Thursday, February 4, 2010

Jah Ministries and the Church of Ras Tafari

We begin with the teachings of Jesus and the parable of the Good Samaritan. Christianity is not based on what we say, but what we do. If we talk the talk without walking the walk, we are hypocrites. Jesus pointed that out often. if we walk the walk without talking the talk, we are neighbors, upholding Jesus' teachings.

We must act. We must act. The teachings of Jesus are interreligious, transcending denominations. What do we do?

The secret teaching of Jesus begins like this: if you feed them, they will come. Consequently, we start with a nondenominational soup kitchen that provides shelter, warmth, and a place to belong.

Jesus continues to teach: if you provide them with spiritual music, they will sing and dance and praise God. So our soup kitchen must travel with musicians. Our soup kitchen must be composed of musicians.

Step three: if you teach them how to fish, they will eat for a lifetime. The soup kitchen must teach how to run and maintain soup kitchens, from organic and local food production to sustainable harvesting to delivery and hygienic consumption to redistribution of compost, leaving no trace. This is a basic hands-on permaculture school, with skills that must be learned in order to be taught. And above all, it must be FUN. Hence, the music festival...

step four: we must fulfill the Word of the Lord's Prayer as taught by Jesus when he said, "forgive us our debts, as we also forgive those who debt against us." This is the forgiveness of debt, which will necessarily crash the stock market and reinvent economics as we know it. It is a Christian imperative to forge a debtor's union in order to usher in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Step five: we must create what has been destroyed. In forgiving debt, the petro-economy collapses. This is ecologically imperative, and yet if we are to usher in the Kingdom of Heaven we must actively create an economy that is aligned with the principles of nature and provides for the welfare and happiness of all beings. What we must create and propagate is the Green Economy - an ecologically aligned economy that utilizes natural resources without exploiting them and produces as an end product raw material for the creation of more natural resources - compost, for example, or water.

The green economy is not backed by petroleum. The green economy is backed by hemp. We must fulfill the prohecy of the last known crowned heir of the throne of David, His Imperial Majesty Heile Selassie I. This coincides with the prophecies of the Freemasons, who recognize Ras Tafari as the direct descendent of King Solomon. The debtor's union works hand in hand with the hemp union, destroying the old even while building the new. Hemp provides food, fuel, shelter, clothing, community, peace, a living currency, America's largest cash crop, and was only made illegal at the insistence of Dupont, whose proprietary nylon was in direct competition with hemp products. Momentum for the legalization of industrial hemp takes place right as peak oil reveals the endpoint of nylon and the petroleum industry. the timing is perfect, indeed the timing has been prophecied. Working together with the debtor's union we create the critical tipping point by which the Green economy replaces the petro-economy.

Step six: we promote the return of the horse nation, the return of the buffalo nation, the return of the tree nation, the return of the sail nation, the return of the rail nation, the return of the pioneer nation, the return of the indian nation, as aspects of the return of the Hemp nation. This is the real economic stimulus package. Through investment in ecological rehabilitation we reap ecological dividends, meanwhile propping up the expiring petro-economy with revenues from hemp. This is new world order as foretold by our founding fathers, generations ago. This is the birth of the Kingdom of Heaven. This is American claiming her birthright as a beacon of hope for the world.

Oh, and by the way:  lets make gardening the centerpiece of public education, ok?  That one step alone will do the trick...

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