Thursday, January 21, 2010

United Methodist Debtor's Union

The United Methodist Debtor's Union makes the claim that Jesus himself in the Sermon on the Mount specifically told us to pray like this: Forgive our debts as we forgive the debts against us.

This means that the United Methodist Debtor's Union simply follows Jesus' orders, forgiving debts wherever they may be incurred.

The Debtor's Union is the Hemp Union. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Ben Franklin all grew hemp, the Declaration of Independence was written on hemp paper, and Betsy Ross sewed the American Flag out of hemp fabric. This is a full-blown American Revolution. Jesus preached that man cannot serve both God and mammon - man cannot have two masters. The United Methodist Debtor's Union stands for God and stands up to mammon. Plain and simple. We are dedicated to healing the economy through healing the ecology, using hemp as our nationally endorsed miracle crop. Growing hemp provides us with food, fuel, clothing, and barterable surpluses.

The Hemp Union supports the Church of Ras Tafari. The Church of Ras Tafari and Jah Ministries stands firm on our Constitutionally guaranteed freedom of religion with regard to the sacred sacrament ganja.

The Green Economy is Ecological Rehabilitation

Ecological Rehabilitation is Intelligent Design

Intelligent Design is Fulfillment of Prophecy

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