Monday, January 23, 2017

Aquarian Economics

Welcome to the Asylum Project.

We are an anarchist nonprofit selling precious metals at a premium over spot price.  While our premium is higher than the premium charged by other online precious metals dealers, we are a nonprofit and your premium goes to a charitable cause.  In this case, the charitable cause is the cause of the commons - our common cause.  We are committed to cost-effective commons enhancement.

The spot price for silver these days is usually somewhere between $15 and $20 an ounce, which is ridiculous and has been proven to be manipulated.  The real value of an ounce of silver might be $300, or maybe $3000.  Not $15.    The price of silver is being pushed downed by the pricing cartel in order to create the illusion that Federal Reserve Notes are far more valuable than they really are.  This makes buying silver with Federal Reserve Notes an incredible opportunity, and even with the charitable premium it is still an incredible value.

The main challenge with socialism, and capitalism actually, is the problem of central planning.  In socialist systems the government is responsible for all investments in commons enhancement, and they are expected to do their job in a manner so superior to any would-be competition, that such competition is presumed unnecessary.  However, because competition is not allowed to exist, a bottleneck in creativity is created, and this bottleneck leads to stagnation and putrifaction.  Parasites exist where creativity is blocked.

In a capitalist system private enterprise is expected to provide commons enhancement, and the market is expected to price it accurately.  In other words, in a capitalist system if you want the commons enhanced then enhance it yourself, and if you do it well enough you'll rally investors.

However what actually happens in capitalism is that private industry exploits the commons for its own enhancement.  By enhancing private industry at the expense of the commons, private industry gets stronger, the commons get weaker, and genuine commons enhancement gets prohibited.  A healthy commons is bad for capitalism, which demands privatization.  The more we can depend on our public space the less we rely on our private possessions, which is the bedrock of capitalism.

Capitalism eventually becomes centrally planned anyway.  Private industry exploits the commons to enrich itself, and eventually monopolizes the commons for its own benefit.  These monopolies plan the economy rather than letting the markets do it, and the monopolies exploit both the commons and the commoners for their own maximum advantage.

Socialism starts off as a monopoly, which is a bottleneck in creative experimentation.  Capitalism starts off as an explosion of creative experimentation which leads to competitive advantage, which leads to economies of scale, which leads to market domination, which leads to monopoly.

The key to the socialism/capitalism debate is neither.  The question is not ideological but technical.  How do we subvert the tendency to drift towards central planning?  Both in the microcosm, when we identify with the ego, and in the macrocosm, when we identify with the corporate state, central planning always exploits the decentralized, inarticulate commons for its own short-term parasitical benefit.

How do we decentralize our planning?

With the internet, of course.  The social network is a global, localized, planning network - decentralized central planning.  Hive mind.  Swarm consciousness doing its charitable work online leads to cost-effective nonprofit initiatives working together through interconnected hubs, all of which is financed by private donations in a capitalist economy, which itself is regulated by a government that can't hope to compete with such cutting-edge innovation and just sits back and takes care of the absolute Republican basics.  And this government is constantly having its incompetencies outsourced to the private market, via the crowdfunding viral social network, which resolves the issue in far more cost-effective manner than monopoly ever could.

Its not a new world order, but a new Aeon, a new Yuga.  The Aquarian Age, the Age of Information.

We can't really sell you precious metals.  What we can do is give you precious metals for free, as a thank you for your valued membership.  Membership fees are tied to the spot price, coincidentally.

By joining the Asylum Project as a donating member you'll receive a free ounce of silver in the mail. Your membership cost covers the price of the silver, plus shipping, plus a premium.  1% of that premium goes to the administration costs of the Asylum Project.  The rest of the premium gets outsourced towards the best educational hubs for commons enhancement.

The best hub:  Teaching children to garden.

Nonprofits focused on teaching children to garden:  we're hunting...

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