Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mitakoye Oyasin

The new economy invests in ecological infrastructure, with the understanding that a healthy ecology is the foundation of a healthy economy.

The new paradigm converts money into natural resources. The best investment there is, the only one that actually takes care of our little spaceship planet. Energy is neither created nor destroyed, it simply changes shape: The new economy is a global investment in ecological rehabilitation.

(Where is the money in ecological rehabilitation? How is this an investment? Sounds just like a spending habit. What's the profit motive? Who's going to pay for it, and what's the return? Good questions, reader, yet remember this simple truth: Of all the investment opportunities presently available, none will profit through imminent ecological collapse save ecological renewal. The solution to ecological collapse won't cost money - the solution will make money. In fact, the solution will convert money into resources; we'll end up spending all our money on nature, and our planet will continue to provide us with everything we need to survive and thrive.

  We cannot revive the economy without reviving the ecology. If we use up our natural resources without replacing them, there won't be an economy left to invest in. Our planet simply cannot provide for us, without reciprocity. We must invest in ecological infrastructure, simply to survive.

To state this in the most obvious way: Every possible alternative to ecological investment and rehabilitation leads to a dead-end.

The time has come to give our very best to the world that is our home. This is the paradigm shift:  building an economy to serve our ecology.  and the first step towards ecological rehabilitation is kids learning to garden.  Let's make gardening the centerpiece of public education and reap economic dividends from ecological rehabilitation.

We've got a lot to accomplish, relatives...

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