Sunday, August 18, 2013


Yes, its a word. If socialism is capitalism with a floor and a ceiling, then socialnetworkism is socialism without the central planning.  Free market, online consumer socialism takes voluntary responsibility for the least among us, the voiceless, and the organism as a whole.  In this case, not just humanity but all of mother earth.  It does so by persuading the general public to invest in the commons.  And it does so in the open market, by competing online for the attention of people who want to be part of the solution.  By building a social network of private nonprofits who are each highly efficient in their own niche, a self-regulating nonprofit collective evolves which is neither capitalist nor communist but competitively socialist, compelled by market forces to maintain optimal efficiency while remaining mission-driven to address the social issues of our time which government remains content to ignore.  This evolving cybercollective will someday address the issues of poverty, violence, and war in a manner far more appropriate, helpful, and cost-effective than government ever could. 

This evolving cybercollective is being born.  the Asylum Project promotes it, by reframing our overstanding of the times.  In the end, the market will likely reward any business entity that entertains us with the truth, or at least a potent version of it. 

and the truth is - socialnetworkism. Consumer built online socialism. don't blame me, its not my idea.  Its yours.

doo ba dee doo

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