Sunday, May 22, 2016

Trump Rex

Donald Trump is catering to fear, hate, survival, ethnic tribalism, etc.  in other words, Donald Trump is catering to our root chakra.  This is our primitive, survival instinct.  It is pre-mammalian; it is actually our reptilian brainstem.  No brain required, haha.

In other words, Donald Trump is getting out the reptilian vote.

Hillary, of course, lambasts those reptiles as dangerously primitive.  She caters to the mammalian vote.  Her target market is sheep.  She is a wolf, of course, merely wearing sheep's clothing.  Edward Snowden got it right:  this election is between Donald Trump and Goldman Sachs.

Then there's Bernie Sanders.  Poor Bernie, he is a simple wizard who gave up tenure at Hogwarts to get dirty in politics.  His target market is the mythical being, a being motivated by compassion, diversity, and equal opportunity.  He is so damn good at what he does that elves are incarnating in the millions simply to get a chance to vote in the primary.

It makes for an interesting life, doesn't it?

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