Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Not with a bang but a whimper

So we are witnessing the controlled demolition of the U.S. Dollar by forces that are actually working in the interest in the public good.  Weird.

BRICS.  Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa.  Russia and China had working-class revolutions, while India, Brazil, and South Africa dream of them.  Not exactly allies of the .01%, are they?

Yet solidarity is making them strong, stronger than the ruling class.  Global cooperation amongst the underprivileged is competing and winning against the ruthless competition of the ruling elite.   Which rigged the world to use U.S. Dollars.

You see, when you print the money, you a priori own everything money can buy.  Somebody named Rothschild said something to that effect once.  So the Federal Reserve, which is privately owned by banking elites who are rumored to not even be American, was able to wrest the right of money-printing away from the federal government (!) and consequently take over both our government and the process of globalization.

The globalized, however, haven't liked it very much and are doing something about it.  This is the BRICS bank, the AIIB, the global South, and Greece, now, too, officially after April 9th when they will probably join the Eurasion Union and sell Russan oil to Europe.

The U.S. Dollar has been propped up at the barrel of a gun - or rather, propped up by the weight of the U.S. military machine, which is itself propped up by the Military Industrial Complex.  This is not legal, by the way.  Waging war for corporate profit is an international war crime.  So when the U.S. Military Industrial Complex invaded Iraq and Libya, and tried to invade Syria, Ukraine, and Iran, its talking heads made sure to come up with legitimate excuses.    Which happened to be lies.  Which is not legal, by the way.

The attempt at propping up the U.S. Dollar is not succeeding.  Our bought and paid for government is  digging itself ever deeper into debt in its creation of a fascist Big Brother State in order to deter dissent, but big Brother is too expensive to maintain and the rest of the world doesn't want to be exploited anymore, and now has a big team of allies to fight the bully with.

The Federal Reserve owners are actually trying to create WWIII, if you can believe it.  Recall that the same banks financed both sides of WWI, WWII, and even the Napoleonic wars.  War is highly profitable for the Military Industrial Complex, remember?  So the banking class finances war, ravages the land and the infrastructure, overcomes truth with propaganda, and writes the history books.

Then along came the Internet...

The same banking class which has been investing in war, propaganda, and scarcity for eons is making the same attempt today, and domestically, in America, the millions of TV watchers have been sadly duped.  However, those millions of innocent and ignorant Americans make up a teeny percentage of the global population, and are far outweighed by the Internet savvy generation and the Global Family of All-Of-Us.  Thanks to our new (online) printing press, intelligence is overcoming ignorance.

Seriously.  the BRICS and the world do not want WWIII, because among other reasons in war it is always the poor who suffer most.  Wars have a tendency to centralize control in the hands of a few; the ruling elites.  War is good for oligarchy, bad for democracy.  The irony is that the many global losers have rallied the wagons and are now effectively fending off the attacks of the global 'winner' - the biggest bank of them all, the Central Bank of the West.

So we are witnessing the BRICS bank and their allies slowly and inexorably overcoming the hegemony of the U.S. Dollar without allowing war to erupt.  The avoidance of war and (ensuing chaos) that would inevitably sweep the world is making this transition much slower; agonizingly, slow, even.  But moving fast has a tendency to be destructive - how long does it take to grow a tree compared to chopping it down?  Creation is always more time consuming than destruction.

The dismantling of the corrupt U.S Dollar ponzi scheme will ultimately lead to the arrest of people who deliberately lied, stole, and murdered for profit - bankers, politicians, corporate executives, military leaders, and government bureaucrats.  But if these arrests happened today, the stock market would crash, pandemonium would ensue, martial law would be declared, and the ruling elites would pull the reins ever tighter.  We are witnessing the birth of a path to true peace.  Violent means always - ALWAYS - lead to violent ends, and consequently the birth of global peace must begin and evolve peacefully.

We cannot focus on the problem, but rather, on the solution.  Worrying about who is responsible for the U.S. Dollar ponzi scheme distracts us from the task at hand, which is replacing it.  And the U.S. Dollar is unquestionably being replaced, nonviolently.  Despite the best attempts of the Military Industrial Complex to go out with a bang, they are going out with a whimper.

What we are witnessing is nothing more and nothing less than a controlled demolition of the U.S. Dollar ponzi scheme.  Global financial infrastructure is being built all around the toxic U.S. Dollar that will prevent collateral damage from bringing ruin to the global economy.  It is almost as though a spider's web is being woven around the U.S. Dollar, made of Vietnamese dong, Russian rubles, Chinese Yuan, etc.  (it is of course worth noting that these three aforementioned currencies are all making efforts to back their currencies with gold.)  This spider's web will allow the Dollar to collapse safely, without global contagion.  The Police State will not be needed.  Yes, the stock market will crash, but it will be a relatively manageable crisis, with global leadership ready in the wings, solutions in the making.  Hemp is quietly being positioned to replace petroleum, state-run banks are quietly being positioned to replace TBTF monopolies, sovereign, state-owned central banks are quietly anticipating their exclusive money-printing prerogative, and Constitutional Republics patiently await the demise of the fascist Oligarchs.  Slowly, with agonizing slowness, the Military Industrial Complex watches as its swords are eyed for their worthiness as plowshares...

more to come

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