Saturday, September 5, 2009

irie beets and beats

The Green Economy is ecological rehabilitation.

Ecological rehabilitation is intelligent design.

Intelligent design is the fulfillment of prophecy.


The green economy is the fulfillment of prophecy.

The ice caps are the rain battery - the green economy runs on water, and leaves behind only compost. Growing trees and hemp for sailing, revitalizing the port industry, raising livestock and growing food, utilizing rail and biodiesel and wind and water and bio-energy, the green economy goes on tour as a spiritual pilgrimage, uniting the divided by transcending opposites.

The spiritual pilgrimage is a living breathing green economy, a moving ecology, a moving and morphing intelligent design. It is a traveling music festival, a rainbow soup kitchen, an adaptive school for sustainable living, and a medicine camp. It is, above all else, quality entertainment, broadcast online as a competitive alternative to bad reality TV, bad Youtube, and mainstream media horseshit.

if you feed them, they will come. if you give them great music, they'll dance and feel good. if you teach them how to fish, they will learn to take care of themselves. If you show them love, they will know God. If you broadcast it live, everyone will find out.

And everyone is destined to find out. The theory of everything is a network of everyone. We're coming together as a family. The fulfillment of prophecy is the end of history and the beginning of the golden age, the eternal, rhythmic clock of the long now.

It already started.

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