Sunday, August 31, 2014

quantum physics is yoga

According to quantum physicist Greg Kuhn quantum physics has conclusively established that consciousness itself creates reality.   Reality exists in an unmanifest 'potential' state until it is 'actualized' through observation.

This means that material reality is created out of 'nonmaterial' reality - our thoughts, beliefs, and expectations.

Out of mind evolves matter.

Out of emptiness evolves form.

Out of Siva evolves Shakti.

Out of unity evolves diversity.

What quantum physics has conclusively proved is that by mastering our minds we create the realities of our choosing.

2800 years ago the Buddha taught the world the technique for mastering the mind.

2000 years before that vedic yogis did the same thing.

We are entering an age of meditation, which is inexorably leading us into an era of peace, prosperity, and harmony.  Because this is the reality we want, and nothing less is acceptable.

Capitalism tells us that he who dies with the most toys, wins.  This is materialistic, presuming that material life is all there is.  yet quantum physics has conclusively proven that material reality is simply a creation of nonmaterial reality, which means that he who dies with the most toys merely exits material reality and re-enters nonmaterial reality.

Without their toys.

So.  Capitalism, and communism for that matter, both being materialistic, fail to provide us with any real foundation for an existence of value.  nonmaterial beings indoctrinated with materialistic values are going to be a mess.

We are nonmaterial beings having materialistic experiences.  Don't get fooled.

materialistic capitalism is antithetical to nonmaterialistic meditation.

a realized monk in Burma told me:
"people think that if they have armored cars and armed security guards and huge bank accounts they have true protection.  But they don't - they still die, returning to particular spiritual realms determined by their karma - their thoughts, speech, and actions."  (Notice that thought, speech, and action is all nonmaterial.)

"Real protection is right thought, right speech, and right action.  This is the teaching of the Noble Ones."

We are entering a golden age of spirituality.  He who dies with the most toys just dies - he who dies with positive thoughts, positive speech, and positive actions wins.

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