Friday, March 7, 2014

the Dharma Rasta Project

Short Summary

  My dharma name is Chokyi Senge, which is Tibetan and translates as 'Dharma Lion'.  I promote hemp.  Listen:
     The Declaration of Independence is written on hemp paper.
     The first American flag sewn by Betsy Ross is made out of hemp fabric.
     It was once mandatory for farmers to pay their taxes in hemp.
     The legalization of ganja is now underway. In the state of Colorado, ganja is generating lots of tax revenues, creating jobs, and drawing tourists from across the globe.  But legally smoking ganja isn't the real story.  The real story is about legally farming industrial hemp, and legalizing ganja is just the technique to get it accomplished.  
Hemp is on the cusp of replacing petroleum as the economic engine of the 21st century, providing modern society with food, clothing, building material, fuel,  jobs, and even currency itself.  All this while healing the environment.  Humanity's basic survival needs will be met through the industrial cultivation of this plant, ushering in a world of abundance.  And hemp is actually good for the planet, sequestering the carbon which contributes to global warming while at the same time digging its roots deeper into soils that other plants can't grow in.  Hemp needs no pesticides or herbicides, unlike cotton, corn, or soybeans.  And building the required infrastructure to manufacture textiles and composites out of raw hemp is the industry of the future.
The resurgence of hemp corresponds to the reawakening of the divine feminine.  We have been living in an excessively masculine culture which fears and represses the feminine; this culture is changing and ganja legalization bears witness to the therapeutic and balancing yin-like nature of this change. With the advent of ganja culture we can expect to witness a decrease in violence, aggression, militaristic tendencies, a reluctance to feel or intuit, etc.... and  excessive force, long the hallmark of 'civilization', may no longer serve as the solution to all our problems.  Sacred plant medicine is a healing from mother Earth, and facilitates the balancing of our culture's excessively yang tendencies.  The female hemp plant - 'ganja' - alters our consciousness, facilitating our journey from our heads to our hearts, while the male hemp plant provides us with all the basic necessities of life.  Prophets have for thousands of years prophecied hemp as a plant destined to be the healing of all nations.  It is said to have grown over the grave of King Solomon, and burned as incense in the Holy of Holies when the high priest would approach the Ark of the Covenant.  Now it is on the cusp of revitalizing the planet's economy while healing our global ecology.  Expect hemp to transform our politics and our religion as well.  
The Dharma Rasta Project is committed to producing top-end, cutting edge, visionary promotional material by which we as a culture peacefully and cooperatively transition away from fossil fuels and fossilized political discourse into a new dawn of renewable energy, renewed community, and a renewed sense of purpose.  By donating to this campaign you can expect to facilitate optimal transition from a planet-destroying petroleum/petrodollar economy to a planet-healing hemp/hempdollar economy.  The magnitude of this transformation cannot be understated.  The Dharma Rasta Project is committed to providing extraordinary investment value.

What We Need & What You Get

Archimedes once said, "Give me a lever and a fulcrum and I will move the world."  
Ganja is the fulcrum, and the internet is the lever.  These two tools are all we need to transform society and our place in the cosmos.  At present the Dharma Rasta Project cannot even claim to own a working computer - we need to raise funds to create and maintain an online presence.  We need a good computer, a website, some manner of portable content creation (think tablet or smartphone) and some technical expertise.  $6,000 won't cover all that, but it will help us start creating the content we need to inspire our audience and build our social network.  The sky is the limit, and an online presence is the place to begin. 
By way of incentive, you'll receive weekly updates regarding our progress.  This will start off as emails, and it will be a great day when it actually evolves into an online video broadcast.  Music, photos, art, and creative writing will all be used to leverage our message and create an audience willing to facilitate change from the comfort of their laptop.  All funds received will be openly accounted for.

The Impact

The Dharma Rasta Project is not interested in convincing anyone to smoke ganja.  The Dharma Rasta Project is passionate about convincing everyone to actively encourage hemp legalization, hemp industry promotion, and hemp farmer unionization - for the sake of our economy, our society, and our planet. This is not a fringe issue - massive investment in hemp infrastructure is a critical component of human sustainability on planet earth, and industrial hemp cultivation leads to a world of abundance where poverty is eradicated and with it, wars of scarcity.  Surely an investment worth your time and energy.  If it sounds too good to be true, maybe you will begin to understand why people have been using this plant as a spiritual healer for thousands of years.  Or why the petroleum barons outlawed it...

Other Ways You Can Help

We at the Dharma Rasta Project are committed to the vision, but it will take your social networking savvy to ensure our success.  Promote us online and together lets build the world we've been waiting for.  We've got a lot to accomplish...

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