Friday, January 30, 2015

East and West, Yin and Yang

the Euro and the Dollar are collapsing.  This is good news for the planet.  Both Euro and dollars are printed by a privately owned intercontinental 'Central Bank' - the same bank that happened to finance BOTH sides of WWI, WWII, the Napoleonic wars...

This privately owned intercontinental 'Central Bank'  has been working hard to actualize a hostile takeover of the sovereign money-printing processes of our planet's sovereign states, and has actually been successful to a mind-blowing degree.  Thankfully, the pinnacle has been reached and while this usurious lending cartel has actually taken over most of the governing functions of the Western Hemisphere,  it has not succeeded in taking over Asia.  And as it turns out, the hostile takeover of the West has necessitated a police state to prevent rebellion, which is so expensive to maintain that the privately owned banking cartel is collapsing under its own weight.

Meanwhile, the spirit of the American Revolution lives on, internationally.  Russia, China, Iran, Africa, South America... these regions have all been victims of the colonizing mercantilism of Western Europe and are committed to true freedom from dominance and exploitation.  Likewise, they are not so full of hubris as to believe that they have monopoly on the truth.

American empire is collapsing, but this empire was never American to begin with.  America was a Republic, taken over by insidious imperial forces through the passage of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913 and the institutionalization of an unconstitutional, privately owned, money printing 'Central Bank'.
This 'central bank' has perverted and manipulated the American public into perpetual debt slavery, yet is has not succeeded in taking over the world.  We are living in the era of its collapse; the death of the materialism of the West and the birth of the spirituality of the East.  Its no coincidence that the science of yoga and meditation is blowing up globally at the same time that materialism is revealed as lacking any real meaning or value.

And I haven't even mentioned hemp yet, which is destined to change the economy, the ecology, and the spirituality of planet earth...

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