Sunday, April 23, 2017

The involution of man

Revolution itself is evolving.  Evolution is evolving, even.  We are now at the point of the involution of man - man's turning inward.

Yang consumes, Yin provides.  Yang takes, Yin yields.  The immature masculine wishes to merge with the other, and the only way he knows how to do that is to consume her.  And so he consumes her and he consumes her and he consumes her and she is utterly consumed and he remains unsatisfied and desires more, and that is how the story ends

all out of balance

until he finally realizes

that in order to escape this hell of isolation, in order to escape this hell of duality, he must abandon his attempts at consuming her and instead prioritize consuming himself.  In learning to consume himself the immature masculine is initiated into divine manhood.  This technique enables him to leave her alone, to yield, to maintain balance by honoring limits and boundaries.  This balance is the Tao, found only when Yang turns on itself and allows Yin her space.

The technique by which he redirects his energies from consuming her to consuming himself is the technique of meditation.  He turns his grasping, consuming awareness towards himself.  He turns his awareness away from all other sense perceptions and focuses only on his own physical sensations.  This is the technique of vipassana.  This is yoga asana.  This is how yang balances with yin, this is how peace is forged out of the war between the sexes.  By turning his attention inward, he takes his attention away from ravaging her.  Yang gives space to Yin.  This is the initiation of the immature masculine into divine masculinity.  The desire to pluck the flower is replaced with the desire to water the flower.  The desire to consume the feminine is replaced with the desire to nurture the feminine.  The technique of meditation - the technique of observing the self in the present moment - is the tool by which the uninitiated man becomes initiated.  It gives the all consuming yang something to be endlessly consumed - the self.  Self-inquiry, or meditation, is an endless feedback loop that gives consciousness  itself a good first-hand look at consciousness itself.  This is quite a remarkable phenomenon, to say the least.

Culturally, we have evolved to the point where meditation is becoming the new normal.  It is the paradigm shift we've all been waiting for.  This means that the adolescent patriarchy which has been running the planet for the past few thousand years is growing up, and studying itself without shame, and learning a great deal, and allowing space for the reawakening of the divine feminine.

Meditation is the revolution.  Meditation is the evolution of evolution.  Meditation is the involution of mankind.  Allow these words to melt away, observe your own embodied sensations, and allow every exhalation to be the emptying of the vessel that is your mind...

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