Thursday, March 6, 2014

hempification is right livelyhood

Earning petrodollars isn't right livelyhood.  Doesn't matter what we do; petrodollars create poverty, debt slavery, environmental devastation, inequality, economic scarcity, the destruction of the commons, and a ruling class of political elites dangerously dissassociated from human feeling and the dharma of compassion.

Right livelyhood means earning a currency printed by the Treasury of a Constitutional, democratically elected Republic.  Earning Federal Reserve notes printed by a for-profit, privately owned Federal Reserve goes against our own best karmic interests.

We don't want to earn petrodollars to stay afloat, but we don't want to be starving martyrs either.  Nor do we want to protest and oppose a deep state.  We want to work for a living promoting hemp as the healer of all nations, and we want to get paid in a hemp paper currency printed by a Constitutional Republic.  This is right livelyhood.

The legalization of industrial hemp is ushering in an era of economic growth and ecological healing.  Industrial hemp provides us with lots of jobs, food, clothing, fuel, building material, and a government-issued currency backed by hemp products.  Hemp is replacing petroleum as the economic engine of the 21st century.  This coincides with the resurgence of the divine feminine.

As hemp creates food, clothing, shelter, fuel, and a wide array of building materials, providing the world with a wide variety of jobs and a valid, commodities-backed paper currency, the hempification of the global economy will usher in an era of abundance where everyone's basic needs are met.  Poverty will be abandoned, and with it, war and all state sponsored violence.  In such a society we will no longer be driven by the economics of the rat race and will find ourselves inheriting the opportunity to be curious, building lives and lifestyles out of creative service.

The hemp plant absorbs CO2 gasses which contribute to global warming, and the hemp plant sinks its roots deeper into soil than other cash crops making it ideal for depleted landscapes.  Hemp needs no herbicides or pesticides, and actually provides needed nutrients to soil.  The legalization of industrial hemp revitalizes the global economy while also healing the global ecology.  Imagine that.

At present the infrastructure does not exist in the western hemisphere to create textiles and manufacturing products out of hemp raw materials.  With hemp legalization now underway in the U.S., the first States to take advantage of this market opportunity by developing manufacturing infrastructure will profit enormously from hemp production.  There is a vested interest in being first on the bandwagon.

Compromise requires forgiveness, tolerance, and letting go of expectations.  Lets gratefully utilize Federal Reserve notes for the purposes of promoting ganjafication. Donate to the cause of creatively and artistically promoting ganjanomics  - the hempification of the global economy.

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