Sunday, August 18, 2013

Dharma culture

Health is wealth.

Restoring people's health restores their wealth.  In this era of  vanishing wealth in America, restoring people's health is the basic first step.

To restore people's health we need to replace profit-centered agribusiness with health-oriented permaculture, agro-ecology, and gardening.  Gardening needs to be the centerpiece of public education.

To get rid of agribusiness and pro-agribusiness educational curricula, we need to get rid of Wall St. dominance.

To get rid of Wall St. dominance we need to get rid of the Federal Reserve.  We need the Treasury to print hemp currency and mint its own coins.

To get rid of Wall Street, end the Fed, and get the Treasury to print hemp currency we need to organize as a Debtor's Union in support of debt forgiveness.  This is prophecied in the Bible, actually.  The Bible refers to it as a Jubilee Year.  We need a Jubilee.

To organize as a debtor's union, we need a unifying philosophy; an axiom which declares matter to be composed of energy.  Energy causes materiality, and thus material wealth can never satisfy our spiritual needs.  Materialistic culture and consumer capitalism are unfit to provide the human race with anything resembling genuine happiness and well-being.  We need a spiritual path through the world of form.  We are on a quest for dharma.

The world is mind-made, and thoughts are things.  We've got a lot to accomplish.

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