Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ecological Infrastructure

The rebellion designs the overthrow of Empire by competing in the marketplace. The rebellion designs a sustainable economy by investing in ecological infrastructure, an idea which competes in the marketplace of ideas against a fossil-fuel economy that destroys ecological infrastructure. This is paradigm shift.

By attracting the fringe elements, this new paradigm will gain market share in the form of attention, and this is psychological investment. With this investment, the new paradigm will find itself with resources to be cooperatively enhanced, and like stone soup, what evolves will be built out of the contribution of the many, the whole far greater than the mere sum of its parts. Traveling beyond the tipping point, the attention it has harvested will reveal a fully equipped sailing ship lying ready, waiting to be boarded by a population with water lapping at their ankles. By the time mainstream media, academia, and politics recognize the validity of the new paradigm, it won't matter; they will be both influencers and influenced at this point. In so many ways, the powers that be are already the last to know.

Quite specifically - the new paradigm will be entrepreneurial. The new paradigm won't be a theory but a practice, and as such, it won't show up in politics, academia, or mainstream media but in the marketplace. It will exist as a business strategy, excelling at the Art of War, transcending conflict itself through the designed application of cooperative, and thus sustainable, instincts. It will market itself as a campaign strategy, and it will compete for your attention, and it will offer asylum for your battered heart and your battered soul, and it will offer you something you want - a believable future.

What is the vision of the human race? What are we meant to become; how are we meant to live? If we have the language to articulate this vision, and we have the skill sets to implement this vision, then we successfully transform culture merely by giving ourselves what we want. Only one obstacle remains in the way of giving ourselves what we want - revealing our true needs to one another.

The new paradigm competes for your attention by telling you the truth.

The new paradigm will plant itself inside your mind, and convince you to perceive reality in a different way. The campaign strategy recruits endorsements, intent on promoting an understanding of the truth, knowing that the best way to spread good news is by word-of-mouth. The campaign strategy builds a social network. Through the social network, the truth becomes revealed, and people invest themselves in the new paradigm. This truth is not a dogmatic absolute, but rather it evolves as it communicates and is communicated, and as the social network grows, the truth itself is discovered to be alive, growing, evolving, and in a state of perpetual change...

Within the context of the recent economic crisis, the new paradigm is reframing itself as an entrepreneurial opportunity worthy of investment, quite literally a new economy standing on solid ground as the old economy crumbles to dust.

What is this new economy? What is this new economic paradigm? What is this long-awaited truth?

The green economy is the hemp economy. The Declaration of Independence, the American flag, the Buffalo soldier, the medicine man, the music, the biggest cash crop in the U.S.A, the sacred plant prophecied to bring healing to all nations, providing food, fuel, clothing, shelter, and peace of mind. The hemp industry aligns the economy with the ecology, and the ancient ones knew it all along.
Aum Shiva Shankara Hare Hare Ganga

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