Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Market Research

Maybe we're only lazy because we're confused. The cynic is an idealist who's learned the hard way that trust requires discernment. We're all willing to help, we just don't want to be manipulated.

that's a pretty good start.

So. Would you:

1 - sign a petition that calls for unionization of debtors in order to address grievances using the power of collective bargaining?

2 - sign a petition that gives tax credits to those homeowners (and renters) who convert their lawns into gardens?

3 - sign a petition that provides subsidies for schools who teach children how to grow their own food?

4 - sign a petition to legalize hemp?

5 - sign a petition that bans nuclear weapons, heavy artillery, bombs, rockets, machine guns, and flagrant use of the Evil Eye?

6 - sign a petition that changes building code laws to subsidize natural building?

7 - sign a petition that changes waste-management codes in order to subsidize waste-to-fuel industries?

8 - sign a petition calling for investment in ecological rehabilitation?

9 - invest in a nonprofit dedicated to global ecological rehabilitation?

10 - receive email updates from a nonprofit dedicated to global ecological rehabilitation?

11 - receive email updates regarding long-distance overland and sea trade routes that are traveled without the use of petroleum?

12 - receive email updates regarding the creation of said trade routes, both domestic and abroad?

13 - be interested in traveling said trade routes, for kicks?

14 - be interested in documenting travel on said trade routes?

15 - be interested in visiting an ecovillage?

16 - be interested in volunteering at an ecovillage?

17 - be interested in having an ecovillage evolve around you, involving your participation?

18 - be interested in attending a school for yogis, shamans, and medicine men, that operates as an ecovillage?

19 - go to a peace rally, if it was a cool one?

19 - stay for a while and hunger dance, if necessary?

21 - call yourself an anarchist while looking in the mirror?

22 - leave behind everything you own, hit the road, and catch a lift into a brand new dimension?

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