Saturday, March 1, 2014


Overcoming the deep state is inextricably linked to overcoming the so-called "reptilian energy" of the petroleum industry (petroleum is, after all, decayed dinosaurs) and the privately owned, for-profit Federal Reserve.  The owners of the FED are the owners of the petroleum industry - they are the owners of the deep state.

The deep state is run by secret societies.  All of our presidents since 1988 have come from Harvard or Yale, and most if not all come from the secret societies within them.  Since 2000 every losing presidential candidate has also come from Harvard or Yale, mostly from the fraternity system within them.  These secret societies dominate the ranks of America's political and business elite.

Yet the unelected deep state requires the facade of representative government in order to avoid revolution.  And because the facade of representative government is so believable, it has power.  Representative government believes itself to be in charge, and is furious to discover otherwise.  Representative government has the power to overthrow the deep state.

We live in a hyper-masculine and egotistical culture - America is the world's bully, using violence, domination, and abusive force to push others around and intimidate. The deep state is not interested in acknowledging culpability, apologizing, letting go of control, or changing its behavior.   Murder, violence, and sexual objectification are passe, while any portrayals of loving sexuality, tolerance, and unselfish kindness are viewed as threatening.  The deep state which commands our government is arrogant and selfish with no thought for anything but itself. It rapes the planet and destroys millions of lives, for profit, power, and to ensure its own survival. The deep state is hyper-rational and dedicated to rational self-interest - more accurately defined as rational selfish interest.  The deep state does not have feelings.  The deep state has developed brilliant, egotistical schemes, but the deep state has no soul.

The movement to overthrow the deep state is inextricably linked with the resurgence of the divine feminine and the healing of mother nature.  This is most potently and tangibly manifesting as the international movement to legalize ganja, and ultimately many other sacred medicinal plants. The legalization movement breaks no laws, violates no ordinances, creates no massive protests, and creates enormous tax revenues which representative government can then use to do its job.  All this, and the deep state has no one to incarcerate or punish.  The legalization movement beats the deep state at its own game - free market enterprise.  Ganja is a gateway to industrial hemp, and a gateway to spiritual (rather than materialistic) culture.

 Hemp is destined to replace petroleum, and the reptilian energy currently powering our planet is destined to go the way of the dinosaur.  These sacred plants are, by their very nature, mother earth-centered, sacred, feminine, heart opening, and spiritual rather than materialistic.  Ganja is spiritual medicine, and as the free market orients itself to unstoppable demand we are witnessing a market-oriented movement away from the egotistical forces of rational materialism towards a more sensitive and heart-centered, spiritual way of living.  As a species we are redefining our collective social organization.  We insist upon free markets, and we are dissatisfied with a heartless and materialistic capitalism.

Capitalism as a form of materialism has failed us, even as the free market thrives and flourishes.  It is the free market which is allowing us to choose spiritual life over materialistic life - the free market is revealing capitalism, communism and socialism to all be materialistic, and thus unspiritual, unsacred, and unsatisfying.  We demand more, and the free market is allowing us to get more, through the legal and tax revenue-creating purchases of sacramental and spiritual medicine.  This free market reorientation away from materialistic ideologies towards a more holistic and balanced way of living is far more devastating to the deep state than any protest or revolution ever could be - the deep state is a deep materialism, and we are evolving into a global spiritual culture.  We are relentlessly building a civilization in harmony with mother nature, a civilization with balanced masculine and feminine energies.

The legalization of Ganja does not mean that spiritual culture has arrived - this is just the first step.  Ganja alone won't do the job; it is merely a starting point that bridges the gap between spirituality and materialism.  The only difference between a medicine and a poison is the dosage, and a culture that overdoses on ganja will cure one disease only to cause another.  Already in the West there are those who need less ganja in their lives, but on the whole our society at large needs this medicine as a healing dose of the sacred feminine to counteract our hyper-masculine, aggressive and controlling tendencies.  

Because of the tax revenues, and because of market demand, representative government has everything to gain from legalization and nothing to lose.  The deep state has everything to lose, but legalization actually pits the deep state against representative, constitutional government!  And remember, the government doesn't need the deep state, but the deep state needs government to survive.  So the legalization movement is THE effective surgical strike against the deep state.  Soon markets will demand that the government's Treasury issue hemp paper currency, and that the privately owned Federal Reserve be thrown into the ocean. 

The legalization of ganja, and consequently industrial hemp, makes lots and lots of money and creates lots and lots of jobs, food, clothing, fuel, etc, which satisfies our materialistic needs, while opening the door to satisfying our spiritual needs as well.  But ultimately, ganja is a gateway to the real spiritual science - yoga, and meditation.  We are on the path of dharma.

Quantum physics is revealing that thoughts are things, and that thoughts have an impact on physical reality.  The science of meditation is the science of mastering our thoughts, to create realities of our choosing.  Spiritual masters have been practicing meditation for thousands of years, and this sacred science has at last been uncovered by a critical mass of the postindustrial, materialistic West.  We are creating a new society with our thoughts.  Ask yourself:  Why aren't we bombing Syria right now?  

Because thoughts are things.  Welcome to the new, quantum, spiritual reality.  Think responsibly.  Practice compassion; forgive your enemies.  This is the path of dharma.

In the West, it has become acceptable to think that anyone who has armored cars, heavily armed guards, and enormous bank accounts has true protection, but this is false because that person still has to die, and face the consequences of their actions while alive.

Right thought, right speech, and right action - this is true protection.  We are on a journey from our heads to our hearts, moving away from destructive rational selfish interest towards the irrational wisdom of the heart.  The legalization of ganja ushers in - without confrontation with the deep state - an alternative lifestyle and an alternative worldview to the dying Age of Materialism.  Support legalization, and experience a taste of life free from the materialistic ethos.  Ganja won't solve all the world's problems, but it does tend to reveal glimpses of a new world, one where selfishness  and materialistic greed doesn't reign supreme.  And industrial hemp actually may solve a good many of the world's problems, incidentally.  

Open yourself up to yoga, meditation, permaculture, and the creative arts, which are all inherently nonmaterialistic and collectively comprise the resurgence of the divine feminine, destined to balance out the militaristic, dominating, aggressive and controlling tendencies of the imbalanced masculine energies comprising contemporary culture.  Be sure to make friends with your congresspeople - let them know who you are, and that you're ready for materialism to be replaced with something a little more spiritual.  Let them know that you support hemp legalization - not as a panacea, but as a starting point for cultural transformation and global healing. 

We live in a culture that avoids the reality of death, because the reality of death reveals the paltry nature of material possessions.  We don't take anything with us when we die; not our armored cars, not our armed guards, not our bank accounts, not our loved ones our our bodies.  All we take with us is our karma - the actions we take during our lives.  It is only when we encounter death that we see the real value and meaning of life:  we are here to practice the dharma, the Sacred Way, obeying and expounding spiritual law as revealed within the temples of our hearts, and  propagated by the masters who incarnated to teach us the Way.

its all of us or none of us, because there's actually only one of us.  We are acting out the dream of God.  

Welcome home.

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