Sunday, December 28, 2014

awkward truths

Jesus Christ denounced the lending of money at interest, and was murdered by bankers.  Jesus despised the religious authorities of his day, labelled them hypocrites, and pointed out that they were really following orders from a too-big-to-fail-bank pretending to be a religion.  800 years later Mohammad the Prophet (bless)  chased the bankers out of the Holy Land.  The Crusades were simply an attempt to expand the bankers territory where they could lend money at interest.  In Islam the lending of money at interest is expressly forbidden, as it is in Catholicism.
Libya, Iraq, and Afghanistan did not lend money at interest until U.S. forces waged war on them.

The diesel engine was first demo'd at a world fair running on peanut oil.  Diesel was a radical socialist who advocated the workingman growing his own fuel to get out from under the thumb of capitalist exploitation.  Diesel sailed to Great Britain on a luxury liner and his bed was never slept in and his body was never found.  Now diesel engines are everywhere but they run on petroleum.  Go figure.

We're not meant to run on petroleum.  and we're not meant to lend money at interest.

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