Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Rise of the Dharma Republic

Why does Brexit matter?


Once there was an Empire.  This Empire was fascist, run by ruthless oligarchs who were motivated by the quest for power.

And there was a rebellion.

Just like Star Wars, our galaxy too has an empire and a rebellion.  You see, the privately owned central bank of the United States - which is owned by private banks, which themselves are owned by private investors - has a twin, called the European Central Bank.  This is also privately owned, by the same ruthless banking families that own the United States Federal Reserve.  The ECB dominates European policy, to the degree that it can liquidate democratically elected governments and replace them with unelected technocrats - think Greece.  The ECB is decidedly undemocratic, and decidedly imperial.

To mix metaphors, imagine the Dark Lords of Materialism ruling Middle Earth, themselves enslaved to - not a ring - but a bank:

One bank to rule them all
One bank to find them
One bank to bring them all
and in the darkness bind them

God bless England, who just seceded from the Banking cabal's empire.

There will be blowback, just like in Star Wars.  The Empire will Strike Back.  Now that the Brits have seceded, expect revolution in Greece, as people demand that they get their country back, too.  Spain will follow, as will Portugal, Ireland, Italy... Empire desperately needs this to not happen, but yet it is still happening.

Incidentally, Empire will attempt to 'inform' us with their propaganda/mainstream media that sovereignty is 'bad for markets'.  Be aware that this is a ruse.  The market is no longer plural.  There aren't a multitude of 'markets' out there.  There's only one market; its not a free market, but a rigged one, and its been cornered:  This is the market of Who Prints the Money.  Whoever prints the money owns everything that money can buy, and the money-printing market has been cornered by the owners of the privately owned central banks - the U.S. Federal Reserve and the ECB.  The money-printers are the market riggers, so when the propaganda media 'informs' us that sovereignty is bad for markets what they mean is that sovereignity is bad for the monopoly - the One Bank.

The market-riggers would like to dump their waste in the ocean, because it's cheap and would cut costs, therefore boosting profits.  Likewise, the market-riggers would like to keep the minimum wage unbearably low, while importing a huge migrant population as a strikebreakers in case of citizen unrest.  This lends a clue as to who is actually sponsoring terrorism in the Middle East, facilitating mass migration to Europe...  sovereign nations, concerned for the welfare of their citizens and their commons, are staunchly opposed to the agenda of the market-riggers, which is why we have these big corporate behemoths bribing corrupt governments to stage coups and initiate 'regime changes.'

Which brings me to my point.  Modern science is confirming what the Buddha told us all along:  Reality is mind-made.   And this is the really interesting bit:

Meditation is becoming the new normal.

What this means is that we as a global culture are collectively learning to purify our minds, which in turn purifies our reality...

... and this in turn is sounding the death knell for the Empire of Mammon.  The market-riggers, the One Bank, the Dark Lords of Materialism and their quest for endless profits, their ruthless demand for endless growth without decay, is irrevocably confronted with the laws of Dharma:  change is a constant, and decay is inherent in all compounded things, including empires...

A culture who meditates knows that the world of form is always changing and cannot provide a stable basis for happiness.  A stable basis for happiness must be found within consciousness itself, extraneous from the world of form.  A culture who meditates is thus nonmaterialistic.  As meditation becomes the new normal, a valid hypothesis would be to predict that capitalism will fail, the economy will be propped up artificially, and eventually, market forces will somehow creatively evolve the capacity to replace capitalism with some kind of open source, social network, free market, permaculture Christian Socialism.  Don't ask me how that will happen I have no idea.  Seriously.

We are spiritual beings having a physical experience, and the spiritual laws still apply.  As sovereign republics rebel against the control of empire, so too must the sensations of the body rebel against being filtered through the ego.  Empires and egos are identical:  They both desire existence for its own sake.  They both fear death.  Moving out of the head into the body is the monumental task of the people alive today, just as moving beyond empire into ecological sovereignty is our macrocosmic task.  Moving away from the language of the head into the sensation of the body.

How does one write about that?
With two words:
Breath and Posture.

Meditation is the new normal.  Global peace and abundance is the new normal.  Infinite time, measured in the movement of the planets and the stars, is the new normal.  The defeat of Empire and the rise of the Dharma Republic is the new normal.  Egos and governments behaving like servants rather than masters is the new normal.  the Kali Yuga is so yesterday, people, get with the program...

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