Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A world of service

We are all related.

  Relatives, we are making a journey from our heads to our hearts. This is not an easy journey- it is the longest, most difficult journey we will ever make. We do not make this journey alone- we make this journey together, as one family. This is an opportunity to celebrate, for we are making history, and creating a new world, by willingly enduring the hardships and suffering requisite to this, our defining journey: the journey from our heads to our hearts.

We were raised with a moral philosophy which defined our purpose in life as, "He who dies with the most toys, wins."  Incredibly, this blas√© phrase is actually the philosophical foundation of the modern world.  And it is self-apparently failing to inspire the generations coming of age.  It is quite obvious to us all that he who dies with the most toys remains dead, and the toys go into someone else's possession.  We are not satisfied with such an artificial, manipulated sense of purpose.  Indeed, it is becoming clear that powerful financial interests have been caught feeding the world propaganda, tirelessly working to convince us that being a 'master of consumption' is the highest state a human may aspire to achieve.

Yet we know better.  Rational self-interest does indeed demand that our ambition focus on being a master of consumption, but this is no argument for rational self-interest.  Rather, it is an indicator that rational self-interest fails to encapsulate the deepest motives of human behavior.  Humanity aspires to happiness, which comes not from rational self-interest but from the irrational wisdom of the heart.  We do not want to be led with our heads, we want to be led with our hearts.  Our heads have led us to a world where we are masters of consumption, and miserable.  Our hearts will lead us to a world of service, where we find ourselves thriving with a sense of purpose, meaning, and solidarity.  We are moving away from a world of consumption and towards a world of service.  Consumption doesn't make us happy, and serving others does.  The secret to happiness lies in serving others, and this knowledge is in the process of nonviolently (and thus invisibly) tearing down materialistic capitalism and its foundation of rational self-interest.  We as a species are awakening to the paradoxical wisdom of helping others in order to help ourselves. 

 We see the effects of  "rational" self-interest everywhere- it permeates our economics, our politics, our business, our relationships, our psyches, our education, and our environment. It defines our world, and relatives, our world needs redefining.  Irrational selfless interest - the irrational and selfless wisdom of the heart - is not analytical and does not deduce 'whats in it for me'.  That is the realm of thinking, the realm of the head.  That is our starting point, not our destination.

  The vast economic forces responsible for the creation of our educational paradigm do not want us to challenge the notion of "Winning by dying with the most toys."   A deeply insidious propaganda campaign maintains the illusion that by accumulating more and more toys we will get somewhere, but our own inner compass knows better, and we are revolting en masse.  Don't take my word for it, just look at a newspaper.  This revolution is noticeable only in the manner in which people consume less and serve more - it is the world's quietest revolution.  But the quietness of the revolution is drowned out by the cacophony of wails as our grand, consumption based economy with its hundreds of millions of satiated and spiritually unfulfilled 'consumers' violently spins into excess and self-destruction.  The powers that be don't want us to make the journey from our heads to our hearts, because that journey will take away their power.

And we have begun our journey, relatives.  The power and attractiveness of infinite consumerism wanes, even as the power and attractiveness of infinite love waxes.  the philosophical motto of the new dawn lies in the knowledge that "(s)he who dies with the most service, wins." 

This is the West's great encounter with karma - our materialistic, selfish focus is the cause of our collective misery.  This is the West's great first encounter with dharma - a service oriented life creates happiness and fulfillment.  This is the culmination of western psychology(the science of happiness), the apex of game theory(win-win scenarios), and the foundation of a newly arrived quantum, relativistic, science of spirituality.  We are not mere matter.  We are mind, and our material existence is merely an aftereffect.  We are spiritual beings having a seemingly material experience, not the other way around.  And this quiet revolution, this transformational journey from our heads to our hearts aligns our priorities and values away from materialism (which cannot satisfy us) towards the nonmaterial - the realm of spirit, the realm of consciousness, the realm of the heart. 

Believing our reality to be materialistic is a means of keeping us prisoners within it.  Knowing our reality to be mind-made gives us the keys to the kingdom.  Be aware of your own journey, and usher in a world of service!  We've got a lot to accomplish...

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