Saturday, January 17, 2015

WWIII is a propaganda war, and its raging

Voters in four states and D.C. have demonstrated that ganja is a winning election issue for the pro legalization movement.

How long before the successful pro-legalization movement joins up with the pro-legalization party?

The Green Party.  Green is the color, now is the time.

World War III is well under way.  It is propaganda war, first and foremost, although there is a lot of killing taking place.

Beneath the propaganda war is a war for survival of the Western central banking elites.  They are broke.  Conquest and domination is expensive, and they have been spending lots of money.  The western banking cartels got rich on a ponzi scheme, loaning out unbacked paper and pretending it had value.

The privately owned central banks of the west have been unethical, and their karma is coming home to roost.  The premise of government is to protect the common welfare against the greed of the powerful, and privately owned central banks are antithetical to this premise.  These central banks have violated the protection of the commons for the enrichment of their exclusive owners.  This is antithetical to both democracy and a republic, leading to an oligarchical fascist state.

The U.S. govt is in debt - insolvent.  The U.S. owes China, and can't pay it back, which leads to the the big question:  How can China unload all its U.S. dollars ( 4 trillion!) without having the dollar lose all is value?

It seems clear that the U.S. will have to elect a third party candidate who is not sponsored by the oligarchs if we are to defend our republic against fascism.  This third party, if it were pro-hemp, would have a solution to the  intractable problems of the fiat central bank currency:  voiding the unConstitutional Fed altogether and having the U.S. Treasury legally print non-interest bearing hemp dollars, backed by hemp products produced domestically from an American economy revitalized through hemp manufacturing.  The Treasury printed hemp currency would be backed by hemp products and not oil, or gold, even.

The TBTF banks will be broken up, its already between the lines in the news.  Banking will move to the public sector, and public banking such as north dakota will be the norm.  Through public banking the states will earn revenue that will then finance public infrastructure development, i.e. the commons.  Instead of paying income tax (which is unconstitutional)  people will simply pay off interest bearing loans from public banks, and the interest from these loans will fund public works, rather than lining the pockets of the .01%.    This is how we defend the commons from the predations of the vulture capitalists.

It won't be a corporate party that passes this legislation.  The pro-hemp voting bloc will eventually get behind the pro-hemp Green Party and this will facilitate the paradigm shift away from reptilian petrodollars, and the reptilian banking cartels.  The energy of kundalini shakti is evolving, moving up our collective sushumna nadi from the reptilian survival chakra to our green, loving, heart chakra, and with this paradigm shift we are leaving behind our survival based dominance patterns as we learn to cooperate, coordinate, and love.  The aquarian age is an age of service - we are leaving behind us the agony of serving the self in order to find the true happiness of serving others.  Rational self-interest is rational, and consequently destined to wreak havoc in a paradoxical and irrational world.  Jesus Christ did not speak too highly of rational self interest, by the way.

Vote in the Green Party, vote out the Fed, vote out the fascism.  Vote out the scarcity and the predatory economics, vote in abundance and cooperation.  Its cost effective and sustainable and its really the only way.

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