughts are things, and that thoughts have an impact on physical reality.  The science of meditation is the science of mastering our thoughts, to create realities of our choosing.  Spiritual masters have been practicing meditation for thousands of years, and this sacred science has at last been uncovered by a critical mass of the postindustrial, materialistic West.  We are creating a new society with our thoughts.  Ask yourself:  Why aren't we bombing Syria right now?  

Because thoughts are things.  Welcome to the new, quantum, spiritual reality.  Think responsibly.  Practice compassion; forgive your enemies.  This is the path of dharma.

In the West, it has become acceptable to think that anyone who has armored cars, heavily armed guards, and enormous bank accounts has true protection, but this is false because that person still has to die, and face the consequences of their actions while alive.

Right thought, right speech, and right action - this is true protection.  We are on a journey from our heads to our hearts, moving away from destructive rational selfish interest towards the irrational wisdom of the heart.  The legalization of ganja ushers in - without confrontation with the deep state - an alternative lifestyle and an alternative worldview to the dying Age of Materialism.  Support legalization, and experience a taste of life free from the materialistic ethos.  Ganja won't solve all the world's problems, but it does tend to reveal glimpses of a new world, one where selfishness  and materialistic greed doesn't reign supreme.  And industrial hemp actually may solve a good many of the world's problems, incidentally.  

Open yourself up to yoga, meditation, permaculture, and the creative arts, which are all inherently nonmaterialistic and collectively comprise the resurgence of the divine feminine, destined to balance out the militaristic, dominating, aggressive and controlling tendencies of the imbalanced masculine energies comprising contemporary culture.  Be sure to make friends with your congresspeople - let them know who you are, and that you're ready for materialism to be replaced with something a little more spiritual.  Let them know that you support hemp legalization - not as a panacea, but as a starting point for cultural transformation and global healing. 

We live in a culture that avoids the reality of death, because the reality of death reveals the paltry nature of material possessions.  We don't take anything with us when we die; not our armored cars, not our armed guards, not our bank accounts, not our loved ones our our bodies.  All we take with us is our karma - the actions we take during our lives.  It is only when we encounter death that we see the real value and meaning of life:  we are here to practice the dharma, the Sacred Way, obeying and expounding spiritual law as revealed within the temples of our hearts, and  propagated by the masters who incarnated to teach us the Way.

its all of us or none of us, because there's actually only one of us.  We are acting out the dream of God.  

Welcome home.