Tuesday, September 15, 2009

language is history

a soup kitchen, a music festival, a sustainability school, a multimedia entertainment broadcast, a spiritual pilgrimage, a cultural transformation - this is the green economy.

if anyone is reading this, you're in on the campaign strategy of how the indigo children and rainbow warriors bring about the transformation of our reality. The successful theory of everything is really a network of everyone, working together. It's well underway.

History is fundamentally a rationalization of language. History does not tell us how things came to be this way. History actually tells us how things came to be written about this way.

History is the mythologization of language. Literally His story - the story of how things came to be communicated in the language in which the story is being communicated.

in this capacity, history is the endless pursuit of itself - the endless explanation of how things came to be linguistically explainable. The development of language brings with it the explanation of language's origins, trapping us in the cycle of history. This history binds our consciousness within the limits of language - one ring to bind them all. Language is the ring of power, giving us power while ultimately throwing us in prison.

anyway. if you understand this, you're way ahead of me

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