Thursday, December 29, 2016

The Eternal Culture

To be clear, Dharma is not affiliated with any organized religion.  Dharma is scientific, and would be labelled as what science refers to as the Laws of Nature.  The Buddha himself was not affiliated with any organized religion, much to their chagrin, and would, by western scientists, be considered an agnostic scientist par excellence.  For that matter, Jesus the Nazarite, while affiliated with a particular organized religion, deliberately blasphemed it and pointed out that it was really just a too-big-to-fail-bank disguised as religion.  Then he taught the esoteric tantric path which needed no organized religion whatsoever.  They had him whacked, sadly.

The Dharma is the Law of Nature.  Nature, of course, being predominantly nonphysical, Dharma also is the Law of the Nonphysical, or Spiritual Law.  Just as there is neither Christian anger nor Muslim anger, but rather a universal anger, so may we also discern that there is neither Hindu suffering nor Buddhist suffering, but rather there is universal suffering.  And the Law of Nature says:

"As ye sew, so shall ye reap."

This is the Law of Karma.  Out there is a reflection of our thoughts, so we are creating "out there" in here.  We receive what we believe.

Our suffering is a consequence of our beliefs.

We believe we are required to suffer.  Because we believe we must suffer, we put up with suffering willingly, instead of fixing the situation, and getting happier.  We are programmed to believe we must suffer, and the obvious possibility of improving situations is removed from public discourse.  Problem solving is being purged from our minds, and we are succumbing to mental slavery.

Because we have been programmed to believe that we must suffer for our karma, we believe we must suffer, and so we live in a world full of suffering.

The truth is we are free.  We are free to feel good.  This is our only freedom.  If we believe we must suffer then we will, for our beliefs are the only thing capable of hemming in our freedom to choose good feelings.

If we believe in feeling good - if we believe that feeling good is a choice, not a circumstance - then as a warrior we choose to feel good, and in making that choice we create a better-feeling reality, which improves our circumstances, which gives us a circumstance to feel good about, which leads to a self-fulfilling prophecy of feeling-good-makes-us-feel-better.

And so forth.  The better we feel, the better our creation feels to be inside of.  We are living inside the creation of our minds, relatives, so let's start thinking happier thoughts and believing happier stories.  The higher our level of optimism, and our level of enthusiasm (in Theos - with God), the more inspired our manifestations become.

Only one possible future lies ahead of us - a sustainable future.  The long-term survival rate for all other futures fades to zero.  And so we find ourselves spiraling faster towards the cultural bottleneck which weeds out all unsustainable thinking, otherwise known as negativity.  This cultural bottleneck which requires paring out all unsustainable culture practices in order to survive in perpetuity provides space only for sustainable culture, which will necessarily be aligned with Laws of Nature, the Laws of the Dharma.  The task of Dharma Warriors is to believe in a culture harmoniously and perpetually aligned with imperishable truth-
 the immortal culture, the eternal culture, the culture of the Dharma.

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