Saturday, March 1, 2014

modest proposal

business proposal:

Premise:  Consumers indicate they are dissatisfied with online social networks and hardware sytems having been infiltrated by oppressive government regimes.  

Hypothesis:  Free market economic theory suggests that a privately owned, preferably nonprofit, online social network which markets itself as the leader in 'compassionate consumer' privacy protection, particularly from oppressive government regimes, will gain market share, dominate the market, and indeed reign in the oppressive government regime itself.

Method:  This business will be lucrative and will, through ecological reinvestment of economic resources, reap environmental health, global peace, and collective harmony.  The ecological reinvestment of economic resources will take place via the mechanism of legalizing ganja.  Through ganja legalization via social network marketing/activism, this business will recruit members to such as degree as to create a political vehicle capable of influencing elections.  This political influence will reshape public policy so as to make America, and thus the world, a safe place to produce and use hemp, or ganja.  The aim of this social network is to return to our Constitutional and elected government the exclusive privilege of printing paper money, and to insist that it be printed on hemp paper, backed by hemp products, and invested in sustainable, hemp-driven economy.  

Philosophy:  The petroleum-driven economy reveals itself to be stuck in short-term survival mode, caring only about its own survival and caring nothing for the survival of the world it lives on.  Like a reptile, the petroleum-driven economy is somewhat cold, calculating, and lacking in compassion.  Perhaps the color red, or maybe black.  In comparison, a hemp-driven economy is the real Green Evolution, green being the color of the heart, hemp being the miracle plant with 50,000 uses, and ganja being a facilitator of egoless compassion.

Investment:  Build a website.  Create content.  Market effectively and attract an audience.  Develop a social network.  Grow infrastructure.  Organize, adapt, and create.  

$10,000 administrative costs
$10,000 in public relations costs
$10,000 in website/database costs
$10,000 in promotional costs
$10,000 in consulting costs

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