Sunday, November 21, 2010

unequivocally reciprocal dividends

the economy is just the management of the ecology.

if we mismanage the ecology, we end up with a damaged ecology and a damaged economy.

heal the ecology, heal the economy - while healing ourselves.

healing requires investment.

an investment in the ecology reaps unequivocally reciprocal dividends, i.e. what you put into your environment is what you get out of your environment.

This is ecological investing - a new paradigm for a new economy. Investing in ecological goods and services reaps ecological dividends which benefit both investors and ecology. This is known as a positive feedback loop.

By weaving together an online web of strategically placed nonprofit businesses with niche expertise, we create a not-for-profit social network dedicated to the alleviation of social ills and the promotion and maintenance of a sustainable culture while maintaining market-driven integrity of purpose and cost-effectiveness that far surpasses government's abysmal record.  Meanwhile, online communities capable of crisis mitigation, crisis prevention, education, and charity evolve and compete with the 'government's version of public service in the open marketplace. Consumers of public service are desperate to find a brand that restores their faith, and by redefining the very notion of customer service, this nonprofit umbrella hub meets public consumer needs (the needs of the global consumers' 'commons') in cost-effective fashion, running entirely on market driven revenues while providing ecological dividends in the form of food, shelter, a sense of community, a sense of purpose, and a sense of the sacred.

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