Friday, November 27, 2009

this is asylum

Imagine a holistic caregiving clinic that incorporates massage, acupuncture, yoga, therapeutic healing modalities, workshops, a health tonic bar, a big dance floor and recording studio, with a medically licensed dispensary. Oh, yeah, and its a soup kitchen. And meditation center.

And interfaith laboratory.

Hippocrates, of Hippocratic oath fame, said, 'let thy food be they medicine.'  Thomas Edison said, 'the doctors of the future will prescribe food as medicine.'  If this is all true, then won't the hospitals of the future be restaurants?  And the bedrooms be healing centers?

This is a nonprofit enterprise - all revenues from medical marijuana are invested back into ecological rehabilitation. Ecological rehabilitation means healing at all levels - healing the self, healing the community, healing the land, and healing the economy. Ancient prophecies from multiple world religions foretell of a time when ganja heals all nations and all relations.

The caregiving clinic exists to heal the self, and it holds space for the healing of community - yet it must do more, it must actively invest in the ecology in order for it to fulfill its mission of building a better world.

So the caregiving clinic functions as a permaculture school, growing food for the restaurants which promote health through the medicine of their food.  Caregiving incentives are offered to volunteers who build composting toilets, guerilla gardens, rainwater catchments, and swale terraces, and even for those who choose to take edible plant walks, make bows and arrows, prepare herbal medicines, and study wilderness survival, as well as participate in classes on biodiesel preparation, engine conversion, and natural building techniques. The aim is to teach future teachers, naturally. And of course, as we grow we'll offer all the best from the wide world of hemp, from food to fuel to clothing to shelter...

This is yoga - this is the union of Heaven and Earth, the union of capitalism and socialism, radically compassionate caregiving competing in the marketplace of ideas and winning. This is casual and economically astute fulfillment of prophecy. As a holistic caregiving clinic, we are dedicated to spiritual awakening, and consequently offer access to the world's plethora of spiritual traditions, from sweat lodges to shamanic journeying to traditional Buddhist meditation to Bible study to Aghora Tantra. Arabic classes coming soon, we promise. The green economy is a code name for ecological rehabilitation, which requires intelligent design, which forges relationship between science and religion. This is ministry work.

This is a new social paradigm, integrating the functions of business, school, church, state, and entertainment. We envision a caregiving clinic so potent, capable, and effective it brings healing to you, no matter how isolated and alone you feel yourself to be. Real caregiving can and will reach out to you even when you thought you were lost for good. Maybe especially then.  We provide what society asks for. This is real customer service - this is the asylum project.

A high-revenue, caregiving nonprofit dedicated to radically genuine and inspirational customer service is destined to replace political representation, don't you think? A customer service organization so good at what it does you don't even need to look for it because its the bedrock of the culture you were born into, that's what religion aspires to be, right? Seva, or karma yoga, or selfless action, or service. Caregiving. Global ecological caregiving. Financed through the sale of medical marijuana. What a concept.

The high demand for global ecological survival creates a market opportunity for ecological caregiving clinics - this is a global industry with huge demand and no worthy competition as of yet. Which means, ecologically speaking, infinite franchise opportunities. Our global survival imperative needs to be framed as a remarkable business opportunity, a chance to meet the needs of a planet full of customers. Whatever business entity succeeds in satisfying the market demand for a healthy global ecosystem positions itself to set a history-making precedent and garner global media attention. That means lots of attention tourists, which means revenue, which means marketplace sustainability, which means even more competitive and holistic ecological caregiving. This is a business plan that shows how investing in our ecology reaps economic dividends. We know what the green economy really is, don't we? Hare Hare Ganja. Whoever corners the market in ecological caregiving wins the hearts and minds of the people, fulfilling roles traditionally reserved for church and state.

This is already happening, in organic fashion. For the time being we will pretend that this is a very successful nonprofit business operation with a reliable revenue stream coming from America's largest cash crop, investing profits into community development. In truth, we are converting economic currency into ecological currency. We are investing our economic resources into a new business model that rewards us with ecological dividends, in the form of food, shelter, healing, health, community, and a vibrant and vital world.

Now is the transition from the competitive era of the Piscean age to the cooperative and creative era of the Aquarian age, and the ganga plant - herbal medicine that functions as ecological currency, weaving a sacred feedback loop in which the ecology heals the economy, which invests in the ecology, which heals the economy, and so on - this sacred and benevolent herb is the catalyst by which we fuel the transformation.

The aim of these caregiving clinics is to balance man and nature, and to do so we will need to roll up the out-of-balance world. We sponsor the return of the Horse Nation, the return of the Buffalo Nation, the return of the Sail Nation, the return of the Rail Nation, as well as the return of the Hemp Nation.

It is up to us, the people, to institutionalize the new paradigm. Natural building techniques have worked for thousands of years and must not be impeded by corrupt and profiteering building codes. Hemp growth and production needs to flourish with government assistance. Camping is sustainable and should not be persecuted. The unionization of ganja growers, distributors, providers, and users is fast evolving into a debtor's union, fulfilling the prophecy of the Lord's Prayer with the forgiveness of debts and ushering in the era of the Jubilee Year. The exploration of Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, and global indigenous spiritual traditions is leading us into a radically new perspective of a universal and livable truth, one that recovers a breathtakingly complete whole from shattered pieces.

We are running out of petro-jobs, and we are running out of petrodollars. There is an infinite amount of work to do, and petro-politics needs to get out of the way. No one is ready for the changes taking place and yet we cannot hide. This is a new paradigm - get ready.

Shelter from the storm, a place of refuge, a planet that nurtures - this is the Asylum Project.

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