Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mythos Logos

Oss, the High Knoss of Mossmoosamos, pondered deeply and thinkingly upon the linguistic geometry of his own mythological mind. The geometry of consciousness was archetypical, he knew, and learning from these mythological archetypes ultimately revealed the story of man's descent from dreaming into thinking. The history of myth reveals the myth of history, and indeed the chonology of myth reveals the myth of chronology, for is not chronology the Logos of Chronos? The Logos of Chronos tells us that Time is a number. Or, as the Pythagoreans taught, God is Geometry, and Geometry God. This is the chronic of logic: we're always running out of time.

Before Chronos, time was not numerical, or linear, or external, but eternally present. There was no time, for experience was eternally present: can we imagine what that's like? Specifically - and note the slight deviation in linguistic geometry, the nuance of definition - eternity was experienced without being understood: We did not stand under time, observing it, but we were time, we were within time and time was within us. We were change, and truth.

So. Chronos, in giving the universe a numerical value and calling it time, invented both past and future, and in so doing separated time from space. Before there was chronological time, it all happened now, and here: with the creation of a perceived then, so was created the perception of there. All experience once transcended interpretation, yet through the geometry of language - the Logos of Chronos - interpretation ultimately learned to define, and thus imprison, experience.

 Look:  the words you're reading only make sense if you already know the geometric patterns.  If you don't already know the geometric patterns, then you don't even perceive words.  Ever hear people speak in a foreign language that you don't know?  Words are there, you just don't perceive them because you do not recognize the pattern.  This pattern - whether spoken or written - is ultimately defined by shape.  Geometry.  

Through the geometry of language, the dreamtime of space-time defined itself to itself  - explaining in re-cognizable language that which is language's cause.  With words, numbers, digits, values, integers, geometric symbols, written language, blogsites, and linguistically patterned linear thoughts, the Breath of Life, the Living God, was replaced with the Word of God, divine law, immutable, objective truth that existed outside of the experiencer. Words separated from sound, and lost their spirit by losing the breath they once rode on.

The numerical valuation of time segmented the infinite wave of the eternal now just as calculus approximates finite values on a sine wave. Yet time isn't a number, but cyclical, seasonal, mythological, embodied, experienced, flowing, changing, and ultimately maya, or illusion.

So. Chronos, in his pursuit of the geometry of God, gave the universe a numerical value, calling it time. Do you see the chronic of logic? Without chronology - the Logos of Chronos - there would be no numerical time, and instead we would live within the eternal present. It is within the framework of numerical time that myth has become separate from history, that the Logos of the thinking mind has transcended the Logos of the feeling body.  Within the framework of linear time, the meaning of words has hijacked the meaning of sound.  We don't even notice it's happening: we think we get upset at what somebody says, when really we're upset with how they said it!   It is not the words that matter; it is the sound of the breath they ride on that shapes history.  Our forgetting of sound as meaning's cause is a relatively recent event, soon to be remedied via the galactic realignment taking place 12/21/2012, a written, linguistic, geometric pattern that refers to the resetting of the Nomos Logos, the eternal calendar, the cosmic clock of the very long now, the beginning of Chronos' Peace.

Myth itself tells the story of the mythmakers, the storytellers, the empire builders, rulers of galaxies and descendants of the architects of the archetypes, the story of the planets inhabited, planets conquered, and planets destroyed, the story of Galactic Empire's fall and the rise of Dark Age, the story of the Seraphim, the Annunaki, the story of history and chronology and language, and thought and personality and ego, the beginning of the Fourth Age and the rise of Man. Power and conflict, confusion and dissonance, these are all part of the ancient story told within the framework of the mythological mind, which cannot be revealed using the rational logos of linguistic thought and must be revealed through symbol and archetype, through storytelling, telling the strange and wonderful story of the collapse of the dreamtime and the birth of thought.  The story of Chronos, father of Posidon, father of Oss, the High Knoss of Mossmoosamos, who contemplated his own ancestry and discovered it to lie within his own subconscious...

We must live the experience of life mythologically, metaphorically, and archetypically,
without taking it personally. The truth - the eternity of time and the infinity of space - is always being experienced through breath and posture; thought just keeps telling us to look somewhere else. Chronos weeps, confined to the dungeon of the subconscious by the very ego he created and named...

Chronos' grandson, Posidon's Son, the High Knoss Oss of Mossmoosamos understood that how words sound creates what words mean. What we say never conveys the truth, but how we sound always conveys the truth. Very curious. The body, after all, is a sonic temple, a dynamically vibrating cavity that both creates and receives sound, giving and receiving, within and without, 360 degrees along three axes, perpetually. The body is an oscillator, and the study of the body's oscillations is the science of sound, the science of breath and posture.

Oss was a yogi, like his father before him, and his father before him. They studied the science of the oscillating body cavity, the living, embodied, eternally ever-present geometry of sound in space. They wryly observed themselves as their own living geometry of sound evolved into the living geometry of speech, which in turn evolved into biophysical geometry of writing, which in turn evolved into the abstract, disembodied, visual and imagined geometry of linguistic reading, or re-cognitive thought.  They observed their own minds learning to read, and consequently losing their innate ability to see.

We can see all we want to, but when reading, we must re-cognize what we see. As we learn to read, we learn to depend upon recognition - matching what we see with what we remember.  Memory is born out of literacy - if you didn't remember what all these letters meant, you wouldn't spend time reading, would you?  We must memorize the geometry of written language in order to re-cognize it when reading. In order to read, we must first memorize, which creates a linear memory, which creates a need for linear time.  All this took place within what is now called the subconscious, and it was from this foundation that the linear, conscious mind arose, and found itself trapped by its own linear process.  Linear memory births linear time - Chronos was born, and his mother was his own memory.  This is, of course, the story of the development of the Ego.

With mind manifesting matter at velocities approaching the speed of light, the Logos of geometric pattern recognition matters. Thoughts sometimes materialize, for that matter. The geometry of linguistics is the first law - In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was God, and the Word was with God.

As dynamic rules of speech evolved into static rules of writing, the spirit left the Word. Literally, for spirit means breath. The geometric laws of written language- these fixed, unbendable (and thus inexorably broken) rules by which we define what we see and distinguish it from ourselves - created understanding: standing under reality, rather than participating within it. Through understanding, we stand under the truth and gaze upon it from a distance; we no longer identify with feeling the truth and living as truth but seek instead to stand under truth, remaining separate from truth and objectively observing truth. Geometry invented memory, which invented reading, which invented thinking, which invented time, which invented birth, which invented death.  Chronos didn't understand, so he tried harder, poor guy. Oss felt for him.

When the Word is written down, the spirit leaves the Word, for the Word is no longer carried on the breath. Consequently, as mind perceives the written word, mind separates from breath, leaving the eternal presence of breath and posture to pursue an understanding of the eternal presence of breath and posture. This ultimately leads to frustration, of course, because in understanding the eternal presence of breath and posture, one stands under (and thus apart from) the eternal presence of breath and posture. To understand is to stand under, to be distinguished from, and subordinate to. We cannot both understand and identify with, for they are mutually exclusive. What we understand we cannot be; what we are we cannot understand.

This is the paradox of language: the closer we get in our linguistic, finite, geometric approximations of truth, the more difficult it becomes to see behind the veil of linguistic, finite, and geometric approximations. The better the map is, the more we depend upon it, yet the more we depend it, the more territory we miss, until finally the territory is alien, the map is dubious, and we all choose to be blind...

Right about this time (chronologically speaking), as we near the end of history, the science of Yoga sneakily makes its way into mainstream culture.  The study of breath and posture shows up just when we need it most:  co-incidence?  Or con-sequence?

It's not called absent-breath, it's called absent-mindedness. That's because the breath is still present - only the mind has wandered off, into the labyrinth of Chronos' Logos. The myth of past and future, the myth of here and there. Can we perceive the geometry of written language without standing under it? Can we comprehend, perhaps? The written language takes us out of the infinite possibility of the dreamtime and places us squarely(!) within the finite platitudes of Chronos' Logos - can we comprehend that only our thoughts bar the way to eternal life?

Within the oral tradition, thought itself took place within the dreamtime, and the dreamtime itself was composed purely of thought. Only with the advent of literacy - or numerology, actually - did thinking think to understand the dream, by standing under the dream as dreamer-within-dream. This pattern ultimately descends into the chronic geometry of the personality. As dreaming evolved into thought, mind turned itself to the quest of knowing the knower. The height of this solipsistic delusion was the ultimate acknowledgment of complete futility: The knower cannot know the knower. The knower can know only that it knows. I think. Therefore, I Am.

This is complete understanding. This is a complete standing-under-being, separation-from-being, subordination-to-being. The thinker who thinks, "I think, therefore I am" does not know that he exists and can only conclude so from evidence produced by thoughts.  The thinker who thinks this has not stopped thinking long enough to notice that he breathes, with or without thoughts.

Thus was the ego born, and thus did the Golden Age fade away, replaced by the Age of Man, the Age of Time, the Age of Machines.

Kali Yuga. Blood drinker. The Age of Death.

Imprisoned within the Logos, the cognitive geometry of our own making, immortals became finite, burdened with the mathematical probability of geometric impossibility, which began to look a lot like the mathematical impossibility of the geometrically improbable. Because they could not satisfactorily prove to themselves how they lived, they began to die. They dualized, perceiving good and evil where once there had only been life.  They chose the measurable approximation of calculus over the immeasurable truth of the sine wave, they chose law over the truth - they chose the Word of God over the living Sound of God's Word. This was a thoroughly illogical leap, yet a thoroughly probable one all the same. Indoctrinated into the law of linguistic geometry and cognitive thought, the immortals began to accept their own finite-ness; indeed, the prison of the Logos compelled them to see that only the finite could be named and labeled: the infinite, being unknowable, must be - according to the written Logos - unlivable.

We only think because we already are, Oss of Mossmoosamos knew. The infinite is unknowable, and yet living, for it is truth. Yet within this Dark Age a whole Empire grew out of the backwards assumption that we think, therefore we are - only that which could be explained in words or thoughts could have any reality, and within this prison, that which could not be named could not be lived. When we are stuck in our head, we crave knowledge more than life - we have the bad habit of preferring to think rather than breathe. Let us breathe without needing to understand, for within the peace of easy breathing lies the true understanding...

This is the story: Life itself precedes valuation. There was a Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden, yet Adam and Eve ate from the tree of Good and Evil against the wishes of YHWH, a linguistic, geometrical symbol representing the infinite divine masculine. This was the fall of man: rather than choosing the dynamic geometry of life, man chose the static geometry of law. Man chose the Word of God over the Sound of God's Word. Can you see the difference? Can you hear the difference?

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was God, and the Word was with God. There were two trees in the Garden of Eden: The tree of Life represents the living God, and the Tree of Good and Evil represents the Word of God. Does God come from the Word, or does the Word come from God? Does Good and Evil come from Life, or does Life come from Good and Evil? Adam and Eve chose the Word, honoring the Word of God more than they honored the living God! Just like that poor fool Descartes, Adam and Eve had this thought: "we think, therefore we are!" Of course, the opposite was true: Because they were, they thought "we think therefore we are..." No wonder they got confused; they were thinking with linguistic geometry, otherwise known as words. They chose Logos, understanding, judgment, morality, the prison of the good and evil thoughts, and as soon as they descended into the confusion about the right way to live, they could no longer focus their energy on living. Logos does not and cannot create truth - Logos reveals truth.

It was a dark time, and Oss brooded appropriately. He did it mainly for show, however, since the Dark Age was almost gone, and the world had almost run out of History. The long dissonance was over - space and time were reuniting within the breath and posture of the living truth, and the chronic of logic was finally, at long last, coming full circle to embody the Logos of Chronos - Mythos Logos. Truth is, its gonna be a good party...