Friday, April 16, 2010

American Dream Tour

-the medicine people sent out the runners to tell the warriors of all the nations,
"lay down your weapons, for in the near future a far greater tribe will arise"

A hypothetical documentary - would you watch this program on TV, or the Internet?

A traveling permaculture school, operating out of veggie oil diesel buses, connects with diverse local food resources that fuel a soup kitchen

(if you feed them they will come)

the soup kitchen keeps the musicians alive, who express their gratitude with hard work
and rock n roll

the soup kitchen is run by interfaith volunteers: practicing meditators, yoga teachers, Christian ministers, Native American water pourers and firekeepers, Rastafari, and anyone else who feels the call

The soup kitchen hits the road (without burning fossil fuel), exploring new ecologies, learning new ways of connecting to local food resources, doing it over and over again in new bioregions to spread the message, share the vision, and plant the seeds of a new kind of 'civil'-ization

This is a permaculture school: the only thing left behind when the bus leaves is compost, herb gardens, newly planted trees, and good vibes, along with the profound understanding that all religions can and must work together if we are to survive and thrive on our priceless spaceship planet

The school promotes - as a possibility, an opportunity worthy of consideration-

an easy to memorize, five-point political vision backed by interfaith solidarity:

the return of the Horse Nation

the return of the Buffalo Nation

the return of the Hemp Nation

the return of the Sail Nation

the return of the Rail Nation

This is the American Dream

- Would you watch this program? Would you pay attention? Would you learn?

If - and its a big if, we know - if the music consistently rocked, and the characters were consistently wild characters, and the dancing girls were consistently out of this world - if the program was as entertaining as it was educational, if it was well shot and well edited and well thought out and well organized and generally well done - would you be interested in keeping it well funded? Would you invest in a nonprofit entity dedicated to a global broadcast of this program, as though the future of your children and your children's children depended upon it?

(Because it does)

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